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Can You Continue Dark Souls 3 After The Final Boss?

Can You Continue Dark Souls 3 After The Final Boss?

Most of From Software’s games in the SoulsBorne genre have the built-in quality of staying ever-green in the world of gaming. Players are still raving about the first entry in this genre Demon Souls and every subsequent entry has further boasted the relevancy of these games as a whole. The main reason for this continued loyalty is the fact that these games come with loads of content and lore that is always up for interpretation.

To truly explore the worlds From Software create a curious player will undergo multiple runs of each of their games to piece out every detail hidden in each corner and to experience everything the game has to offer. There are many optional areas to explore, weapons to collect, and quests to follow.

Dark Souls 3 has the same formula as previous Dark Soul titles meaning that after defeating the final boss you are given the option to start a new game or Journey 2. By opting for journey 2, you get a harder playthrough of the game with all of your acquired gear.

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Begin Journey 2 “Yes” or “No”?

After the defeat of the final boss, Soul of Cinder, you are presented with the option to choose whether you would like to start a new game with harder enemies and more challenging encounters or you could stay back and complete any remaining activity that you forgot or kept for later visit. There are benefits and reasons for choosing both the options which we will list down below.

Continuing After Defeating Final Boss

If you choose no you will be teleported to the Firelink shrine back to the state of the game before you have defeated the final boss i.e. having all your gear and NPC quest progression intact and the world you have explored so far being accessible. In this situation you could do the following things:

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  • Collecting Everything: The game is filled to the brim with items, pieces of equipment, and tonnes of things to find. In your journey, you must have taken paths and ran through sections where these items might be hiding. There are some special items that are very well hidden and you can revisit areas where you can find them. Special weapons, gestures, and rings are just some of the multitude of things you can look for.
  • Hidden levels: To complete Dark Souls 3 you have to essentially follow a particular path that most unaware and new players will follow and cap off their adventure. This is a huge insult to the game as much of its beauty lies in optional areas and requires the player to veer off to different paths and even follow some weird rabbit hole to encounter these grand venues. These places come with uniques looks, lore, and some terrifying enemies. Much of the game is hidden so you must sniff it out.
  • Builds: If you are like most players then you must have stuck to a particular playstyle or weapon, now is your time to explore other ways of fighting in the game. Most players take the mundane route of physical damage and now you can experiment with sorcery or incantations. There are so many ways one could play this game and we implore you to give them a chance we are certain you will end up changing your mind later on. Scour the internet for builds and choose the ones that pique your interest.
  • PVP: The PVP side of this game is very active and if you haven’t delved into it up till now then this is the time. With an upgraded character and the know-how of the game’s workings and combat, you should indulge in some duels and explore the evil side of invading players. It’s a whole lot of fun if you end up liking it.
  • PVE: Now that most of the world is unlocked for you and the experience under your belt, you can help others out that are stuck in their predicaments. Use the White or Yellow Summoning Stones in areas that you find players would struggle in and help your fellow hollows.
  • New Game+: And last but not least you can start another playthrough of the game with a higher difficulty. On top of the challenge here you can choose to follow the different branches of NPC quests, transpose the souls of bosses for different equipment than before and do anything that you have left previously.

There is so much to do after the final boss in Dark Souls 3 that one could easily spend hundreds of hours just perfecting and absorbing everything available in this game. This is the reason that most From Software games stay relevant even after years of playing by the community. There is just so much to look forward to and one should embark on more journeys for a better appreciation of the amount of hard work these developers put into their games.