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How to Get Greater Rift Keystones in Diablo 3

How to Get Greater Rift Keystones in Diablo 3

If you want the best gear in Diablo 3, do Greater Rift runs. And if you want to do Greater Rift runs, you must use Greater Rift Keystones. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to get Greater Rift Keystones in Diablo 3

You receive Greater Rift Keystones (GRK) as a random drop by defeating level 70 Rift Guardians in the normal Nephalen Rifts of Diablo 3. You might receive two or more Keystone drops at once on higher difficulties.

Learn more about Greater Rift Keystones in Diablo 3 and how you can maximize your legendary item drops.

What is Greater Rift Keystones in Diablo 3?

Greater Rift Keystones - Diablo 3

For anyone seriously looking to get into Greater Rifts in Diablo 3, GRK or Greater Rift Keystones are essential. These items are necessary for your character to get into the Greater Rifts, which essentially act as end-game progression dungeons that house the best loot that the game has to offer your character.

If you want to get decked out, you will want to join these runs. But how do you get the Greater Rift Keystones? Well, the answer is quite simple. You see, there is an NPC called Rift Guardians in normal Nephalem Rifts. These are a level 70 mob and must be defeated, so they drop Greater Rift Keystones.

If your character is not level 70 or the level cap, then the Greater Rift Keystones will not drop for you. So make sure that you hit the level cap first before beginning grinding. I also recommend increasing the game’s difficulty to Torment I or higher. This provides the best chance for a Greater Rift Keystone to drop.

Greater Rift Keystone Drop Rate

Greater Rifts - Diablo 3

Are you wondering how to maximize your chances of getting your Greater Rift Keystones? Well, no need to fret; in this section, I’ll go over all the stats you need to know. And all the useful settings and prerequisites will ensure your ability to get a Greater Rift Keystone.

At Tormet I difficulty and higher your chance of receiving a Greater Rift Keystone by defeating a Level 70 Rift Guardian will be at 100%.

This means that you should try and always farm for Greater Rift Keystones at this difficulty level. To do so, doing some normal raids and getting better gear can be helpful before attempting this feat.

It’s also important to know that there is a way to increase your drop rate chances further. Especially if you’re not willing to raise the difficulty level, this method involves completing the Cain’s Destiny storyline; you can get a 25% boost on receiving a Greater Rift Keystone.

Other Tips on Rift Tokens

Multiplayer Function in Greater Rifts - Diablo 3

It is also interesting to note that Greater Rift Keystones can be stacked. So you don’t have to worry about spending too many at one go. And can rather enjoy slowly building up the necessary amount over long grind periods. Then using them at the point you believe you have enough.

If you’re running with a group of friends, it is important to note that every person in the raid must contribute a Greater Rift Keystone. Anyone who does not contribute a Greater Rift Keystone will not be allowed to enter the Rift and will be unable to get any special loot therein.

Hope this article cleared up any misconceptions, queries, or questions you had about Greater Rift Keystones in Diablo 3. Keep checking GameVoyagers for more informative content on Diablo 3.