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Can Summons Be Used More Than Once in Elden Ring?

Can Summons Be Used More Than Once in Elden Ring?

Summons is an extremely helpful tool in Elden Ring, and they are there to help take the aggro of the boss or enemies off of you so you can have an easier time getting through the game.

There are a ton of Summons in the game, and they are all helpful in one way or another. One big question many people have is whether they can be used more than once.

No, Summons can’t be used more than once per fight. They are reusable, but if they die within a single fight, you can’t reuse any Summons in that fight.


You want to use your summons wisely no matter where you are because if you can handle a boss alone, you might not want to add a summons to the fight.

There are a ton of summons in the game that are very good at different things. Our favorite Summon in the game is Mimic Tear.

It is basically just a Mimic version of yourself and uses everything you have. It makes the game a million times easier, but it does take 600 health out of your health bar even to Summon.

If you don’t have enough health, you might even die if you try to summon it. The best summons in the game is the Legendary Summons, which are fun to use.

Black Knight Tiche is another of our favorites because it deals blood damage to any enemy it encounters. If you are having trouble with the game, use some Summons, and they will help you out.

How many Summons are in the game?

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There are over 64 Summons in the game, and they all do different things. There are Jellyfish summons that deal elemental damage; skeleton summons that revive themselves when they die, and even Knight summons that deal a ton of damage.

You can create many builds in the game, and each build has a specific summon to use. You probably want to use a very aggressive summon if you have a Magic build. You probably want to use a more ranged summon if you have a pure melee build.


It depends on how you want to play, so look at what each of them does. No matter what, each Summon is important in its way. You can even go through the game not knowing how good certain Summons are.

A bunch of Summons was nerfed in recent patches, but they are extremely good to use even then. Mimic Tear is the main one that was nerfed, but it is still an insanely good Summon to use.

As we said before, remember that you can only use one Summon per fight. Always find the right time to use them, or they might not last long.