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How to Get Credits in Rocket League

How to Get Credits in Rocket League

Credits are an important currency in Rocket League. They allow you to buy various exclusive cosmetic items. If you want to tailor your rocket trails or player banner in a specific way, you will need Rocket League Credits. So how does one get credits in Rocket League? Let’s answer that question!

You can obtain Credits within Rocket League by purchasing them from the Rocket League in-game store, through the Rocket League Rocket Pass, or by purchasing various Item Packs from Rocket League’s Premium Store.

All three of these methods are fairly straightforward, however, if you’re a new player then it can be quite difficult to manage or understand all the systems that you need to interact with. So I’d urge that you continue to read this article, as we’ll go into detail regarding each method!

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How to Get Credits in Rocket League?

Receiving Credits in Rocket League
Receiving Credits in Rocket League

Credits in Rocket League have a lot of uses. The most important of these uses is that they provide you with the ability to obtain cosmetics that you want to style your ride. There are a few important ways in which you can get these credits and all of them require some form of effort on your part.

The utility of Credits in Rocket League includes unlocking blueprints, upgrading your Rocket League Battle Pass, and trading and buying items that you might fancy in the Item shop, such as the various skins, packs, and bundles that they have on sale.

Note: When attempting the methods described in this guide, please take note that prices of credits in Rocket League may vary depending on your region or country. You have to look at the price comparison of different items and figure out which region would be the cheapest in terms of your local currency.

1. Purchase Credits In-game

This is perhaps the most straightforward method out of all the various ways I’ve described in this article. If you wish to acquire credits, the easiest way is to purchase them from the Rocket League store.

The price for the Credits ranges from $5 up to $20. Each increase in price correlates to an increase in the number of credits you receive.

Each credit in terms of Dollars is equivalent to $0.01, and the credits can be purchased in various bundles that can provide you anywhere from 500, 1100, 3000, and 6,500.

If you buy one of the larger bundles then the game is more willing to give you extra credits for them.

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How Do I Purchase Credits in Rocket League?

Credit Purchase option In-game of Rocket League
Credit Purchase option In Rocket League

If you wish to purchase Credits from within the game then first start Rocket League on your computer or console. And follow the steps mentioned within this guide.

  • Start Rocket League on your PC or console.
  • Enter the Main Menu
  • Navigate to and select the Item Shop
  • Click on the Buy Credits button in the bottom left corner
  • Specify the number of Credits you wish to purchase
  • Select the Purchase option and you will be redirected to the Check-out System.
  • Select Confirm on whatever confirmation message is presented whilst trying to make the payment.
  • Complete the purchase

And voila! Now you have successfully purchased Credits from the official in-game store. Moreover, your new Credits balance will show up in the upper right-hand corner of your Item shop.

2. Credits from Rocket Pass

Rocket Pass in Rocket League
Rocket Pass in Rocket League

Like all Free-to-play games, Rocket League has a Battle Pass. This Battle Pass is known as Rocket Pass. However, this Battle pass is unlike the ones added to games like Fortnite or Player Unknown Battleground.

Within the Rocket League’s version of Battle pass, you can purchase to earn exclusive cosmetic items. The pass additionally provides Credits, which can be used to obtain all sorts of things you might have wanted.

The Rocket Pass at the present moment costs as little as 10$. The Rocket pass rewards credits that can be used can be obtained after every 12 tiers. 100 credits if all tasks are completed.

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3. Purchase Item Packs

Item Pack in Rocket League
Item Pack in Rocket League

In Rocket League, you can buy various item packs that contain within them special cosmetic items. The packs on sale at the in-game market shop, contain Credits within them. And also have additional rewards for you to enjoy.

One of the most popular packs that you can find in the store is the Starter Pack. This is a solid investment plan for many new players. The Starter Pack is recommended to all new and returning players that are joining the factory.

Note: Take caution when purchasing Packs from the in-game shop. Not all packs have the same amount of credits with them. Unfortunately, players must spend some money if they wish to obtain Credits in the game.

And that’s all you need to know about how to get Credits in Rocket League. If you’ve got any queries or questions then let us know. Rocket League is a fantastic game. It is made more fun by the fact that credits do not increase your character ability, but only your aesthetic preferences.