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14 Best Outpost Locations in Starfield (Resource and Home Building)

14 Best Outpost Locations in Starfield (Resource and Home Building)

Starfield has a robust outpost-building component. These outposts not only act as your home but are also bases of operations for mining resources from the planet itself. Needless to say, resources are super important to upgrade and create all kinds of useful items. Which planets are the perfect places to create your outposts? What resources are worth mining? All this and more will be covered in this guide.

The best locations to build outposts in Starfield shouldn’t be just about its scenic beauty but the resources you can harvest from its surface. Planets and moons that are rich in multiple types of resource deposits are the right places to build an outpost. Extract the resources and craft whatever your heart desires. Outposts are the ideal way to farm endless resources.


Let’s take a look at some of the best locations where you can build an outpost within the expansive galaxies of Starfield.

14. Andraphon


Location: Narion System, Sumati Planet Orbit, Moon of Sumati – Andraphon.
Resources: Aluminum, Iron, Helium-3, Europium, Beryllium

This is one of the earliest locations you can start building upon. This star system is close to Alpha Centauri. Aluminum and Iron are crucial resources used to build other outposts. Whereas, Helium is the fuel needed to run these mining operations. For a quick start to hoarding resources, you shouldn’t sleep on this moon.

13. Zamka


Location: Alpha Centauri System, Olivas Planet Orbit, Moon of Olivas – Zamka.
Resources: Water, Helium-3, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Uranium, Cobalt, Vanadium

This moon is another great early outpost location. It is found in the starting start system so there is not much traveling involved in getting to it. It has around 8 resources that you can extract which is a godsend at the start. With so many resources in one spot, you will have many of these rare resources covered from the get-go.

12. Kreet


Location: Narion System, Anselon Planet Orbit, Moon of Anselon – Kreet.
Resources: Iron, Water, Helium-3, Lead, Argon, Hydromelonic Acid, Silver, Neon

You will visit this system in the early phases of the game’s main quests. Make sure to use this opportunity to build a base on this resource-heavy moon. Other than the staple resources, it has some unique resources that you can mine relatively in the beginning. Neon is a legendary resource, giving this moon an unprecedented priority over other locations.

11. Tau Ceti VIII-b

Tau Ceti VIII-b

Location: Tau Ceti system, Tau Ceti VIII Planet Orbit, Moon of Tau Ceti VIII – Tau Ceti VIII-b
Resources: Water, Aluminum, Chlorine, Iron, Argon, Chlorosilanes, Tantalum

Another star system that is close to Alpha Centauri. This location is packed to the brim with useful resources. You can find many resources under one moon and mining all of them in one spot is just too valuable to not be considered.

This planet is home to some prehistoric-looking creatures and plants plucked straight out of ancient imagery. Also, its close proximity to your starting position makes it even more attractive.

10. Decaran III

Decaran III - Starfield Best Outpost Locations

Location: Decaran System, Decaran III Planet
Resources: Water, Lead, Copper, Nickel, Uranium, Cobalt, Tungsten, Palladium

This location is further away from the starting system and thus poses a challenge to reach, however, it is totally worth the commute. It has a number of rare resources on top of the regular ones you find sprinkled throughout the galaxy. The planet is an excellent location to farm said rare resources.

9. Muphrid I

Muphrid I - Starfield Best Outpost Locations

Location: Muphrid System, Muphrid I Planet
Resources: Iridium, Uranium

You are not choosing this planet for its resources but for its aesthetics. The whole planet is purple due to a particular nutrient abundance on the planet’s surface. I’m a sucker for anything purple so it felt right at home for me. Although the only two resources you can mine here aren’t too shabby either. If you plan on painting the town purple then this place is a good starting point.

8. Bessel III-b

Bessel III-b - Starfield Best Outpost Locations

Location: Bessel System, Bessel III Planet Orbit, Moon of Bessel III – Bessel III-b
Resources: Aluminum, Argon, Cobalt, Iron, Water, Neon, Nickel, Platinum

This moon is another great starter location since it offers good early resources such as Aluminum Nickel, Iron, and Argon but it also has some rare resources such as Cobalt, Platinum, and Neon. This location is amazing all around.

It has early resources, and once you enter the later stages of the game, it has the rare resources to back your more ambitious endeavors.

It is a great outpost spot to have for your entire playthrough.

7. Nesoi


Location: Olympus System, Nesoi Planet
Resources: Iron, Tantalum, Water, Uranium, Argon, Benzene, Iridium, Carboxylic acid

If you opted for the Dream Home Trait when creating your character then your house will be placed on this planet. This planet has tons of resources and forests that stretch far and wide. If a quaint little cabin in the woods is your cup of tea then there is no better planet than this.

On top of that, there are massive green expanses of plain surfaces where you can build your outpost without hindrances and mine a wide array of resources. You can also hunt down the indigenous flora and fauna for organic resources.

6. Toliman II

Toliman II - Starfield Best Outpost Locations

Location: Toliman System, Toliman II Planet
Resources: Silver, Argon, Benzene, Water, Lead

Other than the resources, this planet is home to a bunch of animal populations. The most deadly of them are the Terramorphs. These vile beasts can be found hunting local fauna for their dietary needs and you are just another meat bag from them to devour.

These creatures are a good source of organic materials. Make sure to defend your base with powerful turrets as they will be raiding it every so often. A nice change of pace from other boring planets.

5. Hyla II

Hyla II - Starfield Best Outpost Locations

Locations: Hyla System, Hyla II Planet
Resources: Silver, Aluminum, Argon, Beryllium, Fluorine, Water, Lead, Carboxylic Acids

If you are looking to build a home in paradise then this tropical planet has got you covered. It has beautiful palm trees, white sand beaches, and ample weird wildlife. Not to mention, a good supply of mineable resources is just the icing on this tropical cake.

4. Syrma VII-a

Syrma VII-a - Starfield Best Outpost Locations

Location: Syrma System, Syrma VII Planet Orbit, Moon of Syrma VII – Syrma VII-a
Resources: Argon, Chlorine, Cobalt, Water, Lithium, Nickel, Platinum, Chlorosilanes

This moon is brimming with yellow forests, reminiscent of Skyrim. The natural beauty of this planet is further enhanced by the sheer number of valuable resources you can mine from its surface. The planet is perfect for taking a leisurely stroll through a stunning forest while your outpost sucks the planet dry off its resources.

3. Cassiopeia I

Cassiopeia I - Starfield Best Outpost Locations

Location: Eta Cassiopeia System, Cassiopeia I Planet
Resources: Chlorine, Cobalt, Copper, Fluorine, Water, Nickel

This planet is a desert dotted with colorful plant life that elevates its aesthetics making it quite unique. The resources here are mediocre, but the planet’s bright barren beauty sets it apart.

2. Andromas II

image 24

Location: Andromas System, Andromas II Planet
Resources: Argon, Chlorine, Fluorine, Water, Lithium, Nickel, Carboxylic Acids, Chlorosilanes

This planet is basically Hawaii. It’s got black sand beaches formed from volcanic rock, huge mountains in the distance, and lovely green fields. The best part is that it has a breathable atmosphere so you can remove your helmet and frolic around. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a civilian outpost that sells everything Jemison Mercantile does but in a much nicer setting.

1. Zeta Ophiuchi I

Zeta Ophiuchi I - Starfield Best Outpost Locations

Location: Zeta Ophiuchi System, Zeta Ophiuchi I Planet
Resources: Silver, Chlorine, Iron, Water, Alkanes, Lead, Tantalum, Ytterbium

The resource spread of this planet is pretty great making it a prime location for mining. The planet also has a very Southeast Asian energy with its palm trees and beautiful sunsets. The planet has both aspects covered, the magnificence of nature and resources worth looking into.

Outpost Tips and Tricks

Before you go about creating the best outposts in Starfield around these locations, you should consider the following tips:

  • Survey/scan planets and moons to unveil the resources hiding underneath the surfaces. Use the Show Resources option in the Star Map to reveal the resource deposits.
  • Opt for the location with the most resources, especially the ones you are looking for. Choose the location with the most amount of resource deposit close by to build your outpost.
  • Place resource-specific extractors on top of the respective resource deposits. Before placing, use the scanner to determine the deposits in the ground.
  • All resource extractors need power to start mining. You not only have to craft a power source but also link it individually to the extractor.
  • Extractors need storage units to stockpile the resources they are mining. Just like power, you have to link the storage unit to the extractor to begin collection.
  • The storage units come in three varieties, liquid, gas, and solids. Place the correct storage unit according to the resource you are mining. Again, don’t forget to link them to the extractor.
  • Transfer containers are a valuable asset in your outpost. They will transfer mined resources to the ship directly. Link them to the storage units.
  • Place an Airlock Outpost if you are not on a habitable planet/moon and then place livable quarters for yourself and your crew.
  • You can add Workbenches, Reserach labs, Cooking Stations, etc. to upgrade your items without leaving your outposts.
  • Don’t forget to create Crew Stations so that you can assign companions to look after your outposts. Some companions have higher ranks in Outpost management so use their abilities to yield better rewards.
  • To speed up time and harvest/farm resources, add a couch or bed to your outpost. Resting on it will replenish your storage and you can continue hoarding resources without delay.
  • You can only create 8 different Outposts in Starfield right now so choose your locations wisely.

Ultimately, the best outpost locations in Starfield will depend on the resources you are after. Stop over and scan planets and moons every chance you get while you are traveling the universe. You never know which surface has the resource you eagerly want.