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How To Get The Night Armor in Elden Ring

How To Get The Night Armor in Elden Ring

Night Armor, a.k.a Sauron Armor, is a newly added armor set in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. If you are looking for a low-key and dark aesthetic, then Night Armor could be the perfect fit for you. Luckily, you won’t have to fight a boss to acquire it.

You will find the Night Armor set deep inside the Bonny Gaol. You can pick it up at a rather secret location by using a Pot Lift and a bit of parkour.


In this detailed guide, we will help you acquire the Night Armor in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

Night Armor Set Location in the Elden Ring DLC

Complete Path to Night Armor

Your extensive expedition to obtain the Night Armor will start all the way at Moorth Ruins. You can kill two birds with one stone and pick it while you are here to meet up with Dryleaf Dane during Needle Knight Leda’s questline.

From there start moving toward the East until you find the drop to enter the canyon. The path is linear, and you won’t get lost. All you have to do is keep moving downward and deeper inside the tunnels.

Use your mighty steed, Torrent, to avoid any fall damage and complete the journey quickly.

Keep following until you find a ladder.

Ladder to Bonny Village

Take the ladder and start going upwards for what feels like an eternity. Once you reach the top, you will find yourself in Bonny Village. From there, face southeast and start moving until you find a bridge.

Bridge Towards Bonny Gaol

Cross the bridge and keep going straight. The entrance to the Bonny Gaol will be on your right.

Entrance to Bonny Gaol

Enter the cave and activate the Bonny Gaol site of grace. On your right, you will see a small path leading down into a wide-open space. From there, take a left and continue through the several rooms until you reach a dead end.

You will find Giant Rats, Tumor Man, Putrid Corpses, Living Jars, and Skeletal Slime in Bonny Gaol. You can choose to fight them or run past them quickly without taking any damage.

In that final room, if you notice at the back right corner, there is a door on the ground that leads deeper into the cave.

Drop to the cave

You will find yourself in a cave. Keep going straight until you reach a junction. Take a left from there and continue downwards. Eventually, you will reach a giant room with piles of bones and Living Jars, trying to attack you.

Giant Room with Pot Monster

Run past them or kill them, choice is yours. Either way, keep going straight through the variety of rooms until you once again find yourself in a giant open space.

Big Room inside the Cave

Take a left and continue straight until you find the Pot Lift.

Pot Lift

Jump on top of the lift. First, it will go down but don’t get off just yet. Once it reaches its lowest point, it will start going up. At the top, you will get off, and you can find the Sauron Amor, or, as we know it, the Night Armor, lying there on top of a corpse.

Night Armor Set Elden Ring

Now that your work here is done, you can explore the rest of the area and fight the dungeon boss, Curseblade Labirith. If you were only interested in the armor set, you can fast-travel to another location out of here.

Elden Ring Night Armor Stats

The Night Amor Set (Sauron Armor) in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree consists of four pieces:

  • Helm of Night
  • Armor of Night
  • Gauntlet of Night
  • Greaves of Night

The dark-looking armor is not just for the show. It provides a reasonable protection against all types of attacks. The detailed stats are given below:

Physical Absorb2.57.11.74
Vs. Strike2.57.11.74
Vs. Slash2.
Vs. Pierce2.
Vs. Magic4.412.43.17.1
Vs. Fire3.
Vs. Lightning3.
Vs. Holy4.512.63.17.2
Night Armor Stats

This was everything there is to know about the Night Armor in Elden Ring. You can use the whole armor or pick pieces to curate your perfect build.