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Is Resident Evil 2 Remake Worth It?

Is Resident Evil 2 Remake Worth It?

Resident Evil is an important game series that has changed the gaming industry, just like Doom and Quake. The first game came out in 1996 and then the second in 1998. Although I never played the original, the developers did an amazing job with the remake.

Is Resident Evil 2 remake worth playing? There are some clunky parts to it, but other than that, it is a great game. I am here to answer some questions that some people might be asking about the game.

Is the story any good?

A deadly virus engulfs the residents of Raccoon City in September of 1998, plunging the city into chaos as flesh-eating zombies roam the streets to feed on survivors. An unparalleled adrenaline rush, gripping storyline, and unimaginable horrors await you. Police rookie Leon S. Kennedy and university student Claire Redfield stop off at the Mizoil Gas Station to fill up on petrol.

The first to arrive investigates a smashing sound inside and finds an Arklays County sheriff deputy being attacked by a Zombie. Zombies flock from the surrounding area to the gas station, cornering Leon and Claire. The two meet at the entrance and evade the horde of zombies as they rush to the deputy’s car, which Leon drives into the city. That is where the story begins. The story is actually pretty good and the eerie areas make for a very good atmosphere.

How is the gameplay?

The gameplay is really different from other games. You have to be very careful with what items you use and how much ammo you ration. Bullets are very hard to come by and healing items are rare. Also, you have to throw out the items that you used already by looking for the red checkmark next to it. The inventory system is actually really well done too.

It is simple and easy to organize everything. The boss fights can be a little clunky because there is no dodge button, but the developers wanted to make it as close to the original as they possibly could so I can excuse that. The game is really balanced but it is not an easy game. Be prepared to rage at times because of some clunky enemies though.

Is it a horror game?

All of the Resident Evil games are horror games. There are a lot of jump scares, but you could also consider the game a puzzle game too because you must figure out different puzzles and clues. I think it is a great way to combine 2 different genres because it just pulls you into the game like no other. The game is very eerie, and the Lickers are absolutely terrifying, but it is all a part of the game. Be prepared to get scared at certain times, but that is what the game is about. It definitely is worth playing.

Is it free roam?

It is free roam and it isn’t. It is confusing because at times it is free roam and sometimes it is not. When you are at the police station, you can pretty much go anywhere, but later on, without spoilers, the story takes over. Weapons within the game are upgradable by finding the correct parts for that weapon as the game progresses. Certain upgrades may increase damage dealt or increase ammo capacity.

Parts that increase a weapon’s inventory space can be attached and removed at the player’s discretion in the inventory screen. There is a story in the entire game, but exploring the Police Station is probably the most fun. You get some cool surprises later on and some cool areas to explore, so if you are in an open area, try to explore as much as you can because you might miss your opportunity to get something good.

How is the replayability?

There is a 2nd scenario available to players after the first one is finished, the differences are the availability of a new type of handgun, item placement, puzzle solution and the starting point and ending point of the game. Plot-wise, The story canon for the RE2 remake is Claire First – Leon Second but the characters experience the same events in both of their respective scenarios, such as Leon being chased by the Giant Alligator in the sewers and Claire searching the Orphanage for Sherry.

There is a free update for the game called “The Ghost Survivors” which depicts several “What If” scenarios featuring some characters from the main game who were either killed or had unknown fates. There is also a Hardcore mode for both Leon and Claire to make the game a little harder if you want the challenge.

Is it worth the money?

The game is very cheap currently. I bought the game when it was on sale, but I would gladly pay for it when it is not on sale. I would definitely say it is worth the money. If you are thinking about RE3 Remake and this one, I would choose this one because it is longer and the story is better. If you are a fan of the series or even if you are not, this game is absolutely amazing. It definitely worth the money.

Is it similar to the original?

Thanks to major graphical improvements with the help of the RE Engine, items, characters, enemies, objects, and even the environment itself have photorealistic rendering and visuals. Unlike in the original 1998 release where the Raccoon Police Station’s hallways and rooms are lit.

The 2019 remake instead turns the precinct’s hallways and some locations far darker, giving it a chilling and intense atmosphere as the player traverses them. The shadows were greatly improved as well, as opposed to the original’s shadows being a small dark translucent circle beneath the characters or enemies.


In conclusion, the game is clunky at times, but it is amazing. The loadout system is very well done, and the game is insanely optimized for those PC players. Completing the puzzles is really satisfying and I could not ask for a better remake. It is definitely worth it.

*All photos were taken from the RE2 Fandom Wiki*