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Is Marvel’s Guardians Of the Galaxy on Xbox Game Pass?

Is Marvel’s Guardians Of the Galaxy on Xbox Game Pass?

After the disappointing release of Marvel’s Avengers many fans of the MCU franchise were on the fence for another game. However, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, to the surprise of many, launched with stellar reviews and a shower of accolades.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is goofy action-filled adventure at its finest, and has done away with all the intrusive micro-transactions and game-as-a-service shenanigans that bogged down its predecessor. With such glowing reviews one naturally asks, how can you play the game? Well we’re here to give you the good news, because aside from buying the game through Steam or Epic Game store we heard rumors last month about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Xbox Game Pass.

The rumors were true. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is available to download, or stream, for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Guardians of the Galaxy joined Xbox Game Pass last month on March 2022 and has since had thousands of new players join its wacky adventure. The game is available for cloud, consoles and PC players with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.

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What is the Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass is basically Microsoft’s version of a Netflix subscription for video games. The service has 15 million global subscribers already and is quite popular amongst gamers.

The Xbox Game Pass is basically the Netflix of gaming. For a small fee per month subscribers to the Game Pass gain access to a large roster of video-games that they can either download, or stream through cloud, to play on their console or PC.

There are three available types of subscriptions that you can get from Microsoft. The first is the Xbox Game Pass which provides you with a subscription for all console games available in their catalogue. Then they have the PC Game Pass which allows you to access their entire catalogue for PC games. And, finally, we have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription which allows players to access both the console and PC games catalogue, and use the subscription on both their consoles and PCs as well.

You can obtain Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy through any of these versions of the Game Pass. This is because the game is available for both consoles and for PC systems.

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Is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy worth getting on Xbox Game Pass?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Review: Farkin' Fun | Digital Trends

The short answer to this question is a resounding yes. There are several factors that makes getting Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on Game Pass such an attractive deal.

The first aspect is the quality of the game itself. Unlike its predecessor Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy released with spectacular review scores. We found that the game was intensely engaging, fun and rich with story. By doing away with the micro-transactions heavy model that Square Enix had employed for the previous Marvel’s game, Guardians of the Galaxy is able to provide a more compact and high quality experience. Simply put the game is definitely worth checking out.

The second aspect has to do with the price of the game itself. Regularly the game can be bought for its full $60 price point from any major games seller or from the Steam or Epic Games Store. However, the Xbox Game Pass offers the same experience of the game for as low as $10 per month.

This means you can begin playing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for a fraction of its price, while simultaneously you will also gain access to a hoard of 100 other spectacular games available on the service.

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The Xbox Game Pass has steadily been increasing its impressive catalogue of games and its no surprise that they would acquire Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as well. We’re pretty glad that the game is now available on the service since this means a lot more people will be able to experience the game. Let us know what you think in the comments down below.