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How to get XP fast in World of Tanks (6 Ways)

How to get XP fast in World of Tanks (6 Ways)

If you’re a new player in World of Tanks, then you’re probably wondering how you can get stronger. One of the best ways to do that is to level up. If you’re looking to get XP fast in World of Tanks, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll discuss X ways to get XP quickly in World of Tanks.

In World of Tanks, you can gain XP fast by either spotting your enemies in-game, dealing damage to primary targets or stronger tanks, discovering an SPG, and by winning matches.

The World of Tanks is a fascinating game. Wherein, your ability to level up is not dictated by quest objectives. Rather, the game rewards you with XP for the actions you perform within the game. If you wish to know in-depth about all the actions that can reward XP, then continue reading this article!

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Getting XP Quickly in World of Tanks

There are a variety of tanks, classes, and ranks that exist within the World of Tanks. Each one requires XP to research upgrades and make your tanks stronger. The game is all about personal goals, and development. This can be difficult, however, if you do not know all the ways to make your tanks stronger.

So then what is the easiest way to earn as much of this XP in as short a time as possible? You might be tired and finding the odd article here and there that briefly mentions it. But within this guide, we’ll go into the details of all of these answers that we’ve provided.

1) Spot Targets Yourself

Spotting Targets
Spotting Targets – World of Tanks

One of the best ways you can obtain XP in the game quickly and efficiently is by spotting your targets. When you spot enemies for not just yourself, but also other players, you receive a lot of XP. How this method particularly works is often not entirely explained by the game mechanics.

A simple method, however, of understanding how this system works is to realize that your friendly tank units are not merely other players draining your XP.

But are a resource you can utilize to increase the XP that you obtain as well. This can be done when you spot targets for other players.

When you hit a tank’s HP, you will gain XP. This much is known by all players within the game. You might not have known that you can tag tanks of different tiers and types. When you do this each time another person hits that tank you marked, you too will gain a percentage of that XP.

This means that you can gain experience not only by hitting targets yourself. But you may also increase your overall XP gain by marking targets for other players to kill as well. This means that you exponentially increase your store of XP by working with, rather than against, your teammates.

2) Dealing Damage to Enemy Tanks

Dealing Damage in World of Tanks
Dealing Damage in World of Tanks

Another important way of making a lot of XP is by dealing damage. This will be the primary source of XP for many of the players currently engaged in World of Tanks. if you deal damage to Higher-tier tanks in comparison to your own, you will gain bonus XP. This calculation is usually based on the relative tier difference.

If this is not possible for you and you find it difficult to deal any significant damage to enemy tanks of a comparable or even higher tier. Then your best bet is usually to assist in dealing damage to enemy tanks as well as allies. As we mentioned in the previous section, it can be very advantageous to play with ally tanks.

You can assist your allies in dealing damage in two ways: by tracking the enemies, as previously mentioned, or by buffing them. Or you can do so while the enemy you attack has been tracked by your allies. Additionally, you can also spot enemies for your allies that they might not otherwise be focusing on.

It is important to work in coordination with your teammates to obtain the most amount of assistance and credit for the damage that you are dealing with. Lighting enemies up can be a significant boost to the XP you gain, and this can be quite beneficial at the end of the day when calculating XP for your next level.

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There are several other miscellaneous methods that you can employ to gain the most amount of XP while playing World of Tanks. We’ll be listing down some of these methods in this section so you know what to do. Especially, if you’re someone that likes to min-max your XP gains.

3) Discover an SPG

An SPG - World of Tanks
An SPG – World of Tanks

Finding out where enemy SPGs are located can be important. An SPG stands for Self-Propelled-Gun. This particular type of vehicle type has seemingly always been in the game. And has been a fundamental aspect of the game since Patch At least this is the earliest a patch had made notice of it.

When you discover an SPG during a match then you will gain quite a bit of XP that can be lent towards increasing your overall level and purchasing

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4) Capturing Enemy Bases

Enemy Bases - World of Tanks
Enemy Bases – World of Tanks

Another important method that can be utilized to gain XP is by capturing the enemy bases in a match. This particular method of obtaining XP only applies if there are enemy tanks within the enemy base circle. This does not calculate XP based on the entire enemy team.

This method will also provide XP based on how much time you spend capturing the enemy base circle in the first place. Enemy base capture is one of the best ways to gain XP while also winning matches.

5) Reset Capture Counter

Something associated with capturing enemy bases is resetting the capture counter. This often occurs when an enemy is currently trying to capture your base, and you must defend against it. If you damage the enemy tank that is currently trying to capture your base then their capture counter will reset.

Every time you reset the capture counter it will give you additional XP.

6) Winning Matches

Victory in World of Tanks
Victory in World of Tanks

Every time you and your team win a match, you will earn bonus XP. This experience stacks with the rest of the score achieved by each of the tanks individually. This XP can be quite substantial throughout several matches and can be a nice little bonus incentive for you to try hard in each of your battles.

For winning a particular match, your team will receive a +50% bonus experience. This experience will stack based on the scores of each of the tanks on your team. So it can be beneficial to have a squad of tanks that are all making an effort and contributing. This is because it will exponentially increase your overall XP gained.

The winning team will receive +50% bonus experience which stacks with the score of each tank individually