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How to Beat The Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen

How to Beat The Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen

The Lightreaper will stay a thorn in your side from the very beginning. He is one of the starting bosses of Lords of the Fallen, although you are supposed to lose the first time you face him. But don’t worry, you’ll get your revenge against this annoying little prick, but it won’t be easy. You will have to earn the right to bring this formidable foe down.


With our help, the Lightreaper will finally be picked off and thrown back to the dark recesses he crawled out of in Lords of the Fallen.

Preparation for The Lightreaper

The Lightreaper

You can technically encounter the Lightreaper 4 times in Lords of the Fallen. He is the standard soul-like starting boss that you must die to.

The next two encounters are somewhat optional, depending on your previous performance against him. The fourth and final time is the culmination of all this back and forth. This is where he needs to die.

The fight against Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel in Lords of the Fallen can be made easy if you prepare for it and know the following:

  • The Lightreaper is weak to Smite. Bring weapons and/or spells that inflict this status effect and you will be good to go.
  • Poison impacts the boss greatly too. Even after he teleports to his mount, he stays poisoned.
  • Wither Damage is another route you can take for this boss.
  • Fire-resistant armor and items that increase resistance against fire will go a long way during this fight.
  • Stock up on cures for both Ignite and Burn.
  • Forget using any Inferno or fire-based damage against the boss. It will deal insignificant damage.
  • There are four summons for this fight. Two of them, Andreas of Ebb and Paladin Isaac, are only available if you have progressed their quests. The other two are always present Pieta and Kukajin.

The Boss Fight

The Lightreaper Boss Fight

The Lightreaper comes into the fray on top of a two-headed dragon. The dragon doesn’t do much other than try to rain down fire on you and burn you alive. Fortunately, the arena is huge enough to outplay its fire breath.

The boss does get off his winged steed after a few mounted attacks so you don’t have to kill the giant lizard. This boss is a fire-infused blender with three arms and a sword in each. He is a swift little fellow who likes to deal inflict a ton of Burn and Ignite. Don’t go into this fight if you are not prepared to face the heat.

As the fight continues, he gets more and more fired up literally. His attacks will get even more deadlines with Inferno. But the multiple sword attacks are a good chance to build up stagger on the boss with perfect parries. Don’t forget to remove the Umbral Parasite buffing the boss.

As a side note, when the boss dies, it goes out in a fiery blaze. He might end up killing you with his last ditched effort, so move away when he goes into his dying state.


Here are all of the moves The Lightreaper will use against you in Lords of the Fallen and the right way of maneuvering them:

Dragon Attacks:

  1. Dragon – Fire Strafing: The boss will ride the dragon and leave a line of fire in the ground. The fire breath itself and the lingering fire on the ground both deal Burn and Ignite. At the end of the fight, he will send the dragon to perform this attack without mounting it.
    • Reaction: Start running to the side and dodge away as soon as the fire gets close to you. Also, don’t step on the fire left behind.
  2. Dragon Dive: The dragon hovers for a few seconds, swoops down, and tries to land on top of you.
    • Reaction: Roll towards the dive as soon as he is about to land. He will fly by you. Don’t try to fight the dragon.

On foot Attacks:

  1. Ranged Slash: Sends out an Inferno projectile after a dual-blade slash.
    • Reaction: Roll to the side.
  2. Dual-Blade Slash: A simple single melee attack with two swords.
    • Reaction: Parry this attack or block it.
  3. Dual Slashes: A series of melee attacks.
    • Reaction: Either back off and allow the combo to finish or get close and block/parry each slash.
  4. Ground Stab: Stabs the ground in front.
    • Reaction: Dodge away from the area in front of the boss.
  5. Hard Landing: Jumps in the air and lands on top of you.
    • Reaction: Roll towards the boss and he will land behind you.
  6. Charge: Sticks his sword out and charges toward you.
    • Reaction: Roll to the side.
  7. Blender Charge: Charges toward you while flailing his swords around.
    • Reaction: Keep blocking the attack or back off and let it finish.
  8. Line of Fire: Sends a line of fire in multiple directions. The fire lingers on the floor.
    • Reaction: Stay in the gap between the lines until it fades away.
  9. Inferno AOE: Sends a firey AOE all around the boss.
    • Reaction: Block the AOE or dodge at the right moment.
  10. Fiery Aerial Combo: Leaps in the air then fires multiple slash projectiles at you, ending with a comet strike towards you with an explosion after landing.
    • Reaction: When you see him jump, start running away to see the projectiles coming and dodge out of the way of the landing strike.
  11. Fired Up: Shouts and buffs himself with even more Inferno. This is the start of the end phase. This sends out a fire wave.
    • Reaction: Roll towards him as soon as the wave is about to connect.
  12. Last Ditch Effort: When his health is all gone, his dragon will crash into him and send out a fire wave.
    • Reaction: Just survive this attack by rolling into the wave.

Rewards for Defeating the Lightreaper

Rewards the Lightreaper

Here are all the rewards for defeating The Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen:

  • x1 Vestige Seed
  • x25 Umbral Scouring
  • x1 Lightreaper Flesh
  • x1 The Lightreaper’s Umbral Parasite

Revisit the boss location and Soulflay the Stigma left behind to get your hands on the Remembrance of the Lightreaper and 2 Umbral Scouring. Unlike other bosses, this boss leaves Stigmas in all of the 4 locations/instances you face him. Take the Remembrance to Molhu to unlock these items in his shop:

  • Righ-hand Lightreaper Sword
  • Left-hand Lightreaper Sword
  • Right-hand Lightreaper Dagger
  • Left-hand Lightreaper Dagger
  • Lightreaper’s Spear
  • Lightreaper’s Shield
  • Lightreaper’s Helm
  • Lightreaper’s Armour
  • Lightreaper’s Gauntlets
  • Lightreaper’s Leggings
  • Severing Blades