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Hud Disappeared In Warzone 2 (2 Fixes)

Hud Disappeared In Warzone 2 (2 Fixes)

If you’ve been trying to enjoy Warzone 2 but can’t because your HUD keeps disappearing, then you’ve come to the right place. Within this guide, we’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know about the HUD disappearing in Warzone 2. Additionally, we’ll give you a few ways to fix it.

A bug in the new Call of Duty: Warzone 2 causes your heads-up display to disappear. You cannot read your teammates’ names, your ammunition, guns, or map. To fix this issue you can attempt returning to the lobby or calling a Precision Air Strike.

Currently, not a lot is known about the HUD glitch. Even though it has plagued the Warzone community for the better part of a month at this point. However, I believe I’ve collected enough information to present you with 2 fixes that’ll solve this issue for you. To find out more about them keep reading on!

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What is The HUD Glitch in Warzone 2?

screenshot of the HUD Glitch in Warzone 2
In-game screenshot of the HUD Glitch

If you’ve experienced your HUD disappearing in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 then you’ve sadly experienced the HUD Glitch. This is a bug within the game code that has been plaguing Warzone players since the initial release of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 in November.

At this point, many players have reported that this HUD glitch bug in particular has caused their entire heads-up display to be removed from the screen. This means that people cannot access their ammo info, killstreaks, mini-map, compass, etc.

In a game like Warzone 2, information is everything, and without your Heads-up display, it can be incredibly challenging to even play competitively. Let alone attempt to win the match while being handicapped in that manner.

You might have noticed that many players have complained about this bug specifically in Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s new Extraction Mode. And even though several other more pronounced bugs have been popping up regarding the game. The HUD glitch seems to have ticked players off the most.

2 Ways to Fix the HUD Glitch in Warzone 2

If you’re still looking for a method to fix the HUD Glitch in Warzone 2 then we’ve got the answer for you. Essentially, not a lot of information is known about this bug. And until the Call of Duty developers do not release a patch for the game, you are practically stuck having to deal with it.

So we scoured the internet and tested a few methods ourselves and found 2 ways we believe are guaranteed to help restore your HUD in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. These will be ways that someone in the community has tried and found success within.

Note: These methods are not 100% guaranteed to fix your specific issue. As the code of the game is bugged in itself. This can often cause unique reactions that do not have a single method to fix the issue. Nonetheless, I hope this method works for you regardless of your specific circumstances.

1. Return to the Lobby

screenshot of Warzone 2 Lobby
In-game screenshot of Warzone 2 Lobby

The no-HUD glitch is incredibly annoying. And to fix it there are a few ways that have been found by the community so far. The first of these is to head back to your main lobby if this occurs to you within a match.

Since the HUD glitch seems to occur and stay indefinitely as you continue in a match. Then that means that the only way, we can fix the issue on our end is by returning to the lobby of the game. This might seem excessive to some of you, but it is necessary if you wish to reset your HUD back to its default.

To accomplish this, simply follow these steps while in a Warzone match where you do not have your HUD:

  • Click the Options button on your controller or Esc on your PC
  • Navigate to the Leave Game Option
  • Click on the Leave Game Option
  • Say “Yes” when asked whether you wish to leave the game.
  • At this point, you should be able to head back to your Lobby
  • Load into a new Match

These steps should help you in removing the HUD Glitch from your Warzone 2 match. Returning to the Lobby resets the individual match’s code, and removes the saved data set from that match. This allows your game to reset to its default, which we’re grateful includes a heads-up display.

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2. Call a Precision Air Strike

In-game screenshot of Warzone 2 Killstreaks
In-game screenshot of Warzone 2 Killstreaks

Another method that we’ve found is by calling an Air Strike within the match. This might sound quite odd, especially considering that many people can’t even see their Killstreak without the HUD. But it has been proven to work, although inconsistently.

The basic premise is that you open your Killstreak in between the match, and call for a Precision Airstrike. Once you do, merely switch between scoped view and the unscoped view. As you do this, you should notice that your HUD unloads and then reloads. This should bring your heads-up display back.

This method has been one of the more popularly highlighted methods in Youtube videos, Shorts, and TikTok. The most popular video of the fix being uploaded by crowegamingg. In the clip, they can be seen fixing the HUG glitch by simply calling for an Air Strike, and then switching scopes. Until the HUD comes back.

Note: As we mentioned earlier, not a lot of research has been done on the Warzone 2 HUD glitch fixes. This is why there are no concrete methods to fix the issue that you might be facing. Nonetheless, we believe that these fixes should help you out in resolving your issue.

Other Issues Caused by the HUD Glitch

The HUD Glitch isn’t just bothering players by removing their heads-up display, but many are being affected in other ways as well. One of the most common issues that players have highlighted is the drop in framerates in-game.

This means many people can’t even have a more immersive match without the HUD displaying. Which does not bode very well for the game’s longevity. As many players will look towards the game and consider it a bug-filled mess, rather than a genuinely fun Call of Duty Battle-Royale.

The framerates issue is made worse with the fact that you cannot even see the names of your teammates. This is detrimental, as it is likely that you can shoot your teammates by accident. Essentially, guarantees a defeat within that particular Warzone match.

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Response by Infinity Ward

So far the bug has not been addressed by the game developers Infinity Ward. Over the years Infinity Ward has been instrumental in releasing some of the most celebrated Call of Duty games ever. Their work could be considered masterful in establishing its legacy.

However, their response to the HUD glitch and similar bugs within Warzone 2, so far, has been disappointing. This has caused many to question their commitment to the franchise, but also that many players have considered leaving the game altogether.

It is upsetting to consider that such a fun and engaging game would lose out such a massive chunk of its player base, simply because of the excess amount of bugs and issues within the game system. I for one certainly hope that Warzone 2 receives numerous bug fixes and patches very soon.

And that’s what you need to know about the HUD disappearing in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. There are 2 known fixes for the issue. And we hope that any one of them resolves your particular problem.

Additionally, I hope that Infinity Ward releases a patch soon to fix the issue. Because underneath all the glitches and bugs Warzone 2 has been a fantastic addition to the Battle Royale genre. Only time will tell where this franchise goes from here.