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How To Parry in Nioh 2 (Ultimate Guide)

How To Parry in Nioh 2 (Ultimate Guide)

Team Ninja’s souls-like is pretty hard and chock full of aggressive enemies, and if you aim to cheese your opponents, you’re going to have a bad time. The best way to get good at Nioh 2 without any shortcuts (there aren’t any) is to master the art of parrying and countering. And surprise, surprise, Nioh 2 has a pretty neat Burst Counter System and an arsenal of parrying skills for each weapon.


Press L1+Square and L1+Triangle depending upon the weapon and skill equipped and time your parry right to perform a parry in Nioh 2. There’s no shortcut to parrying so learn enemy movesets and learn to time your parry correctly in Nioh 2.

Block in Nioh 2

Block - Parry Nioh 2

Before we get into the ins and outs of neat and satisfying parries, we’ll have to look at blocking in Nioh 2. Blocking is pretty easy. You just hold down the L1 button but repeated blocking is punished.

Your stamina is drained by blocking attacks, and likewise, you move a lot slower making you susceptible to follow-up attacks. There are a few skills you can buy along the way to speed things up while blocking.

Still, blocking comes with its compromises. When your stamina depletes completely, you’ll be stunned and opened to any follow-up attacks so be careful when using block. Keep in mind you can’t block any throws or moves featuring a glowing white aura. That’s where dodging helps.

Parry in Nioh 2

Parry Nioh 2

Parrying in Nioh 2 is a bit more complicated. You’ll have to know the ins and outs of every enemy’s movesets before you can truly master parrying in Nioh 2. There’s a really short time window between each attack to perform a successful parry. 

Nioh 2 features an arsenal of weapons for you to try out. And each weapon comes with multiple parries. Parries are usually bound to another L1+Square or L1+Triangle. You can check out the full list of parries in the Skill Customization Menu.

Parrying is somewhat forgiving in Nioh 2 (Unlike Sekiro). You hold down the block button and time your parry with either Square or Triangle right before the attack lands.

Parrying also has its share of caveats. You can’t parry a few moves. Your best bet is to parry sword-based enemies. Yokai and non-human enemies are out of the question as you can’t parry their moveset. And remember, a successful parry always follows up with a quick change in camera angle.

Parry Skills Nioh 2

Parrying changes according to the Weapon and Skills you’ve equipped:


Twirl is a Spear Parrying Skill in Nioh 2. It’s basically a mid-stance skill. When parrying enemy attacks, it knocks the enemy down. It costs 1 Skill Point to acquire. What’s great about Twirl has a noticeably long parrying window.

Just Reprisal

A Switchglave parrying skill. You circle around the enemy after successfully parrying and perform a diagonal slash. Again, it’s a mid-stance parry and costs 1 Skill Point to obtain.

Earthly Flow

For those dual sword enthusiasts, you can use Earthly Flow, It’s another active parry skill that works mid-stance. Parrying results in a cutting strike. It costs 1 Skill Point.

Heavenly Flow

Another treat for Dual Sword mains. You can parry an enemy’s attack and counter with a stabbing blow. You also get a strength buff at the end of the parry.


Takedown is a fist skill. You parry the enemy’s attack, circle around them and knock them off balance.

Tranquil Edge

Another Switchglaive skill that allows users to parry, shift your weight, and counter-attack. You can obtain it after completing the mission “The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno”

Bracing Breeze

Bracing Breeze is another Speak Parrying Skill. It deflects the skill via parrying. Follow up with Square to stab the enemy. You can only obtain it after defeating Maeda Toshiie. 

Serpent Bite

Serpent Bite is a Kusarigama parry that allows you to counter with Kusarigama’s Scythe. You need to complete the mission “The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno” to obtain it.

Defensive Drop

It’s a Fist Parry Skill in Nioh 2. With the defensive drop, you quickly drop to the ground and evade any incoming attacks.


Time your rise to successfully perform a parry and follow up with a counterstrike. You need to complete the mission “The Way of the Warrior: Novice Ocean Zephyr.”

Burst Counter Nioh 2

Parry Nioh 2

Using Burst Counters in Nioh 2 is a lot more viable in contrast to parrying. You’ll always see a red glow right before the enemy attacks and that’s the right time to perform a Bust Counter.

Burst Counters come in three types depending upon your Guardian Spirit. Brute Bust Counters are the easiest of the three for newcomers. You perform a horizontal attack with a decent area of damage.

Phaton Bust Counters temporarily turn you into a Yokai with your guard up. If the enemy attacks and comes in contact with you, voila. You perform a Phantom Burst Counter. 

Feral Burst Counters are the trickiest to master. With a Feral Burst, you leave behind an after-image trail. When the burst attack connects with the after image, you’ve successfully performed a Feral Burst Counter.


Nioh 2 is hard and so is parrying but keep practicing and you’ll become a master at it. And the best part is that it’ll carry over to other souls like, and souls borne games like Sekiro.