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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Doing Damage in Elden Ring

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Doing Damage in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is not an easy game, even if you try and find the meta weapons in it. Yes, it can be easier, but you will still struggle with a lot of bosses and enemies, no matter what level you are. Of course, if a player is level 500, he will have an extremely easy time with pretty much anything, but they had to go through the pain that everyone else had to go through to get there.

There are a bunch of reasons you aren’t doing damage in Elden Ring: You and your weapon are under-leveled for the area, you aren’t upgrading the right Attributes for your build, you aren’t taking advantage of your other attacks, or you don’t have any Ash of War equipped to your weapon. Keep in mind, if you have a special weapon, you can’t have an Ash of War equipped on it.

If you are new to these types of games, you are most likely the type of person who needs this article. It is very important to know what you are doing because you will rage quit and have a bad taste for the game in your mouth. We hope we can help you with the information we are giving you.

Why aren’t you doing damage?

As we said before, there are 5 major reasons why you aren’t doing any damage. Each one is specific, and there might be a reason that you can fix in your own playthrough on this list. There are a lot of builds in the game so it is not a bad thing if you don’t really know what to do. Honestly, just find what is the easiest for you and look up how to make a build with it correctly.

Here are 5 reasons you aren’t doing damage in Elden Ring:

1. You are under-leveled for the area

The most important part of Elden Ring is not pushing to harder areas early on in your playthrough. If you are in NG+, we would assume you have explored almost everything in your previous playthrough. If you just started out, you will need to be very careful where you go. Most people will recommend that you stay in Limgrave for a long time before venturing off to somewhere else.

It will be extremely beneficial to explore the starting area as much as you possibly can because there is a lot to find. The Weeping Peninsula is one of the best places to go pretty early on because you can get a ton of weapons, armor, and upgrade materials right away.

Any other place like Caelid or the Lake area above Stormveil Castle will be extremely difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Just make sure you are at a decent level and you have good weapons to combat all the harder enemies later on. Just don’t rush the game or you are in for a harder experience.

2. Your weapon is under-leveled

Just like your level is low, your weapon level is also just as important. We could have talked about both at the same time, but it definitely deserves a full spot on this list because of its importance. There are 2 weapon types in the game and they each take different upgrade materials. Somber Smithing Stones are for special weapons that you can’t change out their skill.

Regular Smithing Stones are for basic weapons that you can equip Ashes of War onto. This is a very important part of your build because it gives it different Attributes. You will need 12 of each type of Regular Smithing Stones to upgrade your regular weapon and 1 of each Somber Smithing Stone to upgrade your special weapon.

Your weapon level determines your scaling so that means the higher the level, the more damage it does. It is pretty obvious, but you need to look at what Attributes scale with your weapon. Look at the letters for specific Attributes and the higher the level, the better the scaling.

3. You aren’t upgrading the correct Attributes

As we said before, you have to put upgrades into the correct Attributes or else you will not get the most damage out of your weapon. If you are doing a Katana playthrough, you will need to place a lot of Attribute points into Dexterity. If you are doing a build with a Colossal weapon, you will most likely need to place Attributes into Strength.

If you are doing an Elemental build, you will need to place Attributes into either Faith, Intelligence, or Arcane depending on what Element you are using. You really need to pay attention to every little detail or else your weapon won’t do much damage at all. As you upgrade, watch the damage scaling in the right section to see what boosts your stats the best.

4. You aren’t using your other attacks

Elden Ring is very different from other FromSoft games because the other attacks you get are extremely useful. In Dark Souls, it is basically R1 and roll, R1 and roll, R1 and roll. It is not much else you can do that will defeat most bosses. In Elden Ring, they improved on this by making every attack viable to use. There is also a designated jump button now so that opens up a lot of moves for each weapon.

Do jump light or heavy attacks, use your weapon skills, and mix all those attacks into your movesets. The game is totally different but it has improved a lot from its previous games. Just make sure you are taking advantage of every single move the game allows you to do.

5. You don’t have an Ash of War equipped

If you haven’t found any Ashes of War, you are missing out. These are basically skills you can equip for your weapon that actually changes scaling on your weapon. If you see a weapon with D scaling, you can place an Ash of War onto the weapon that changes the scaling to B scaling.

Ashes of War is a very important aspect of the game and if you don’t have one equipped, then find a good one for your weapon and use it. You can even change a basic Axe to a Bleed weapon of death with Ashes of War. There are soo many build varieties you can do so make sure you take advantage of everything the game gives you.