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How to Get Decorations in Monster Hunter: World

How to Get Decorations in Monster Hunter: World

The concept of Decorations is rarely encountered in ARPGs. You get to battle monsters, get stronger and rule the world and that’s it. So where the heck did these decorations come from? The answer might be completely different than what one might expect.

Needless to say, the decorations in Monster Hunter World behave a bit differently than the textbook definition. They can be considered as enablers that can be placed in Weapons and Armor to gain or enhance skills. 

Decorations are usually dropped from quests and monsters in certain areas. Currently, the best way of farming for these is through The Name’s Lavasoth / The Greatest Jagras event quest. 

There are specific quests that can prove to be great farming grounds for obtaining decorations. With that said, it is better to familiarize yourself with the concept of decorations first and foremost.

How Do Decorations Work in Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, the decorations are divided into a total of four levels that provide different skills. Each tier comes with a unique set of skills. High-level decoration slots enable you to use the lower-level decoration in them. Needless to say, the inverse isn’t possible.

These decorations will be beneficial in the later portions of the game since you will be able to encounter higher-tier abilities more often. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll be useless in the early portion. Instead, they will provide that subtle power difference that is needed to take down the stronger bosses. 

With that said, these decorations come in terms of rarities and are hard to find by wandering aimlessly. Therefore, it is recommended to have a set plan for obtaining them. 

Farming Decorations: Best Methods

Decorations are relatively easy to farm and can account for a lot of decorations if played correctly. There are different decoration farming quests and events according to your in-game progress. Therefore, it is impossible to suggest a clear winner.

With that said, you can take a look at the following methods and decide the best one according to your build and progress. 

The Name’s Lavasioth!

This is an Event Quest that requires to have an HR of 50 and higher. The main premise is simple, you get to face off against a Tempered Lavasioth, and defeating him will account for a lot of Feystones. Needless to say, the Tempered Lavasioth has absurd damage numbers. Therefore, it isn’t as easy as it might sound at first. 

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Luckily, players can bring along tools like the Pitfall traps to ease the battle a bit. This event can also drop a multitude of event-specific rewards along with the Feystones. With that said, the special rewards are mentioned below:

  • Beetle Ticket
  • Worn Feystone
  • Warped Feystone
  • Mysterious Feystone
  • Glowing Feystone

The Wrath of Thunder Descends

This is a normal Quest that can quite literally fill your pouch with decorations. The completion condition is to hunt a Tempered Zinogre. The fact that it’s tempered accounts for a lot of trouble. However, Zinogres are relatively easy to kill with ice and water.

Simply focus on their Heads, Forelegs, and Tails with the following attacks, and you should be able to defeat them quite easily. 

  • Cut Damage
  • Blunt Damage
  • Ammo Damage

We recommend you to wear a Thunderproof mantle to counter its Thunderblight. Consequently, you can also use a Capture Net to get the Fulgurbugs off its back to cut off its source of electricity. You will be able to gain the following rewards after completing this quest:

  • Sealed Feystone x2 100%
  • Carved Feystone 79%
  • Ancient Feystone 20%
  • Sealed Feystone x2 1%

This quest is great for farming Decorations related to MR when you’re under 100 MR as for a rank higher than that, you can play The Cold Never Bothered Me quest.

Mew Are Number One!

This quest requires you to have a minimum MR of 100, however, Astral Melding Tickets make it great for Rarity 11 decorations. You need to kill a Tempered Furious Rajang. Since you already know how the Tempered modifier works, let’s skip ahead to the battling part. 

The Furious Rajang is a thunder-based boss while also being immune to Fire and Dragonian attacks. Therefore, the only way of beating him is Ice. The beast works in two modes where the normal one is relatively easy to dodge whereas the enraged mode makes it clad itself in lightning. 

He can be dealt with rather easily by applying Cut, Blunt and Ammo based damage on the following portions of its body:

  • Head (Breakable Twice)
  • Front Leg (Breakable Once)

It is recommended to bid your opportunities while taking his attacks. Attacking its head will shorten a lot of its combos. The special rewards for beating him are as follows:

  • Great Spiritvein Gem 100%
  • Astral Melding Ticket 63%
  • Sealed Feystone 36%
  • Great Spiritvein Gem 1%

How Do Feystone Rarities Work in Monster Hunter: World

The Feystone rarities are rather simple to understand. The decorations have their tiers from S to C, where the S is the rarest tier and C is the most common tier. The mysterious, glowing, worn, and warped are the fancy words of rarity levels 4 to 7. With that said, here is how they work:

  • Mysterious Feystone (Rarity 4)
    • 85% of being a C decoration
    • 15% of being a B decoration
  • Glowing Feystone (Rarity 5)
    • 65% of being a C decoration
    • 34% of being a B decoration
    • 1% of being an A decoration
  • Worn Feystone (Rarity 6)
    • 10% of being a C decoration
    • 82% of being a B decoration
    • 6% of being an A decoration
    • 2% of being an S decoration
  • Warped Feystone (Rarity 7)
    • 77% of being a B decoration
    • 18% of being an A decoration
    • 5% of being an S decoration

Data Source: Monster Hunter World Wiki

All in all, decorations can help your weapons gain certain skills or skill enhancements. You can also meld them with the help of Elder Melder to get better versions of them. Farming them is quite simple. You choose a quest you like and grind it as if there’s no tomorrow.