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How to Use Weapon Blueprints in Modern Warfare

How to Use Weapon Blueprints in Modern Warfare

When you think of a Call of Duty game, you think of a fast-paced shooter in which you die and respawn really quickly and the matches are very short. Modern Warfare changes up a lot of that by making the game more realistic and adding many different game modes new to the series. Also, it has a full campaign in which we as fans were waiting for. They also added many new mechanics into the game that makes it very different from the others.

Modern Warfare is a very new game and not a lot of people understand how some of the mechanics are in the game. The developers also added a lot of new things to the game like the level system and how your custom classes and attachments work. One huge thing that was added to the game that most people don’t really know about is its weapon blueprint system. Essentially, you can use a gun even before you have it unlocked if you have a weapon blueprint. Here is the weapon blueprint system explained.

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What is a weapon blueprint?

A weapon blueprint is a loot item that allows you to equip a weapon before you have it unlocked or to get a good head start against other players in matches. Once you get to level 4, you will unlock the custom classes in which you can customize your own classes the way you want them to be. After you unlock it, all you have to do to see all the blueprints you have is to look at your weapons and if they have a button that you can click next to that specific weapon, you have a blueprint for it. Once you have a blueprint, you have it unlocked forever so don’t worry about losing it.

Also, if you have a blueprint, you can equip it at any time, even if the gun you have it for is locked. You can be level 10 and be able to use a level 40 weapon if you have a blueprint for it. It all depends on if you have the blueprint unlocked for you or not. In the long run, it is not hard to get blueprints either. All you basically need to do is play the game.

Why are they important?

The blueprints are very important if you want to try different weapons before you unlock them. It is a good way to find out what weapon you like the best. There are actually a lot of weapons that the developers put into this game, and the only way that you are going to know which one is the best is if you try as many of them as you can. Also, taking advantage of the Experience Boosts will help you a lot with getting more attachments and levels quicker than normal. You probably want to try the weapon as is to get the feel of it and then, later on, you can customize it however you want to.

Every blueprint that you get has something different that it gives you. The only way to see the difference is to look at the original weapon and see what is unlocked for you compared to the blueprint edition. Don’t worry if you don’t have a blueprint for a specific weapon because you will eventually unlock the weapon and you will be able to use it. The blueprints are very important because of the ease of access to all sorts of weapons. Take advantage of as many blueprints as you can.

How to apply weapon blueprints

It is actually really easy to apply these blueprints. All you have to do is find the slot next to the weapon with a blueprint and it will take you to the blueprint menu. All you have to do to apply it is click on the specific blueprint you want to equip and it is automatically put into the slot in the custom class. These blueprints also come with extra camos and attachments that don’t need to be unlocked so you can get really good weapons without even doing anything special. If you have these blueprints, make sure you take advantage and use them to benefit your gameplay. You can also use the blueprints as much as you want so you don’t have to worry about them getting destroyed after a certain number of uses.

Remember that when you apply a weapon blueprint, you can’t customize any part of it until you actually unlock the base weapon. This is here so you are not totally overpowered and you are going for a major goal to level up and unlock items. Try not to spend too much time on one gun unless you want to upgrade one specific weapon all the way.

How do you get these blueprints?

There are many ways to get blueprints and the most common way is to do multiplayer challenges. These challenges can be found in the challenge section in the Barracks, under Missions. Once you get to the menu, you will see a bunch of missions that you can scroll through. It looks easy at first, but if you take a closer look at it, you will notice that each mission has multiple challenges added to it. Some missions might have 3 parts while others might have 12. It just depends on what blueprint it gives you at the end.

Every challenge has a weapon blueprint to unlock after you complete it, but the only thing is that you can only have 1 challenge active at one specific time. Also, you have to complete it in steps so make sure you choose the challenges that you can actually complete. No starting a Scavenger mission when you don’t even have the Scavenger Perk unlocked in your arsenal. There are a couple more ways to unlock blueprints and that is either getting a bonus for buying the game or purchasing them from the in-game store with COD Points.

What was the before launch bonus?

There were a bunch of things that the developers gave out before the game even launched, and the stuff is actually pretty cool. There were three editions, Standard, Operator Edition, and Operator Enhanced Edition. With all orders, everyone received the XRK weapon pack which gave an M4 and a Pistol Legendary blueprint. These weapons let you use high-level M4 attachments when you basically first started the game and it allowed for the player to get used to having a lot of attachments.

Also, if you played the beta and got to at least level 10 in the beta, then you will be given a Legendary shotgun blueprint when the game came out. I personally have tried this shotgun and it is actually really fun to use in close quarters areas. You will later be able to purchase blueprints from the in-game store once thay start putting items in it, which will make for some gameplay changes later on in the future.

You also get blueprints from the better editions of the game. You can get a shotgun, pistol, and sniper rifle with the purchase of the Operator Edition. With them, you also get a costume for each and you will unlock some operators early. Not a bad purchase if you want some good gear at the beginning of the game. If you have completed the beat and purchased a higher edition than you will have a huge arsenal of weapons and gear when you first start the game.

Is the blueprint linked with the normal weapon?

Normal weapons and the blueprint weapons are linked to each other, which means that if you use a weapon blueprint then all the attachments and unlocks will be transferred over to the normal weapon after you have it unlocked. It is the best way to level up your weapons before you actually have them unlocked. Blueprints give you some attachments that can only be used if the normal weapon is at a high level, so you can’t put those attachments on the weapon since the blueprint has it unlocked. All the levels that you get with the weapon give the normal weapon attachments but any that the blueprint has does not transfer over.


In conclusion, the blueprint system is actually a very cool system that has been added to the franchise. It is really easy to understand as well and makes for a different experience when comparing it to all the other Call of Duty games. Modern Warfare is a really good reboot of the older games and is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the series. The campaign is really good as well if you are into that. When you play the game, try to use everything to your own advantage so you are not missing out on anything.