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Atomic Heart Steam Deck (Settings, Performance, Controls)

Atomic Heart Steam Deck (Settings, Performance, Controls)

Atomic Heart looks absolutely amazing. It takes a while to get to the main action but you get to enjoy some gorgeous vistas till then. And if you’re still downloading those massive updates on your steam deck and wondering if the game runs well, check these steam deck settings for Atomic Heart.

You won’t necessarily need to tweak the Steam Deck’s settings for Atomic Heart. It’s fairly optimized. Just set the graphics settings to medium-low at 1200×800 and you’ll be good to go!

First and foremost, Atomic Heart looks incredible whether it be the visual fidelity or the world-building, Mundfigh has pretty much nailed it. But the best part is that it’s incredibly optimized for the Steam Deck. But if you’re expecting to crank the settings to max, then the Steam Deck will struggle considerably. You’ll have to tone things down a get bit to get the best performance-to-quality ratio.

Destiny 2 Steam Deck Settings

Atomic Heart Steam Deck Settings

Atomic  Heart  Steam Deck Settings

Before you get into the Graphics Settings, let’s give you a rundown of what you need to expect. Atomic Heart won’t run well on High or Ultra Settings, with occasional frame drops and stuttering added into the mix. So, you’ll have to drop your expectations and your in-game settings to actually enjoy the game.

You’ll be playing on medium-to-low. The game doesn’t take a big hit in terms of fidelity because most AAA titles look practically the same on all settings. And this is a big plus, considering things become less noticeably different due to the small size and 1280×800 res-screen of the Steam Deck.

Graphics Settings

Motion BlurOff
Depth of FieldOff
DLSS Super ResolutionOff
DLSS Frame GenerationOff
Anti AliasingMedium TAA
Nvidia ReflexOff
FidelityFX Super ResolutionOff
Animation QualityLow
Ambient OcclusionLow
Visual FXLow
Number of Objects Low
Volumetric FogLow
Post ProcessingLow
Anisotropic Filtering2
3D Model QualityMedium
Vegetation QualityLow
Hard Drive SpeedSSD
Shader CacheOn

Display Settings

BrightnessWhatever Works!
Image Sharpening1
Window ModeFull-Screen
FPS Cap60
Screen Resolution1280×800
Display Selection1

Steam Deck Settings

You can get a hold of these options from the Quick Access Menu to tweak the Steam Deck’s Settings.

Docked Mode Resolution1600X900

These settings work great to deliver a buttery smooth 60 FPS on the Steam Deck. Something we didn’t expect from a visually impressive title like Atomic Heart. It blew our socks away at how well it’s optimized!

Atomic Heart – Steam Deck Performance

Atomic Heart Steam Deck Settings

Despite the cheap and cheerful hardware of the Steam Deck, Atomic Heart runs surprisingly well. You can expect 40-50 FPS on medium settings with FSR Scaling turned up. And dialing down to medium-low provides a surprisingly buttery smooth 60 FPS and the game still looks incredibly easy on the eyes.

But what about stuttering, lag, or frame drops? Well, there are a few instances where you’ll experience stuttering or frame drops but they’re far between. So, it’s a surprisingly well-rounded and extremely optimized title across all platforms.


Atomic Heart has the look and feel of Bioshock Infinite, the combat of Dying Light paired with some incredible licensed music that brings the world to life. If you’ve taken a break from action-adventure games for a while and need to hop back into gaming, then Atomic Heart is certainly worth the salt.