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Is GTA 5 Worth Playing Now? 5 Reasons

Is GTA 5 Worth Playing Now? 5 Reasons

GTA V is still pretty much alive and well even after a decade since its release. Grand Theft Auto V still has a concurrent player base of nearly 160,000 active players every day. So, what exactly is Rockstar doing to keep players hooked for nearly a decade?

Yes, GTA V and GTA Online are worth playing. They have their own set of bugs and glitches along with tedious microtransactions in the form of Shark Cards. It still offers players loads of content and unique additions with every update. So, here are a few reasons why you should play Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2022.

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Loads and Loads of New Cars

Is GTA 5 worth playing Now?

Although Grand Theft Online has been around for nearly a decade along with GTA 5, it regularly gets content updates, particularly in the form of Vehicle Addons and New Vehicle Additions.

New cars allow players to keep grinding until they get their hands on the next best thing before Rockstar adds new vehicles later down the line. Within a span of a few months, Rockstar has added nearly 20 different vehicles for players to drive around, upgrade and pimp out for car meet-ups.

The newest upcoming addition is the Downton Cab Co Classique Taxi. While you’re for the Cab, you can currently check out loads of supercars in the current roster but bear in mind, they cost a pretty penny.

The Benefactor LM87 costs a whopping 2.9 Million GTA Dollars. Another entry into the Benefactor lineup is the SM722 in a blue and red livery for 2.1 Million Dollars. If you’re a fan of Baja trucks and don’t mind off-roading, the BF Weevil Custom for 870,000 excluding the 980,000 dollar conversion is your best bet.

A Vast Open World

GTA 5 Open World

The game has indeed been around for almost a decade now, but let’s be honest. GTA V is still one of the largest open-world games that offer a free-roam multiplayer experience with all sorts of custom lobbies.

Although there’s Red Dead Redemption, GTA 5 is jam-packed with loads of small details, side quests, and missions for players to complete. 

Even after a decade, the game world feels alive and the diverse variety of NPCs, animals, birds, and wildlife do add a bit of depth to the game. And if you’re feeling a little bored, you can always rely on mods to spruce up your GTA experience.

And if you’re in town for a more intricate experience, you can always try out Roleplay servers through FiveM.


GTA Online Poster

Let’s be honest. We were all excited about Heists in GTA Online. Heists changed up the online multiplayer experience allowing players to carry out intricate plans and pre-heist missions via a co-op experience. And the final payout for each player is pretty much worth it.

With multiple ways to nail a heist, players can replay heist missions in multiple ways to find new ways to enjoy missions they’ve already finished. Additionally, the payout is pretty much well-needed considering you need loads of money to get anything worth the money in GTA Online. Currently, players can enjoy and replay a total of ten heists.

  • The Fleeca Job
  • Prison Break
  • Humane Labs Raid
  • Series A Funding
  • The Pacific Standard
  • The Bogdan Problem
  • The Data Breaches
  • The Doomsday Scenario
  • The Cayo Perico Heist
  • The Diamond Casino Heist

The Story

The Story

Again, we’ve all played the GTA 5 storyline till the end. It offers countless hours of fun. And the story is captivating and immersive too for that matter. The Story of GTA V focuses on Michael Townley, a former criminal and Bank Robber that fakes his death in the circumstances of a failed Bank heist to escape his troubled past and live a life of luxury. 

But making it big and achieving the American Dream still keeps longing for another try at a criminal life. He takes Franklin, a street hustler, under his wing to sort out his problems and carry out big scores, that is until his former psychotic friend, Trevor sniffs out Michael’s trail to Los Santos, living under the false name, Michael DeSanta.

The story is pretty captivating and offers replayability in the form of objectives. It obviously draws inspiration from crime flicks the likes of Heat(1995), Goodfellas, and Scarface.

Regular Updates For GTA Online

Drug Wars (Promotional Image)

Grand Theft Online still offers one of the online experiences to date. The most recent update coming to the forefront of GTA Online is the all-new Los Santos Drug Wars Update.

You’ll set out to Blaine County and join up with Trevor’s partner, Nervous Ron. Paired with a band of new misfits, you’ll have to complete missions to make your mark on Los Santos’ bustling Psychedelics Trade. You’ll go up against bikers and hippies while cooking up batches of hallucinogens. 

There are loads of new missions including a new business to operate. Rockstar’s also going to throw in some goodies such as loads of new vehicles and upgrades.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as more content will be added along the way including new events, and some holiday hijinks. Rockstar also promised some story and gameplay updates as well.

Despite its age, GTA 5 has aged pretty well and Rockstar won’t be stopping content updates any time soon. That is until GTA VI finally comes out, but even then, we speculate Grand Theft Auto Online will still keep rocking on and GTA 5 will surely live out in our hearts, or our Game Libraries.