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How To Summon The Wall of Flesh in Terraria

How To Summon The Wall of Flesh in Terraria

To progress in Terraria, you HAVE to defeat the Wall of Flesh boss for the world to begin the next stage. Defeating this boss is essential if you are looking to complete Terraria. There are some weird requirements you need to fulfill when you try to summon The Wall of Flesh in Terraria, and we will try to teach you everything in this article.

To summon the Wall of Flesh you need to throw a Guide Voodoo Doll in the lava in The Underworld. The Guide NPC MUST be alive when you are throwing the doll otherwise the boss won’t spawn. You can also throw the Guide themself in the lava for the boss to spawn.


Read this article if you want to learn how to summon The Wall of Flesh in Terraria. There is more to it when summoning this boss, so let’s get into it.

Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh terraria

The Wall of Flesh is the strongest and the last boss you can fight in pre-Hardmode in Terraria. It is only found and summoned in The Underworld, and defeating it triggers a permanent change to the game. Killing it will usher in the Hardmode difficulty.

In this mode, the game will kick it up a notch with all sorts of fresh content and challenges. You’ll be dealing with brand-new biomes and some super scary monsters that are ready to pounce on you. It’s a huge milestone in the game and marks a significant accomplishment!

You need to be prepared for the drastic changes that are going to unleash after you defeat The Wall of Flesh in Terraria.

Once it is summoned, it will sweep through the entire arena, chasing you. You will have to constantly keep moving to the opposite side while fighting the boss.

However, the boss won’t be present in the Underworld from the moment you get there. You need to check some boxes before this fleshy monstrosity can show its ugly mug.

How to Summon Wall of Flesh

Summoning Wall of Flesh Terraria

To summon the Wall of Flesh, the following things have to happen:

  1. The Guide NPC must be alive. They can be either in the world or inside any of the houses you built.
  2. You must have a Guide Voodoo Doll on you. You can get this special item by defeating the Voodoo Demons in The Underworld.
  3. Throw the doll into the lava in The Underworld to spawn the Wall of Flesh.
    • The doll will be destroyed by the lava, and the Guide will be killed for the boss to spawn.

Here are some nuances attached to this summoning:

  • If the Guide is already dead or hasn’t respawned before you throw the doll in the lava, the boss will not spawn.
  • Throwing the doll into any lava pool other than the Underworld will not spawn the boss, even if the Guide is alive. The doll will be destroyed, and the Guide will be killed by this action, but no Wall of Flesh will come forth. You have to do it in The Underworld.
  • In the PC, Console, Mobile, and tModLoader versions, the Wall of Flesh can also be summoned by letting the Guide die from the lava in The Underworld.
  • In Mediumcore, if a player dies by the lava in The Underworld with the doll in their inventory and the Guide alive, it will summon the boss.

Guide NPC

Guide NPC - Terraria

Since the Guide plays an integral role in the summoning of Wall of Flesh, here are some things you should know about him.

The Guide is the first NPC you will come across when the game begins. He is there to provide tips and literally guide new players through their journey. He spawns as soon as the world is created, unlike other NPCs. This dude will move into the first house that you built.

He needs to be alive for the summoning of the boss but if he ends up dead before that then don’t worry he will respawn after a while. All you need to have is a properly built house for him to resurrect in. He will only respawn during the day so do not expect him to rise from the grave during nighttime,

The Wall of Flesh is a tough boss but one that needs to be defeated if you are going for the authentic Terraria experience. You just need to follow the steps mentioned above to summon The Wall of Flesh in Terraria. Finding the Guide Voodoo Doll is the only thing that will give you any trouble.