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How to Track Resources in New World (Ultimate Guide)

How to Track Resources in New World (Ultimate Guide)

While New World seems like another crafting, looting, and resource-gathering survival game, it certainly isn’t. There are loads of things you’ll need to create, refine, and levels to grind out before you’re capable of getting even middle-tier gear. 

Gather specific resources to level up your gathering discipline for that particular resource in New World. The more you level up, the easier it’ll be to track down particular resources. You’ll be given a prompt near the compass that X resource is found in that area.

New World offers an expansive map for players to traverse. But this makes scouring for resources all the more difficult. But no worries, New World features a method to track down whatever resources you need. So, let’s figure out how you can track down resources in New World.

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How To Unlock Resource Tracking

Resource Tracking New World
  1. Unlocking the Resource Tracking element in New World is fortunately not all that difficult. All you need to do to unlock Tracking is to garner enough proficiency in the “Gathering Discipline”. What this means is that players need to mine and loot resources like ores, cut down trees, hunt animals, or harvest loads of herbs. 
  1. Let’s look at a simple example to figure out how resource tracking exactly works. Suppose you’re looking to track down more and more Iron. You can do this by leveling up your Mining ability. For this, go ham by mining boulders. Once you’ve mined enough Iron, you’ll be able to track down Iron Mining sites.
  1. As you level up your mining ability, you’ll be able to locate more and more iron ore nodes. But this isn’t just applicable to iron, it also allows you to track down precious metals like Platinum, Silver, and Gold. It all comes down to grinding your mining ability and farming enough of a resource to unlock the tracking ability for that specific resource.
  1. Tracking is linked to the “gathering discipline”. This means you have to seek out and mine ores. Smelling and Crafting don’t help level up one’s gathering discipline and unlock further tracking abilities.

Levels to Unlock Resource Tracking

How to track Resources in New World (Ultimate Guide)

If you’re still dumbfounded about which level you can track down particular resources, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

ResourceLevel to Unlock Tracking
WirefiberLevel 200 in Harvesting
SilkweedLevel 125 in Harvesting
HempLevel 25 in Harvesting
Magical CreaturesLevel 175 in Harvesting
Magical PlantsLevel 45 in Harvesting
Large PreyLevel 75 in Skinning
Large PredatorLevel 175 in Skinning
Farm PlantsLevel 20 in Harvesting
Medium PreyLevel 50 in Skinning
Large  PreyLevel 75 in Skinning
Small PredatorLevel 125 in Skinning
Alchemy StonesLevel 75 in Mining
Star MetalLevel 125 in Mining
LodestoneLevel 155 in Mining
PlatinumLevel 135 in Mining
OrichalcumLevel 200 in Mining
GoldLevel 70 in Mining
Oil Level 45 in Mining
SilverLevel 35 in Mining
Iron Level 25 in Mining
IronwoodLevel 175 in Logging
WyrdwoodLevel 125 in Logging

How Does Resource Tracking Work in New World

  • The actual procedure of Resource Tracking is a bit of a hit or miss. While you’d assume you’re told when and how you’re supposed to track down a particular resource once you unlock the ability, it doesn’t work that way. You’re given a small prompt that appears near the Compass stating a particular resource can be now tracked.
  • Now that you’re able to track down material, the only way you can actually track it is by consulting the large compass found at the top of the screen. You’ll have to travel to a specific region or vicinity and then consult the Compass to see which items spawn there. You’ll need to be pretty close to a resource before the prompt even pops up.
  • While you’ll be able to track more and more items the more your Gathering proficiency goes up, the compass will start to get a bit muddled. You’ll start to get prompts for all disciplines and this can pretty much overwhelm everyone, especially navigating areas littered with resources.
  • Unfortunately, individual resources can’t be tracked. Players will be given a prompt for a node and a general cue that something from that particular discipline can be found there. Metals and ores like Platinum, Iron, Silver, and Gold will show up as a rock icon on the compass.
  • You can also find a nifty resource locator on the map, giving players a general idea of where particular resources are found. But it doesn’t give pinpoint locations. Instead, players are shown zones. Albeit inaccurate, this can help players track down resources combined with the resource tracking prompt.


And that’s pretty much all you need to figure out Resource Tracking in New World. While it’s a bit complicated compared to other MMOs and getting started is pretty difficult, it’s pretty much all worth it in the end.