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How to Increase Health in GTA Online

How to Increase Health in GTA Online

If you’ve decided to run your own crime syndicate in GTA Online and go on thrilling heists with your buddies, you might be wondering about ways to increase your health in case any severe injuries occur.

In GTA Online, you can increase your health in many different ways. Eating food items, visiting vending machines and hookers, or just waiting it out to refill are some of the many available options.

This guide will help you figure out some of the best and quickest ways to increase your health in GTA Online and what is the maximum number you can increase it to.

How Does the Health Stat Work in GTA Online?

In GTA Online, your health stat increases by 20 each time your rank up 20 times in the game. You can keep pumping this stat up until Rank 120, at which point everything maxes out and unlocks for you in-game.

Your health in GTA Online is directly proportional to your Defense (Strength) stat. The more fistfights you partake in, the higher your defense will be. If your defense stat is high, that means your health is also buffed quite significantly.

These are the basics involving the health stat. But what if you’ve already maxed out the stat and want to stay at full health at all times? For that, keep on reading and exploring ways to quickly replenish your health in-game.


The easiest way to fill up your health bar in GTA Online is to eat food. You can buy snacks from the vending machine for 1$ and fill up your health. Vending machines can be located outside any convenience store or firing range.

Other than that, you can also buy food items from convenience stores if there is one near your location. Just remember that smoking cigarette reduces your health.

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Visiting The Hospital

If you are gravely injured, waiting for an ambulance is also an option. You could hijack one and sit inside it to fill up your health in GTA Online. You can find ambulances parked near hospitals and major plazas. Sometimes you’ll find ambulances out on patrols as well.

Visiting Hookers

If you are feeling a little adventurous and naughty, you can go out and look for hookers. Avail their “services” and your health will refill by the time you are done. This is a very effective way to refill your health if you know what we mean…

Buying Armor

Another great way to ensure that you stay protected and that your health doesn’t go down easily is to buy armor. You can buy bullet-proof vests from all Ammu-nation stores in GTA Online. Here is an image that shows the exact amount of health you’ll have at different ranks in the game.

GTA Online Health

These are all the precautions you can take to make sure that you always have maximum health in GTA Online. Keep eating snacks, wear decent armor, and go from cover to cover as you fight baddies. You can potentially boost your total health to 378 by maxing out your rank and buying armor.