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Is Path of Exile Dead? Here’s What the Numbers Say

Is Path of Exile Dead? Here’s What the Numbers Say

The gaming industry is constantly evolving and changing. With Diablo 4 on the horizon and many other ARPGs on the market, it can be natural to wonder whether other games are still alive. This article will delve into the numbers to determine whether Path of Exile is dead or still thriving.

No, Path of Exile is not dead. It has never been as popular and alive as it is in 2023. According to the Steam Database, the game saw its highest player peak of 211,000 in April 2023. Since then, the game has had a consistent active player count of 60,000 daily.


Read on to learn more about what the numbers have to say about the state of Path of Exile in 2023 and whether it is dead or not.

State of the ARPG Genre and Path of Exile

Crucible Expansion - Path of Exile

Recently, the Action Role-Playing Game genre has seen numerous new releases. Games like Last Epoch, Torchlight III, and Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem have all captivated gaming audiences. Each game may be seen as a competition to Path of Exile.

It’s due to the popularity and variety of these games that you might wonder if Path of Exile’s player count has been affected. After all, these games offer unique gameplay features, impressive graphics, and exciting storylines. So, have these games killed Path of Exile?

No, Path of Exile is certainly not dead. Especially because the game has a dedicated player base and continues to receive regular updates and expansions. Despite games like Diablo 4 on the horizon, Path of Exile is a strong contender in the ARPG market.


We can measure Path of Exile’s success with the fact that its latest expansion, Path of Exile Crucible, has been one of the most popular in the game’s history. To further highlight this let’s look at the numbers for the game on Steam and compare it with other popular games.

Player Count and Popularity

Exciting PoE Gameplay - Path of Exile

Let’s look at the numbers more closely. In particular, we’ll be using the active player count information from Steam’s database. It’s one of the primary sources of information regarding player base numbers, and PC is the most popular platform to play Path of Exile after all.

The game’s player count and popularity are very much alive and well. Although it may not be the most popular ARPG, it still has a very dedicated fanbase. Since the last expansion, Crucible launched, Path of Exile reached a player peak of 211,000. This was just 20 days ago and is the highest active player count the game has ever had.

Surprisingly, even after the new expansion hype died down, the game averages 62,000 daily active players. And I can attest to that since I recently started the game again, and the towns and areas are as bustling as ever.


A metric for popularity we looked at was Twitch viewership. After all, the more people that watch the game, the more likely the game is still relevant in today’s time. Path of Exile has a peak viewership of 288,000 on Twitch and an average viewership of 12,000. So the game is still incredibly popular.

The numbers above prove that Path of Exile still has a strong following and is by no means dead in the ARPG genre. Several newer games have gained much attention and popularity, but Path of Exile continues to attract and retain players through regular updates, expansions, and events.