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How to Use the Blood Altar in Path of Exile

How to Use the Blood Altar in Path of Exile

If you’re new to Path of Exile then you probably do not know how to use the Blood Altar. It is a powerful crafting tool that allows you to imbue items with various modifiers.

To use the Blood Altar, you need to first acquire a rare item to use as a sacrifice and then place it on the altar. You can then select a desired outcome, and pay the required amount of life force. You receive your desired out when the ritual is completed.


Keep reading this article to learn about how to use the Blood Altar in Path of Exile and everything associated with this mechanic.

Using the Blood Altar in Path of Exile

Using the Blood Altar - Path of Exile

The Blood Altar in Path of Exile is a special crafting station. It can be used to craft various items and provide numerous modifications to existing ones. This can be incredibly useful because it improves the items you might already be using, and finds a utility for items that you don’t need anymore.

If you’re confused about how to use the Blood Altar, then here are the steps you need to follow:

Locate the Blood Altar

The Blood Altar can be found in various locations throughout Path of Exile. But you can most commonly find the altar in Incursion rooms or the Temple of Atzoatl. They can also appear in other areas, but these are the ones where you can most reliably find them.

Gather the Required Sacrifices

If you wish to use the Blood Altar then you will need to offer up sacrifices. A few different types of items can be eligible sacrifices, such as rare items, gems, and items with specific affixes. The Blood Altar will tell you if a type of item is a valid sacrifice for a certain recipe.

Offer the Sacrifices

Now that you have sacrifices to offer, simply place them in the Blood Altar. Right-Click the items and drag them to the altar. The altar will consume the items and the crafting process will begin.

Select the Desired Recipe

Once your sacrifices have been consumed the Blood Altar will display a list of available recipes. Simply select the recipe that you desire to use and from which you want the final item.

Complete the Crafting Process

After selecting a recipe, the Blood Altar will begin the crafting process. This can take a small amount of time, but you can essentially speed up the process by offering items of rarer quality or a greater quantity of items for the process.


Collect the Result

Now that the process is complete there is only one thing left to do, collect the result. You can collect the resulting items from the Blood Altar by simply clicking on it. The item will have the modifiers that you specified for it within the recipe. Any additional effect that you wished to add will also be found.

This is how you can use the Blood Altar in Path of Exile. Although the Blood Altar can be a great way to obtain powerful items with specific modifiers. It can also be expensive, as the required sacrifices can be difficult to obtain.

Take care to use it sparingly and only when you know it won’t be a net loss to your character.