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10 Best Foods in Terraria

10 Best Foods in Terraria

Terraria is one of the most popular and entertaining indie action-adventure sandbox video games released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux in 2011. 

The game is a 2D top-down sandbox game that gives the player large amounts of freedom in exploring and building their world. A player can choose from four different character classes, which involve mining, exploration, gathering resources, and crafting items to shape their world. 


Food is an important resource in the game, and players are always searching for the best foods in Terraria. This blog post provides you with the top ten best foods in the Terraria game list that you should try out. 

Best Foods in Terraria

Terraria Foods
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You have plenty of options to feed yourself in the Terraria world. That said, you can expect everything from marshmallows to roasted birds on the menu whenever you are exploring.

Here are the 10 best foods in Terraria for you to be well-fed and fully satisfied buffs for your player.

Tip: Buffs in Terraria are positive effects of a material or element on the player that may grant him a special power or enhance his capabilities.

Cooked Marshmallow

Cooked Marshmallow gives you a well-fed buff in Terraria and can last for about 10 minutes on a campfire in the game, making it one of the best foods in Terraria. The cooked marshmallow can be made easily by holding a Marshmallow on a Stick on top of a fire for 15 real-time seconds.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to stack the marshmallow sticks; because of this, it may not be a good idea to mass-produce cooked marshmallows. Even so, you can still store them in your inventory by putting the Marshmallow on a Stick on the ground and standing above them.

Now, hold the marshmallow on the fire, and once it is cooked, you will see it gets stored in your inventory. A new stick is picked up from the ground. (this will go on until 29 Cooked Marshmallows are in your inventory) 

Cooked Fish

Cooked Fish is a great item to initiate the well-fed buff and can be easily obtained similarly to the cooked marshmallow. To make sure you make the recipe correctly, you will have to cook the fish on a campfire. The cooked fish buff can last from either 8 to 20 minutes.


You can prepare cooked fish from either Trout, Bass, or Atlantic Cod. Unsurprisingly, fishing foods are one of the most used food sources in Terraria.

Cooked Shrimp

Cooked Shrimp is a dish obtained from holding a Shrimp on top of a campfire and can be stored in your inventory. It initiated a well-fed buff that lasts for 3-20 minutes, depending on the platform on which you are playing the game.

The cooked shrimp will also induce medium improvements to all players’ stats with the Plenty Satisfied buff.


Escargot is made with a Cooking Pot and a Snail. It grants the user the Plenty Satisfied buff for 10 minutes. Now, this is a potion type of food, and its effects can be canceled by the user before 10 minutes are over by double tapping the buff icon or from the inventory menu.

Froggle Bunwich

Ever heard of the nutritional value you can get in frogs? Well, it seems that Terraria gives a lot of regard to frogs as a food item with the special Froggle Bunwich recipe. The Froggle Bunwich will induce medium improvements to all stats and a Plenty Satisfied buff for a period of 8 minutes.

You can cancel the buff from the equipment menu or by double-clicking on the buff icon.

Fruit Salad

Just like in real life, Fruit Salad is one of the best foods in Terraria as well. You can prepare a fruit salad with any fruit and a bowl. 

The meal will give you a well-fed buff that lasts for 25 minutes and only makes minor improvements to a player’s stats. Yet, the food is incredibly easy to obtain and can be hoarded and mass-produced in the inventory.

Golden Delight

Golden Delight is the absolute buffet food of the Terraria game as it grants you an Exquisitely Stuffed buff and induces major improvements to all the stats. You can prepare the potion with all the golden animals and insects in the game. 


The potion can be prepared in a cooking pot and grants you the longest-lasting buff of Exquisitely Stuffed lasting around 48 minutes. However, you can cancel the buff by double-clicking the icon or through the equipment menu.

Grilled Squirrel

A grilled squirrel is another one of the best foods in Terraria. You can prepare a grilled squirrel with a red squirrel or an ordinary squirrel on a grill and get a well-fed buff that lasts for 10 minutes without any significant changes in the player’s stats.

The effects can be canceled from the equipment menu whenever you decide it is no longer needed.

Lobster Tail

The lobster tail grants you a Plenty-Satisfied buff for 10 minutes and has a medium effect on your character’s stats. You can easily obtain a Lobster Tail from a Rock Lobster.

Roasted Bird

Roasted Bird is a lovable food and quite easy to obtain in Terraria. All you need is a Bird, Penguin, or Seagull. The food will induce a well-fed buff that will hold you for 10 minutes in the game.

Terraria Foods
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Terraria has been out for a long time and is still a fun game to play. The best foods in Terraria are hard to find and especially difficult to farm for many users. However, mentioning the easiest and most useful meals on the abovementioned list might help you get the best out of the game.


Ultimately, you can always use these foods to fade your hunger and empower your character in the game.