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Can You Respec in Path of Exile?

Can You Respec in Path of Exile?

With how deep Path of Exile’s character customization system can be. It would be hard for you not to feel some regret with your choices. Eventually, you would want to change your mind and try something else. Let’s discuss whether you can Respec in Path of Exile.

Yes, you can respec your passive skill points in Path of Exile. Players must use items called Orbs of Regret to respec. Which you can obtain as drops or purchase from other players. You cannot respec your Ascendancy class points or change your character’s starting class.


Read on to learn more about how to Respec your character’s skills and attributes in Path of Exile.

How to Reset Your Character’s Skills and Attributes

Skill Tree Respec - Path of Exile

Yes, it is possible to Respec your character’s skills and abilities in Path of Exile. With this mechanic, you will be allowed to reset your passive skill tree points. And refund the skill points back to you. This will allow you to redistribute the points to your preference, and can try out different builds this way.

You do, however, need a special item to conduct the respec. You need the items called Orbs of Regret. This can be either obtained by purchasing from other players or as drops. You can use the Orb of Regret to refund one passive skill tree point. This means you will need as many skill points as you have invested to respec completely.

If you complete the quest, “The Book of Reform” in Act 3, then you will receive a one-time respec point. It is worth noting that the respec process can be expensive and time-consuming. This is simply because you need to obtain multiple Orbs of Regret to fully respec your character.


Why You Can’t Respec Your Ascendancy Class

Ascendancy Classes - Path of Exile

One thing to remember when trying to Respec your character is that the Ascendancy class cannot be changed. Once you’ve selected it, you will not have the option to switch it for another later. This is because it defines the fundamental aspects of your character and determines which skill tree you have access to.

Since your starting class determines your character’s initial attribute and skill point allocation. And your Ascendancy class provides you with a set of skills and passives that further specialize your character. It’s unlikely that you can change it at a later point in time, because of its sheer impact.

Respec is certainly possible in Path of Exile. But the required Orbs of Regret can be incredibly difficult to obtain. This is why you should seriously consider whether respeccing is your best option. If you have decided though, good luck searching for those Orbs of Regret.