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Is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds worth playing in 2019?

Is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds worth playing in 2019?

When it comes to battle royales, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has been my favorite since it was in early access. I started playing it when it first came into early access, and I have spent countless hours playing match after match. Sometimes I would find myself just clicking the join match button more times than I can count during one play session.

Battle royales may be an oversaturated genre, but PUBG is one that tops most of them. There are many things that could influence a person to play PUBG over any other battle royale.

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The bad about PUBG

It seems like everywhere you go there are people hating on this game. The biggest complaints about it are the hackers and glitches, but I’ve barely seen any in my playtime.

To be honest, you will run into that kind of thing in any other game. Since PUBG has had them from the beginning, people have been giving it some guff, but in reality, it can be a very entertaining game.

Here are the things that make PUBG a great game:

  • The adrenaline rush
  • Balanced weapons
  • Constant updates
  • Four detailed maps
  • Ability to play with friends
  • Firefights
  • Huge variety of vehicles
  • Tactical advantages
  • The great sound

The adrenaline rush

One thing I see that stands out is just the adrenaline rush PUBG gives to you during your match. Whether you are hiding in a house and you hear someone outside, or there are only you and another person left. Every time that you run into that type of situation, it just makes you want to play more.

There was a moment when my brother and I were playing, and we just stood at the top of these stairs in a house. We heard the door open beneath us, and we stood silently as the person looted a level 2 helmet from the ground. As he walked up to the stairs, we both emptied our magazines into the guy, dropping him to the floor.

It is those moments that we gamers remember the exact details of where we were scared or in anticipation of something happening. Other games gave me an adrenaline rush, but not as much as PUBG. I would highly recommend the buy if you like that type of game.

Balanced weapons

The weapons in PUBG are extremely fun to use. Part of the reason is that they are very accurate. It is very gratifying when you eliminate someone. There are few other games that can make your adrenaline spike when you hear gunfire nearby.

Some guns are made for short-range like shotguns and pistols; some are made for mid-range like ARs and SMGs; some are made for longer ranges like snipers and DMRs.

There is nothing more satisfying walking into a house and seeing your favorite gun just laying there on the floor waiting for you to take it. The guns were also made to be very realistic in the way they work, which makes the game even more immersive.

All the weapons work in tandem with each other and none of them really seem to be a bad gun. They also recently added a practice range where you can use any gun or vehicle that you want and see how they work.

Constant updates

PUBG Corporation, the developers of the game, is working very hard to make and release new content for the game. You can tell they obviously love the game and want it to stay alive. I see that they are doing a good job because it is currently in the top five most played games on the Steam charts.

They constantly add new vehicles like the APC and Tukshai, and new guns like the PP-19 Bizon and Desert eagle. It seems like every update that the developers bring to the table makes the game better and better. The longer they work on something the better it will be in the end, so a bit of patience is needed until the next updates are released.

Four detailed maps

There are a total of four maps in the game currently, and all of them are well made and thoroughly thought through. Some were not as accepted as others, but all are very good maps.

Enrangel was the first map added to PUBG and is probably the most famous map of them all. It is a map full of luscious grass and trees and has hundreds of places to drop on. Two main places people drop each match are Pochinki and School, which are hotspots only skilled players go to.

Mirimar was the second map added to PUBG and was the least favorite of all the maps because of the setting. It is in an arid desert with old dusty towns and abandoned homes. One main place that seems like everyone is dropping is the huge town of Los Leones.

Sanhok was the third map added to PUBG and was very different from the other two. It is a small map with houses being close together. It is a map on a jungle island with many different bases and temples scattered around. One main place that people drop would be Bootcamp in the middle of the island.

Vikendi was the fourth and currently the most recent map added to PUBG. It is a map filled with castles and rocket bases, and it is covered in snow. There are many people who enjoy jumping into Dino Park or Castle, which is a large castle filled with armor and weapons.

Ability to play with friends

Games that allow for you and your friends to squad up and go defeat other squads in a huge deathmatch are just amazing. I sometimes play solo, but there is just something that playing with friends gives you that nothing else can.

You could play duos in which you and a buddy could go against other duos. You could also play a 3-man squad or full squad in which you will go against other squads to fight and be the number one. If the game only had the option to play solo, that would be cool, but they added duos and squads which makes the game 100 times better.


The firefights are one of the main reasons that give that adrenaline rush to you. What makes these firefights so fun is the less ammo or the worse gun you have allows you to make use of what little amount of items you have. Sometimes the battle goes in your favor, but there will be those times that it will go the other way.

Even after you win a firefight, you should not let your guard down because there might still be someone waiting for you to finish someone else off to get an easy kill. You always have to watch out for those third party people taking advantage of you after the previous battle.

Each fight depends on what you found previously and your ability to use what you’ve got. Don’t get frustrated if you get a weapon you have never used, you need the practice to get better with that specific weapon.

Huge variety of vehicles

The vehicles in PUBG have come a long way since the beginning. When there was only Enrangel as the map, there were a total of 4 vehicles in the game, and those were the Dacia, boat, motorcycle, and UAZ. Now there are a total of 13 vehicles that are currently in-game.

Each has their own purpose while playing the match. The UAZ can easily drive up steep terrain while the Dacia is faster on the roads. The boat can drive through the water while the motorcycle can get you places faster than most other vehicles.

The great sound

Sound in PUBG is probably the best sound in any battle royale. You always know where a person is coming from, and every little noise is very accurate. The gun sounds are very realistic and the noises in the game world make it more immersive.

Every once in awhile the sound will glitch for a second, but not enough to mess with your gameplay and focus. I would highly recommend anyone to play this game just for the sound quality and noises.


PUBG isn’t for everyone, but I and my friends have spent hundreds of hours playing and will probably spend many more. I highly recommend playing it if you enjoy tactical and skillful battle royales, and are interested in a fun shooter. Here is a link to the game on Amazon, for Xbox One, and PS4.

If you play with your friends, then you will enjoy the game much better. I recommend that you get your friends to play with you because it does get a little dull if you only play solo. Give PUBG a try. It is just getting better and better as they add more content.