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Is The DLC Worth It in Deep Rock Galactic?

Is The DLC Worth It in Deep Rock Galactic?

Deep Rock Galactic is a fantastic dungeon diving, cooperative mining experience that you can enjoy with friends. As you delve into its mechanics, however, you’ll notice that the game has DLC you can purchase. If you’re wondering if Deep Rock Galactic is worth it then this article will answer just that!

Deep Rock Galactic is worth it if you are buying the base game on a good sale. While the Starter Pack is worth purchasing due to early credits, minerals, and discounted cosmetic packs. The other 8 DLCs for Deep Rock Galactic are not worth purchasing. This is because these DLC packs contain no additional content and contain cosmetic items.


If you’re looking to learn more about what each Deep Rock Galactic DLC contains then check out the rest of this article! We’ll go over everything available in all the DLC packs and whether they’re worth your money.

Should You Buy DLC in Deep Rock Galactic?

Deep Rock Galactic - DLC packs

First and foremost, it’s important to note that the DLC in Deep Rock Galactic is primarily cosmetic. The game already provides a plethora of free in-game cosmetics, so unless a particular cosmetic item catches your eye, it might be best to pass on the DLC.

However, if you simply want to show your support for the developers and their dedication to updating and improving the game, purchasing the DLC can be a great way to contribute.

If you choose to purchase the DLC, you can help support the developers in their ongoing efforts to further enhance and refine the Deep Rock Galactic.

With that said, let’s look over the DLC packs currently available in Deep Rock Galactic and assess whether they’re worth purchasing.

1) Starter Pack

Deep Rock Galactic - Starter Pack

The Starter Pack is widely considered the most useful one you can purchase in Deep Rock Galactic. The best thing about the Starter Pack is the sheer amount of resources made available to you. This is important in the early stages of the game. The Starter Pack costs $7.99 to purchase.

There are three distinct benefits to getting the starter Pack. First, you get 20,000 credits. These are especially useful if you want to make additional purchases and want to obtain limited cosmetic items. The second benefit is that you’ll get 100 units of all resources in the game.


Finally, you’ll get 25 performance points that can be spent in the game’s seasonal performance terminal for limited edition cosmetic items and materials.

Overall, for the sheer benefits available the Starter Pack isn’t half bad for a new player. However, you’ll find little use for it if you’re a late-game player or don’t care about credits and materials in-game.

2. Dawn of the Dead Pack

Deep Rock Galactic - Dawn of the Dead pack

The next DLC we’ll discuss is the Dawn of the Dead Pack. You can purchase this pack for $4.49 on Steam. While the Starter Pack has a variety of items available, the Dawn of the Dead Pack is largely a pack for cosmetics in Deep Rock Galactic.

This pack includes four sets of unique armor, one per class, made from the remains of enemies. You also receive new helmets, paint jobs for armor, weapon cosmetics, Bosco, and pickaxe cosmetics. All of which have no impact on your gameplay, other than looking very cool.

This pack is only worth it for those seeking distinctive visuals and wanting an intimidating presence. If you’re someone that wants to make a state then you can purchase the Dawn of the Dead pack. But if you’re someone looking for more content, you won’t find that here.

3. Roughneck Pack

Deep Rock Galactic - Roughneck Pack

The next pack that we’ll discuss is the Roughneck Pack. You can purchase this pack for $4.49 on Steam. This is another pack that provides just cosmetic items. It provides four new sets of unique armor, one per class. These armors have a rugged look for those wanting to look a certain way.


The pack offers a variety of helmet designs, roughneck armor paint jobs, weapon paint jobs, and paint jobs for Bosco and Pickaxes. If you’re tired of being fancy and want something rugged then this set is for you. Otherwise, we recommend staying away from a pack such as the Roughneck.

4. MegaCorp Pack

Deep Rock Galactic - MegaCorp Pack

The MegaCorp Pack can be purchased from Steam for $4.49. This particular pack is all about showcasing the cyberpunk style of the MegaCorp Framework. All weapons have been transformed with flashy cyberpunk styles. This utilizes the MegaCorp Framework.

This pack includes class-specific armor paint jobs and a matching paint job for personal pickaxes. This pack is ideal for those of you that enjoy futuristic cosmetic designs and love that corporate aesthetic. However, unless you’re into those designs this pack is nothing more than a cosmetic pack.

5. Dark Future Pack

Deep Rock Galactic - Dark Future Pack

The Dark Future pack can be purchased for $4.49 on Steam. It is one of the few packs that include four unique armors, one per class. These armors have a hard-edged and tactical design. There are several other features that this pack has.


It provides dark future armor paint jobs, two helmet variants, a matching paint job for Bosco, and a bonus weapon paint job.

While this is recommended for people that want a stylish and tactical appearance. However, it simply does not have enough content to justify these specific cosmetics’ price point.

6. Rival Tech Pack

Rival Tech Pack

This pack is purchasable for $4.49 on the Steam online shop. This is another cosmetic pack that was added to Deep Rock Galactic. This introduces the Rival Tech Framework. This framework will reskin all your weapons and will let them be designed after the new enemies are included in Deep Rock Galactic.

The Rival Tech Pack contains rival tech paint jobs for weapon frameworks, armor, and personal pickaxes. If you enjoy thematic consistency, then you’ll enjoy this pack. Otherwise, it’s another cosmetic pack for those of you who are interested.

7. Robot Rebellion Pack

Robot Rebellion Pack

For $4.49, you can purchase the Robot Rebellion pack on Steam for Deep Rock Galactic. This set offers four sets of unique armor, one per class, and is inspired by the ongoing robot rebellion in the game.


This pack provides many unique helmets, robot rebellion paint hobs for armor, weapons, Bosco, and pickaxes. This pack isn’t one I’d ever recommend. But if you love being a robotic menace then maybe you’ll get a chuckle out of this DLC in Deep Rock Galactic.

8. Biohazard Pack

Biohazard Pack

The $4.49 purchaseable, Biohazard Pack can be purchased for Steam. This pack contains four sets of unique armor and is designed to withstand the deadly Rockpox. It includes unique helmets, biohazard paint jobs for armor, weapons, Boco, and pickaxes.

This is ideal for those of you that love looking prepared and enjoy roleplaying as if you’re protected in hazardous environments.

This is worth considering if you enjoy roleplaying. But otherwise, you don’t need this pack for anything more than looking a particular way.

Deep Rock Galactic is a highly recommended game that promises hours of fun and excitement. Only consider purchasing the DLC if there’s a specific cosmetic item you adore or if you wish to support the dedicated development team.

Regardless of your decision, rest assured that Deep Rock Galactic provides a fantastic gaming experience that will keep you entertained for hours and is worth it.