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Ultimate Guide To The Satellite Dish Array in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Satellite Dish Array in Rust

The Satellite Dish Array in Rust offers players some easily accessible loot options. If you want to know exactly how to navigate this Monument what loot and secrets it holds and what kind of enemies await you, then this guide is going to be perfect for you.

The Satellite Dish Array is a classic Monument to explore for beginners in Rust’s procedurally generated world. This Monument consists of two Satellite Dishes with mild radioactivity around them. There is virtually no resistance, and you can find some nice loot once you solve its easy puzzle.


Let’s learn everything about The Satellite Dish Array Monument in Rust to see what kind of dangers and loot it holds.

How Difficult is The Satellite Dish Array?

Satellite Dish Array Monument

The Satellite Dish Array is another Monument you can find on the procedurally generated maps in Experimental Rust.

The Satellite Dish Array can be considered as an easy Monument that is relatively big.
It can be found on hilly areas and features about two satellite dishes – with only one completely constructed.

It is an easy Monument to explore with mild radioactivity and the only possibility of any combat being PVP fights in case other players end up on the same map.

What Do You Need to Enter The Satellite Dish Array?

This Monument contains relatively low levels of radiation. Therefore, walking in with basic-tier clothing will be just fine. Along with basic clothing, you may also require a Green Keycard and about 2 Fuses to solve its small Puzzle.

How to Enter The Satellite Dish Array?

Each of the two Dishes in this Monument carry some dynamic potential. The Broken Satellite that is near the Recycler can be used to ascend on top of it.

This could be a potentially good camping place. The completely constructed Satellite Dish can be climbed atop for a decent hiding spot to flank and get free kills from.

Other than that, the main zones in this Monument would have to be the Road that leads to the Satellites and the Green Keycard Room that can be accessed when you attempt its Puzzle.

To attempt its Puzzle, you have to first enter the Fuse Room and insert the Fuse into its rightful spot. Then, go straight to the Green Keycard Room with a door that allows you to swipe your Green Keycard through. There you have it! You have effectively solved its mini Puzzle.

What Enemies do You Encounter at The Satellite Dish Array?

The Satellite Dish Array is a pretty easy Monument with minimal radiation levels and little to no NPC Scientists roaming the vicinity.

Still, there are certain crucial aspects to keep in mind. Firstly, remember that this Monument is quite open and easily approachable. This could mean that you would be an easy target within sightline for anyone on top of the platforms.

They would also have an undeniable height advantage over you.
Similarly, it could also mean that you can be attacked from virtually any possible angle. You will need to be always on your guard to avoid getting flanked.

Is it Worth Exploring The Satellite Dish Array?

The Satellite Dish Array offers some extremely easy loot that you can acquire fast. It has potentially zero NPC Scientists that you must face and take down, unlike many other, much more difficult, Monuments.

Satellite Dish Array Loot

This Monument is a neat place to restock your resources from, and you do not even have to wear a Hazmat Suit for it. The only possibility of conflict includes some degree of PVP action. Given these reasons, The Satellite Dish Array makes for a decent Monument to loot, and coming across it is totally worth it.

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Satellite Dish Array Monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.