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10 Best Base Locations on Fjordur in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on Fjordur in Ark: Survival Evolved

Fjordur, along with its abundant resources, offers base locations that are one of a kind when it comes to architecture and the capabilities of building upon them. Let’s look at some of the best base locations on Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur DLC that are both resource-rich and safe.

Whether you are a PVE player, Solo, or into PVP, the Fjordur region has some of the best base locations to set up and grind for the end game.


We have listed some of the best base locations on the Ark Survival Evolved Fjordur map that offers valuable resources, and elevated lands that are secure enough to set up and breed your tamable creatures without worrying about getting attacked.

1. Dwarf Lava Kingdom (10.8-62.6)

Dwarf Lava Kingdom

Our first location is excellent for PVE and PVP bases. This Cavern has an impressive-looking entrance with fire decoration on its side, and from the outside, you can get many essential resources like metal and organic polymer.

Upon entering, you realize that this is a massive place with pre-built structures and looks more like a city. It is built over the lava surface, and you can see magma flowing out from different places. Inside the Cavern, some passages are connected with each other.

And make a path for you to travel in this location. Move to the right, and you will enter into another area of this Cavern, and there you will find the boxes that get respawn and provide you plenty of valuable resources.

You also get a choke point here which you can block to make the raid almost impossible. Next to the choke point, there is another spacious area with a pool at its bottom, and there are also silica pearls in there. So, it’s one of the most highly recommended places in the game.

2. Helms Deep Castle (30.6-63.2)

Helms Deep Castle

The following best base location for PVE and PVP bases is Deep Castle. This one is already built, and the structures around this castle can be significantly used for defense purposes. It also has waterfalls on one of its sides. As you go straight, you come across a good space area with one choke point.

And by going further, you get into the other chamber and can get there by crossing a narrow passage. This chamber is pretty cool as well and has so much space. There is also a water resource with silica pearls, and the crystals can also be seen around various spots.


The roof of this castle is rich in resources like metal, obsidian, and oil. At the coordinates 31.0-56.9, there is a village from where you can obtain crops as well.

3. Yellow Crystal Caverns (29.2-39.4)

Yellow Crystal Caverns

This location is nearby the castle, and it is a cave inside the mountain in the autumn area. This is one of the most extensive caves that you may come across in Ark, and let us tell you what sets this place apart from the rest of the locations.

It is too big, and you can easily have your alpha tribe here. It has a single entrance and a choke point which gives you an opportunity to make it a highly secure base location. This cave expands at the back and has a whole forest inside that becomes a source of many resources.

The water is also available inside; there are crystals and metal. Another amazing point is that the presence of yellow Crystals always keeps the cave illuminated. Outside this location, at coordinates 28.8-36.0, there are rich metal deposits, and on the top of your location, you can find other resources.

It is an outstanding base location with everything perfect, so you must check it out.

4. Caverns of Time (86.4-98.2)

Caverns of Time

You must stand under the Red Obelisk to reach this base location. And there will also be two lava points so you can easily identify them. Then you have to move to the south, and on the given coordinates, you can find the exact location.

There will be flat surface platforms, so now face the one which is located on the coordinates and then move down into the water from that one. Then make your way through the green-colored stones that will be glowing, and then by going further.

You will end up in a cavern or tunnel with no gravity, with abundant metal nodes. This place is so fabulous to have your base down there in the water. This tunnel is quite long, and by reaching its end, you will enter a vast cavern with plenty of resources and space.

You can have sap in here, along with metal, gems, and other resources. A great PvP base can be built in a tunnel area and can be a protective one against raiding.

5. Mines of Moria (82.2-21.1)

Mines of Moria

These mines are also rich in metals resources and have the best base location so far. It is located to the south of a big lake in the area, which is on the southern side of the map. This area is greatly built, and it keeps on expanding as you move further.

It has lava on the entrance side, and the inner side is kind of smokey. You can find a lot of even surfaces here to build a base, and there are other structures on which you can work to build them. There are also water resources in one place, which can be accessed through the big hole made of rocks.


And in another chamber, you get an ample amount of metal nodes. On the back side, there are crystals and plants through which you can obtain organic polymer by harvesting them. Be cautious while being there, as there can be threatening creatures.

You can also get to the cave that has artifacts through the secret chamber, so make sure to explore this place completely to get maximum benefit.

6. Waterfall Castle (55.9-74.2)

Waterfall Castle

This location is named Waterfall Castle because it is built on the waterfall and has ethereal surroundings. This castle is built amazingly and has perfectly built walls. Inside the castle, there are many essential resources, such as you get a well here that can be a great source of water.

It has two gates that you can block and has a single way to enter. There are also spawns in the castle, so keep that in mind as well. In general, the whole building is secure and can be a nice pick for a base building. From the surroundings, you can find the resources to meet your needs.

Nearby the castle at 48.5-74.5, there is a lack of beavers and also has cementing paste, silica pearls, and more. There is a Plateau where griffin gets spawned, so in a nutshell, this place has tons of resources.

7. Snow Castle (22.8-17.9)

Snow Castle

This snow castle is located to the north of the autumn area in the snow mountains. As you head to it, you will see the waterfalls, and on the upper side, there will be a cave, so you can use it if you want. Now our main location, the castle, is right in the mountains.

It is all built already and has a bridge that leads to the dungeon. Various creatures get spawn there, and the fjord hawks in the valley at the bottom. Around this mountain, you can look for metal and more essential resources. So this one is also the best base location.

8. Gold Mountain (34.5-94.6)

Gold Mountain

The next best base location is Gold Mountain. Well, the amazing part is you can rule over the whole mountain. On the top side, there is a flat surface and a large area that you can cover up, and it has metal and crystal resources.


There is a bridge that connects the island, and it is a huge open area where you can conveniently set up everything. At the coordinates 44.6-92.2, there is a place for spawning of Gigas, so if you are more into it then you can visit this location.

9. Underwater Crystal Cave (57.5-94.6)

Underwater Crystal Cave

This cave location is right under the lake water near the Red Obelisk. By going under you have to look for the pirate ship then move to the right of it and you will be able to see an entrance and this will lead you into an enchanting cave with cool stuff inside.

There is a water resource, and the jellyfish also spawn here. It has crystals and other wonderful stuff. This is a great place to build a base, so if you find it fascinating, then do give it a try. The location for entrance is 52.5-96.5.

10. Swamp Castle (41.0-04.5)

Swamp Castle

The last location is this castle in the swamp. It may not be a pleasing location to build your base. But it is demanding due to the high range of resources this place has. The most highlighted resources of this location are the deceased dinosaurs which can offer you great resources.

Including organic polymer. There are trees on the top from where you can obtain the mushrooms, the ones rare in nature, and other handy stuff. You can enter the castle through one entrance only, and at the bottom of it, there are caves with sufficient space. So despite being quite a dull place, it is still the best.

Are These Areas Dangerous? 

Fjordur is considered among the safest spots when it comes to grinding, breeding your water dinos, or keeping your tamable creatures for in-game progression. Yes, you can get into PVP activities, but overall this region offers excellent areas with valuable resources that you don’t want to miss.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, Building towards the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you in saving time and will cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind. 


So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.

This should cover the best base building locations we had filtered for all you Ark: Survival Evolved nerds about to try the Fjordur DLC.