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Satisfactory Best Beginner’s Tips

Satisfactory Best Beginner’s Tips

Satisfactory is one of those games where if you don’t do everything right in the beginning, then you will have a very hard time trying to make everything good again. I wish I looked at tips for when I started playing because I messed up pretty bad and had to move everything to a different location. I guess there might of been a way to fix it, but I didn’t choose the right area. I am here to give you the tips you need to start successfully in Satisfactory.

Here are my top 10 tips for beginner’s in Satisfactory:

  • Tip #1 – Find a good area before building your HUB
  • Tip #2 – Always check for Pure Ores
  • Tip #3 – Focus on your Milestones
  • Tip #4 – Use your To-do list a lot
  • Tip #5 – Build portable miners as fast as possible
  • Tip #6 – Hold control to snap a building or object to a grid
  • Tip #7 – Grab as many Slugs as you can
  • Tip #8 – Learn to fight the creatures on the planet
  • Tip #9 – Learn how to distribute power through Power Poles
  • Tip #10 – Take time to make everything perfect for an easier time later on

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Tip #1 – Find a good area before building your HUB

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Finding a base location is probably the #1 thing you need to figure out. You need to find an area that is open, has a ton of ore deposits very close to the location, has a big water source nearby, and that is not too hard to survive in. Having all 4 of those things can be pretty rare, but once you find that sweet spot, you will be set for your entire playthrough.

When I first started, I just placed everything down the moment I started the game. That is a bad idea because I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I would definitely say finish the tutorial, and then pack the items you put down up and find a better spot. Obviously a spot with as many of the 4 items I said before. Do keep in mind that you need to be extremely lucky to find all 4 in one area so be wise in searching for a base location.

Tip #2 – Always check for Pure Ores

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When you are looking for different ores, the main ores you want in your general vicinity are Iron Ore, Copper Ore, and Limestone. These are the 3 basic ores you will need to make the first upgrades for your HUB and also to make everything you need to start up your factories. You can worry about all the other ores later on when you can set up transports with trucks and trains to carry ores to different locations.

The main thing you want to know about ores is their purity. The higher the purity, the more ore you will get from the deposit. So you want to look for pure ore because that is the best type you can find. At first, you are only going to be using a chisel to mine ore, so it is better for you to get the most from what you have.

Tip #3 – Focus on your Milestones

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When you set up your HUB, it is only a basic foundation with a workbench. As you progress through the milestones, your HUB will get bigger and you will unlock new and improved items to craft for your factories. The milestones are a very important part of the game, and it is how you progress farther into the game. As you unlock new items, you will need to combine materials in the HUB to get better upgrades.

You can actually set your milestones on your screen so you can see how much of certain materials you need to get the next tier of upgrades completed. Once you start playing, you will slowly get introduced to HUB building, but you can understand it pretty quickly.

Tip #4 – Use your To-Do List a lot

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The To-Do List is an interface that allows the registration of buildings and components that the engineer planned to create so that the required materials can be calculated and be viewed. If several items are added, the player can view the summary of the total components required to make all of it. Each time an item on the list is made or built, one will be subtracted from the list. If all are done crafting or built, the To-Do List will be closed.

I would say this is a very important part of crafting because it shows you everything you need to have to build the thing you highlighted. If you don’t want to constantly go back and forth between the building menus, then use the To-Do List as much as you possibly can. You want to try to make life easier for you in every way possible.

Tip #5 – Build portable miners as fast as possible

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A Portable Miner is a small, portable version of a Miner. As the first available mining machine, it is used to semi-automate the mining process in the early-game. It can be crafted at the Equipment Workshop after completing the Tier 0 Milestone – Hub Upgrade 1. It requires no fuel nor power. It has no Conveyor Belt connections which means its mining process cannot be fully automated.

Once you unlock this amazing tool, it will be super helpful until you can get some giant excavators fully automated and mining ores for you. When you first start, try to get through the tutorial Milestones as quick as possible so you can start on fully automating your mining processes.

Tip #6 – Hold control to snap a building or object to a grid

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One very helpful tool that was implemented into the game was the grid system. All you need to do is hold down Left Control and it allows for you to snap whatever you are building with to a grid. This allows for easier organization and a more satisfying way to build. If you focus on building the most organized factory at first, you won’t need to later on.

Also, building a factory can be a little confusing at first, so this grid system will help you build the best factory you can. The building is actually very easy in the game, but it can be a little confusing where to place things down. This grid system just makes it a lot easier and more simplified.

Tip #7 – Grab as many Slugs as you can

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Power Slugs are collectibles that are used to craft Power Shards, which enable overclocking of buildings. They appeared as glowing immobile slugs and can found around the world. They do not respawn and there is a limited number in the world, but a small number of renewable Power Slugs can be found with the aid of tamed Lizard Doggos. They can be researched at the M.A.M. to unlock overclocking of buildings, along with recipes to craft slugs into Power Shards at a Craft Bench.

They are usually on top of a small rock or under giant rocks. They can also be found within caves so if you see a cave, make sure to explore it because they sometimes have some really rare ore deposits. If you see a slug, grab it even if you think you won’t need it.

Tip #8 – Learn to fight the creatures on the planet

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Combat in the game is very basic, but you need to know how to defend yourself. If you don’t, you will keep losing your stuff. The creatures seem to stay near where they killed you last so you need to take them out as fast as possible. Engineers can choose to engage in combat with creatures found in the world, in order to access resources they are nesting on and will need to defend themselves from hostile wildlife while exploring. 

Creatures will never attack structures built by engineers, only targeting the engineers. The engineer will die if the health drops to zero. Dead creatures drop loot on death and leave their corpses on the ground that despawn after a short amount of time if not in sight.

Tip #9 – Learn how to distribute power through Power Poles

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Power Poles are small towers or attachments that can be used to extend the range of Power Lines and to transfer power from buildings that produce power to buildings that consume it. Ground Power Poles can be placed on the regular ground but will also snap to foundations. Higher marks of Power Poles are unlocked in the Caterium Research tree.

Knowing how to use these Power Poles is super important for power distribution because if you have too many things on one pole, then the power output will be very low. Basically, the more you put on these Power Poles, the more material it will use, unless you have your power fully automated. Make sure you know how to use Power Poles.

Tip #10 – Take time to make everything perfect for an easier time later on

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The main goal that I would tell every person just starting out is that you need to take the time to make everything perfect in your factory. You will build a ton of stuff later on and if you don’t want to take everything down that you worked so hard to put up, then try to make everything automated and perfect before-hand.

If you don’t make everything the way it should be, it will make you work like a thousand times harder than you already would have. Just make sure you focus on automation and not what you want at the moment. If you need to, take some things down and make it work better, just don’t leave yourself a mess that you need to pick up later on.


In conclusion, Satisfactory is a very complicated game that does not take too long to understand. It is one of those games that it is easy to play, but hard to master. I would highly recommend following all the tips I gave you because it will make your life a million times easier. If you don’t follow my tips, then good luck and have great gaming experience.