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6 Reasons Why Monster Hunter: Rise Is Too Easy

6 Reasons Why Monster Hunter: Rise Is Too Easy

If you’ve played Monster Hunter: Rise, then you might have noticed that the game is easier this time around. This could be due to the fact that the game is a lot more accessible in contrast to World, or it might be because you played over 200 hours of MH World already. But you’d still be right to say it’s a cakewalk. So let’s see why Monster Hunter: Rise is too easy.

Monster Hunter: Rise has features like Silkbinds, Wirebugs, Switch Skills, Wyvern Riding, and removal of prior restrictions make it an easy game. These Quality of Life improvements are welcomed by some and not by other MH community members. Last but not least, if you’ve played MH long enough, then Rise might just be a walk in the park for you.

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Monster Hunter Rise Easy Wirebug

We all knew it was coming. Wirebugs have made the game drastically easier. You didn’t have them in MH World and now, you’re backed up into a corner, and voila! A wirebug can launch you in any direction even when you’re knocked back.  

You can perform vertical, directional, or aimed wire dashes and even hang in midair. This does make the game a lot less punishing, but for all the better. But to be fair, most monsters can’t even deny your Wirefalls. Those that can, barely catch you.

Wirebugs also enable you to matrix run along terrain too. These are a welcome addition to Monster Hunter Rise but it does make the game a tad bit easier. It’s a feature that’s loved by some and hated by others in the community.

Silk binds

Silkbinds MH Rise
Long Sword Silkbind

Wirebugs also go hand in hand with offensive maneuvers too and vary from weapon to weapon. You can perform Silkbind attacks with Gunners and Blademasters using either R, X, or A.

These combat mechanics do make the enemies feel a little less challenging than what we’ve experienced in previous entries in the franchise.

Wyvern Riding

Wyvern Riding Easy
Wyvern Riding

The devs threw out traditional riding in Monster Hunter Rise for something entirely different this time around and it’s Wyvern Riding! Wyvern Riding enables users to mount a monster and use their beefy damage to kill small fry or other spongy monsters.

Again, Silkbind attacks allow you to take control of monsters. You can also attack them in midair. You’re prompted to ride monsters with A. Light or Strong attacks with either launch the monster into a wall or engage in battle with another monster.

And when you’re done, just ram it into a wall until it topples over. You deal extra damage while taking none in return.

Switch Skills

Switch Skills
New Switch Skills in Sunbreak DLC

You’re given access to 42 different Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise, 3 sets of 2 for each of the 13 weapons. They’re basically special moves. To be fair, Switch Skills were a pretty unnecessary addition in Monster Hunter Rise.

They take out all the fun of planning out a build, taking away strategy from MH Rise. It seems pretty evident that MH Rise is encouraging the devaluation of strategy and preparation from the game.


Missions MH Rise

Side Missions are kind of a joke at this point. There’s no sense of challenge at all, topped off by the fact that the game is only 45 hours at most, shorter than MH World. But that’s not to say that the Main Objectives are hard, too. You can expect to go through the first half of the game without dying. But once you make it into the endgame stages, encounters genuinely become dangerous.

Wiretaps are consistently snipped off by Izuchi’s minions and you’re dealt with Strongarm counters.

But addressing Monster Hunter Rise’s core issues towards the end and not throughout the entirety of the game is a strange move for the developers to make,

You’re More Skilled

Monster Hunter Rise

The monsters haven’t been dumbed down. You’ve just gotten better. The game offers loads of Quality of Life features as we’ve mentioned above and if you’re a veteran Monster Hunter player, your experience paired with all these new skills and features just make you too OP.


It all comes down to personal preference. Most argue that Rise doesn’t feel like a Monster Hunter game anymore. They’d gladly welcome the older restrictions and loss of mobility for a harder and more challenging experience. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments!