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Why Do You Keep Dismounting in Elden Ring?

Why Do You Keep Dismounting in Elden Ring?

Torrent is by far the most important mechanic added to Elden Ring because you will be using it for most of the game. It is the only way to traverse the world quickly and without it, it would take hours to get from point A to point B. There is also horse combat, so it’s not just used for exploration. You can also use it for traversing higher areas because of its double jump.

You keep dismounting from Torrent in Elden Ring because you either keep clicking the dismount buttons or you get knocked off by an enemy that you are trying to fight. There are enemies that push you off your horse without you even knowing so you need to be careful.

Your horse can also die as well and this is not fun because you need to use one of your health Flasks just to get him back without resting at a Site of Grace again. On the controller, the dismount buttons are the left stick (L3) or the jump button (X/A) so try not to hit those when traversing the world. Try not to hit those buttons or you will be in big trouble.

Try practicing hopping on and off Torrent so you are ready for anything. If you have everything down, then the next time you accidentally click the wrong button, you will know exactly what to do and where to go. If you are fighting a huge boss, it is not the worst thing in the world to accidentally jump off. Torrent is a very important part of the game and if you don’t know how to use it, then you will have a ton of trouble later on.

Is Torrent worth using for boss fights?

Yes, Torrent is worth using for specific boss fights. Keep in mind that most main bosses of the game don’t allow you to summon Torrent so it can only be used when you find an open-world boss. This means the Tree Sentinels and Dragons. There are a bunch of other bosses in the open-world sections, but these are the main ones you probably will want to fight on horseback.

Dragons are hit or miss because they have a lot of AoE attacks that can easily kill your horse and it can be extremely annoying. If you do fight bosses on horseback, try swapping back and forth as the bosses do different attacks so that it will make your fight a little bit easier. It is very annoying having your Torrent die or you get knocked off and be vulnerable.

Fighting Tree Sentinels require a lot more focus and precise movements. It is just as difficult to fight on foot as it is on horseback so make sure you do enough damage. If you do fight on the ground, you can use summons like the Wolves or even the MimicTear, but it is pretty fun on horseback. If you aren’t comfortable with horseback combat, go practice on smaller enemies around the world.