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How to Increase Expertise in New World (Ultimate Guide)

How to Increase Expertise in New World (Ultimate Guide)

The Expertise system in New World is its post-endgame gear mechanic that essentially affects your gear score i.e. the gear level. The system is quite convoluted especially for new and returning players since there are a lot of ways to go about increasing it.

There is a bit of a grind attached to it as there are 600+ Expertise levels to each gear. We will try to cover all the bases in this article so let’s get to it.

To increase your Expertise in New World you can do the following:

  • Defeating higher-level enemies have a chance of rewarding higher Expertise Gear.
  • The Gypsum System is a guaranteed way of getting consistent Expertise increase.
  • Farming Elite Zones for Elite Chests and Elite enemies.
  • Farming certain level 63 enemies have a chance of getting an Expertise bump.

Expertise System

Expertise System in New World

The Expertise system kicks in once you reach level 60. After that, you will have to increase the Expertise for each slot of gear type like armor, weapons, and jewelry up to 600+ levels/gear score. This can be done by finding higher Expertise loot while playing or through the Gypsum system.

Finding or crafting a higher Expertise piece of gear will permanently increase the Expertise gear score for that slot and thus the chances of finding better gear will increase too. You can find the Expertise level for each slot by opening your inventory and checking the purple number on the left side of each gear equipped (as seen in the picture below).

Individual gear Expertise New World

Rewards for events will consider your current Expertise and have a chance of increasing it as well.

Enemies and Expertise

Below is a rudimentary table of the Expertise increase you can potentially receive from defeating the respective level of the enemy:

Expertise DropsLevel of Enemy
500-530 Expertise itemslevel 61 Enemies
530-560 Expertise itemslevel 62 Enemies
560-591 Expertise itemslevel 63 Enemies
590-600 Expertise itemsLevel 64+ Enemies

The upper-mentioned system is not 100% guaranteed and not fully random. If you do not get an Expertise increase from killing an enemy then the chances of it will increase for the next one you kill. Some things to know here are:

  • Enemies found in elite landmarks and expeditions have a higher base chance of increasing your Expertise score.
  • 60+ named enemies and Expedition Bosses will ALWAYS drop an item that increases your Expertise.
  • The chance of receiving an expertise drop from an Elite Chest is higher than from defeating an Elite enemy.

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Gypsum System

Gypsum System

Gypsum is a resource rewarded for completing various end-game activities. Using the Gypsum Kiln, the Gypsum can be crafted into Gypsum Orbs which then can be used to buy Gypsum Casts for a specific type of gear. When the Gypsum Cast is opened, it will guarantee an Expertise increase for that gear along with a gear item with a corresponding gear score.

Gypsum Cast

For example, if you want to increase your Ring slot Expertise then you can craft a Gypsum Ring Cast and receive a guaranteed increase to your Ring gear score along with a Ring that has that increase of gear score associated with it. 

Obtaining Gypsum

Gypsum types

There are different types of Gypsum rewarded for particular activities:

  • Obsidian Gypsum – defeating level 60+ open-world named bosses, typically found in Elite Landmarks
  • Sapphire Gypsum – defeating the final bosses of end-game expeditions
  • Ruby Gypsum – awarded when completing an Outpost Rush match
  • Emerald Gypsum – found in Trade Skill Aptitude Reward Containers
  • Citrine Gypsum – awarded for completing PvE arenas
  • Amethyst Gypsum – found in Breach Caches
  • Topaz Gypsum – Requires consuming a special Attunement Potion. This potion can be crafted at an Arcana Station or Tier 5 camp. Once consumed, you simply need to kill level 55+ mobs until the Gypsum Drops.
  • Diamond Gypsum – You can obtain Diamond Gypsum by gathering any type of node in Aeternum.
  • Garnet Gypsum – Earned in 3v3 PVP Arenas

A certain number of each Gypsum is required to craft a Gypsum Orb from the Gypsum Kiln. Depending on the number of Gypsum needed to create an Orb, you will have to repeat the activity accordingly.

Crafting Gypsum Orb

New World Gypsum Orb

Below are the total number of Gypsum types required to create a Gypsum Orb:

  • Obsidian – 3 Gypsum
  • Sapphire – 1 Gypsum
  • Ruby – 1 Gypsum
  • Emerald – 1 Gypsum
  • Citrine – 1 Gypsum
  • Amethyst – 7 Gypsum
  • Topaz – 5 Gypsum
  • Diamond – 3 Gypsum
  • Garnet – 1 Gypsum

You can purchase 2 Gypsum Orbs daily from the Faction Vendor too.

Creating Gypsum Cast

Once you have crafted the Gypsum Orb, you need to create a Gypsum Cast of a specific gear type. Each Cast requires 1 Orb to create. You will have to individually craft each gear type Cast hence that gear type will receive the Expertise boost once you open the Cast. So if you want to increase the Expertise level of certain gear types then craft the Cast accordingly.

You can obtain and keep Gypsum to later craft the Gypsum Orbs and Casts. There is no limit on the number of Gypsum orbs you can craft per day. However, you can only craft one Gypsum Cast per type (piece of armor, piece of jewelry, weapon) per day. For example, you can not craft 2 Great Axe casts and receive expertise bumps for your great axe twice per day.  

How and Where to Use Gypsum

Gypsum Kiln

You can utilize the Gypsum you acquired through the activities at the Gypsum Kiln. You can craft the Gypsum Orbs and subsequently the Gypsum Cast at the Kiln. The Kilns are only available in the endgame zones:

  • Ebonscale Reach Settlement
  • Reekwater Settlement
  • Great Cleave Outposts 
  • Edengrove Outposts
  • Shattered Mountain Outposts

Use the gear-type Cast to get the Expertise bump for that particular slot. You should also know that you can earn a maximum of 14 Gypsum Orbs daily while you can only use/open 1 Gypsum Cast per Gear slot daily.

Best Gypsum for Expertise Increase

New World Gypsum system

Two of the best Gypsum that you can opt for and obtain daily are Sapphire and Citrine Gypsum.

There are 3 Expertise advantages for Sapphire Gypsum:

  • The bosses in all of the end-game dungeons will provide a guaranteed random bump in Expertise.
  • The Sapphire Gypsum you acquire will also boost your Expertise.
  • You will also have the opportunity to receive an additional Expertise increase from the chests located in the dungeons. 

2 advantages of Expertise for Citrine Gypsum:

  • Upon defeating the arena boss you will receive a random guaranteed Expertise bump.
  • The Citrine Gypsum can be crafted into a Cast for another Expertise increase.

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Elite Zone Farms

Elite Zones are another great way for increasing Expertise in New World. You can farm these zones (do be aware of the zone’s level to yours) and loot all the Elite chests. These chests have a random chance of giving an Expertise bump. There are also Elite bosses that you can defeat in these zones but the chances of getting an Expertise bump are lower than that of the chests.

Although, this particular method does require a group as you will be facing a lot of dangerous enemies here and it will be difficult and tedious to go alone. It is however recommended that you take no more than 2 groups of 10 people each.

If more groups are involved then the reward for killing the bosses will be only given to the 2 groups that have done the most DPS to the boss. To ensure Expertise reward for yourself, do not exceed the 2 group recommendations.

The Elite Chests will drop a couple of items per chest, each with an opportunity to increase your Expertise as long as you’re in the appropriate level range for your current Expertise. It’s very important to keep in mind that the Elite Chests are on a daily cooldown. So, you can run your routes to farm the Elite zones, and then you can move into level 60+ Portals to increase your gear score as well.

Locations to Increase Expertise per Level

Gear ScoreLocations
500-525 Gear Score (Elite 61+) Great Cleave: Mangled Heights 
Shattered Mountain: Upper Skin 
525-549 Gear Score (Elite 62+)Ebonscale Reach: Imperial Palace 
Edengrove: Malevolence
549-577 Gear Score (Elite 63+)Reekwater: Forecastle Drift 
Shattered Mountain: Scorched Mines 
577-591 Gear Score (Elite 64+) Shattered Mountain: Myrkgard 
Reekwater: Eternal Pool 
Reekwater: Siren’s Stand 
591+ Gear Score  Edengrove: Malevolence
Ebonscale Reach: Imperial Palace
Ebonscale Reach: North Dynasty Shipyard
Brimstone Sands: The Ennead
Cutlass Keys: Barnacles and Black Powder
Edengrove: Garden of Genesis 
Reekwater: Lazarus Instrumentality 
Shattered Mountain: Tempest’s Heart
Edengrove: Monoecious Cleft Spriggan Arena 
Reekwater: The Amphitheatre Arena 
Edengrove: Eternal Pools Arena 

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Farming Level 63 Enemies

You can also farm certain enemies that are level 63. These enemies have a chance to drop items of up to gear score 600. The enemies are listed below.

  • Edengrove – Baines, Cael, Adjorjan
  • Old Myrkgard Forest – Unhallowed Soul of Myrkgard
  • Nihilo Visage – High Priest Oseguera
  • Balebane Maw – Articulon the Unshackled, Mozrul the Herald
  • Caminus – Caminus Gate Lord, Overseer Levy
  • Spilaio Cavern – Tzi-Wang the Immovable, Dau-Shen the Unstoppable
  • East Illurmin – Corrupted Excubitor Luca
  • West Illurmin – Pit Lord Daehi
  • The Congregation – Mirepaw
  • Lambent Muskeg – The Blight Bringer
  • Maria’s Rest – Smoothbore Samuel
  • Ska Makogai – Thorn of the Heartwood
  • Serenity Monastery – Gnasher
  • Skysong Crypt – Ivan the Inevitable, Mordici the Mortician, Slayer Rosellen, Farley

There are many ways for you to potentially increase the Expertise level of your gear in the New World. However, the most reliable way that guarantees Expertise bumps is through the Gypsum system.

Once you have fully grasped this system and know exactly what to do each day then you will be moving through those higher Expertise levels in no time. It might get boring but for that, you have all those other ways to look forward to.