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Best New World Server for PvP

Best New World Server for PvP

PvP in New World is something of an interesting topic. Despite having PvP activities built into the fabric of the game, including company and faction-based warfare, it’s a part of the game that has gone largely neglected since its launch. 

This is evident in the distinct lack of PvP dedicated community servers. There is absolutely nothing official when it comes to a stable home for New World PvPers, meaning the community has had to tag certain servers as unofficial PvP havens. 

There aren’t many New World PvP servers. In fact, there are only two big ones that guarantee a decent level of PvP play. You should either play on Valhalla or Helheim.

Those are the two best New World servers for PvP that we’re going to talk about here. So, if you’ve been looking to scratch your New World PvP itch, we’ve got two different places for you to do just that. 

Best US New World Server for PvP – Valhalla

Out of the very few limited New World PvP servers in the world, Valhalla is easily the definitive best. If you’ve got the internet connectivity for it, it’s worth playing on it even if you’re not in the US East region.

After New World came out of Beta and officially launched, it didn’t take long for Valhalla to be marked as the “de-facto” server for PvP players. This includes both open-world PvP and organized tournament play. 

Valhalla has been marked as a “mega-server” for the PvP community. This is thanks, in part, to the work of a number of big companies dedicated to PvP gameplay. 

This list includes the likes of /* */. All of these names, and more, are massive in the MMO community outside of New World, so the presence of them on Valhalla brings with it credibility, activity, and a large number of PvP players. 

All of these companies came together to agree on Valhalla becoming the home of New World PvP. 

When we say the home of New World PvP, we really mean it. As we mentioned, Valhalla is host to organized PvP play. It’s not just a “PvP-friendly” server, it’s a dedicated community. Not having to rely on open-world PvP or rag-tag spontaneous PvP battles means a hell of a lot for anyone that’s been starved for New World player versus player content. 

You have a schedule you can plan around, so you can get your fix without wasting time or relying on luck. It also lets you meet other PvP-focused players that you can compete against. 

Best EU New World Server for PvP – Helheim

Valhalla is the biggest home of PvP in New World. Unfortunately, it’s an American server, meaning European players might struggle to maintain a stable connection to it. 

There are European New World PvP alternatives, mainly in the form of the Helheim server. While Helheim is your best bet for getting consistent PvP gameplay in Europe, it’s far from the level that Valhalla is at. 

The European PvP scene isn’t as developed as the American one is. Whereas many major NA companies came together to turn Valhalla into the PvP haven it is today, no such effort has taken part in Europe. 

This is a combination of European players having to contend with language barriers and the distinct lack of big-name MMO communities that are primarily active in European regions.

Having said that, Helheim can still be a blast for PvP players if you get lucky enough. It doesn’t have as much open-world PvP, and it doesn’t have the same kind of unofficial organization that Valhalla does, but it is far more active in the player versus player department than every other EU New World server.  

One advantage that Helheim has over Valhalla is wait times. Valhalla can be a nightmare to get into thanks to the size of its queue. At peak times, players have reported waiting several hours to get a place on the server. 

Given that Helheim isn’t as developed and doesn’t have the same frequency of content creators, you’ll be waiting a significantly shorter amount of time to actually connect to it. 

Other New World PvP Servers

Due to how heavily PvE-centric is, there aren’t many other servers for PvP players to thrive on, especially in non-American regions. 

In fact, there is no Valhalla or Helheim equivalent for the SA East or AP Southeast regions. Any players looking to PvP from these areas are, for the time being, forced to join either European or American servers. 

US players on the West coast do have an alternative to the East coast Valhalla and European Helheim, though. Both Celadon and Camelot are US West servers with somewhat healthy PvP scenes, albeit not nearly to the same level as the big two. 

If you’ve got the connection for it, US West players are advised to play on Valhalla all the same. If you’re strictly limited to West coast servers, then you’re going to want to play either Celadon or Camelot. 

You’re not going to get many open-world PvP players on either of these servers, as is the case with 99% of New World, but you might get to participate in more PvP activities when compared to the other servers available to you. 


We wish we had better news for you, but we just don’t. New World is currently in the stage of its life where it’s trying to maintain a healthy player base after the initial hype has worn off and casual gamers have stopped playing. 

This doesn’t leave much time for the devs to focus on a niche interest like PvP, which is a shame. New World has the foundations there for what could be an incredibly entertaining player versus player experience. The vast majority of the player base, however, has little to no interest in it. Everyone wants to play PvE, meaning that’s where the dev’s time and effort are going to go for the foreseeable future. 

Maybe we’ll get to see dedicated official PvP servers down the road, once New World has a more stable landscape. With how well the game did at launch, it’s likely that it will continue to get support years into the future, so there’s certainly some hope to be had for more PvP content, we’ve just got to be patient.