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How Long Do Minecraft Villagers Stay Mad?

How Long Do Minecraft Villagers Stay Mad?

Minecraft is one of the best open-world games on the internet and definitely on every gamer’s list to try at least once. Villagers are an integral part of the Minecraft world.

Unlike most NPCs, Villagers in Minecraft do have feelings and mechanics. For example, your interactions make them angry, sad, and happy. 

If you accidentally make villagers mad at you in Minecraft, they may take between 1 and 45 minutes to cool down.


Here’s all you need to know about angry villagers in Minecraft.

Why Do Minecraft Villagers Get Mad?

Minecraft Angry Villagers
Image Credits: John Paul Inso (YouTube)

Minecraft villagers can get angry at you because of multiple reasons. Here are the top reasons why Minecraft Villagers are mad at players.

Not Enough Food

One reason could be that they’re not being given enough food. They usually get mad at you whenever they have less food available in the village.

Hostile Mobs Are Attacking

Another reason could be that hostile mobs are attacking them. Since the villagers are in a state of panic, the attacking groups are a significant source of aggression as they must be in a constant defense mode.


Additionally, they can often perceive you as a threat owing to this 

Numerous Unwanted Trades

And finally, they could be angry because they’re being forced to do something they don’t want to, like trade with a player constantly demanding more goods.

Leaving An Unfinished Trade

If a player opens a trade with a specific villager, gets a better deal from another place, and chooses to deal with the other villager, the first villagers will be mad for roughly two minutes.

Players Have Hit Them

Sometimes, players can unintentionally hit villagers. While the first hit is ignored, they do get mad at you if you hit them multiple times.

No Apparent Reason

Minecraft villagers are supposed to be peaceful creatures, but sometimes they get mad for no apparent reason. 

There are several possible explanations for this behavior, but most commonly, something in the game triggers their anger, like a hostile mob nearby if not attacking them. It’s also possible that the villagers are malfunctioning, and their anger is a glitch. 

How Long Do Minecraft Villagers Stay Angry?

Minecraft Villagers
Image Credits: Jira

If a Minecraft villager is angry at a player, they will stay mad for about 1 to 45 minutes. After that, they will gradually forgive the player and eventually become friendly again. However, if a villager is killed, they will remain angry forever.


However, if a player kills a villager, the whole village will be hostile toward the player for approximately five minutes. 

How To Make Villagers Friendly Again?

Minecraft Villagers
Image Credits: 9 Minecraft

If a villager becomes angry at the player, you can do the following things to make them friends again. 

Give Them Space

Firstly, try to stay out of their sight and give them time to calm down. Usually, this will take less than two minutes in the real world.

Throw Some Food

If that doesn’t work, throw food at them, such as bread or potatoes. This works well if the villagers are already angry when you approach them.

Hit Them Again

If they are still angry, the player can try to hit them with a sword, but this should be a last resort as it will likely make them even more enraged and wait for them to respond. 


However, it would be most helpful if you went away after hitting them to let them cool off.


Conclusively, Minecraft villagers can become angry if players are hitting or doing harmful things to them; you will lose their favor one point at a time. However, you can quickly cancel that effect by trading with them or offering them food.