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Best Steam Deck Settings for New World

Best Steam Deck Settings for New World

Amazon Games’ New World MMORPG isn’t a pleasant experience for the most part on Valve’s handheld, that is if you get it to run on the Deck first. The game is currently rated as Steam Deck playable but you’ll have to go through the rounds to get the game set up. So, if you’re looking for a challenge, then try setting up New World with our Steam Deck settings.


You can try to run New World on the Steam Deck by changing Compatability Settings to Proton  Experimental. Enable Developer options and turn off WIFI Power Management. Lower all in-game settings. Set the TDP to 12W and the FPS Limit to 40FPS.

New World Performance

New World Steam Deck

Performance on New World is still a hit or miss. When you finally manage to get into the game after running it via Proton Experimental via the compatibility settings, you’ll have to set everything to low. Otherwise, New World might end up crashing on you 3-5 minutes in-game. 

As for performance, you can expect around 30-40 FPS in-game using FSR 3. The current New World build is pretty rough around the edges on the Steam Deck. We hope the devs optimize the game for Valve’s handheld pretty soon!

Steps for Running New World on the Steam Deck

Here are a few key steps you need to take to try and run New World in a playable manner on the Steam Deck. Just follow along and you should be good by the end.

Change Compatability to Proton Experimental

  • After you’ve downloaded the game, head into your Steam Library.
  • Under Settings, check for compatibility options.
  • Select Proton Experimental.
  • Power Management

Enable Developer Mode

You’re not done just yet. You need to enable developer mode to disable WIFI Power Management. This function hinders New World to run properly on Amazon servers.

  • Press the Steam Button
  • Go Under Settings.
  • Go to the System Tab and under System Settings, enable Developer Mode.

Disable WIFI Power Management

  • Scroll down to Home and Library and you’ll see Developer Mode.
  • Under Developer Mode, look for WIFI Power Management and disable that option.

Proton EasyAnti Cheat

  • Now, head into the Steam Store and download Proton Easy AntiCheat Runtime.
  • Install it and now New World should start up just fine.

In-game Settings

FPS Limit40 FPS
Effects DetailsLow
Lighting DetailsLow
Object DetailsLow
Post Processing DetailsLow
Shadow DetailsLow
Terrain DetailsLow
Texture DetailsLow
Water DetailsLow

Steam Deck Settings

Refresh Rate40HZ
FPS Limit40FPS


Hopefully, New World will now run on the Steam Deck without any crashes or issues for you. It’s not the most experience, but if you still wanted to try it out on the latest Valve handheld, now you can!