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Can you sell items to an NPC In New World?

Can you sell items to an NPC In New World?

So, you’ve developed a steady collection of items in New World but they’re getting a bit heavy on your inventory. You can keep hoarding them with chest upgrades in your humble abodes but you’re kind of short on cash. So, can you sell these items to NPCs in New World?

Sadly, the answer is No; you can’t sell your items to NPCs in New World. They’ll even take a step back if you try to. Your next best bet is to seek out players willing to buy. If you’re out of luck, you can check out the multiple Trading Posts in the game to list your item.

We’ve all had this question pop up in our minds about whether we can sell our goods to the humble NPCs of New World. And you’ll find out exactly whether you can get your money’s worth out of your inventory or not.

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Can You Sell Items to NPCs in New World

Can't Sell to NPCs
Yonas Alazar

So, you’ve joined a server and grinded days upon days into the game and after it’s been all said and done, you’ve realized that some factions pretty much control the whole financial scene. Cash is king and some users will certainly monopolize the opportunity early on in a server, leaving others with a not-so-balanced economy to deal with.

And the question arises, can you sell items to NPCs? And *drum roll*, you just can’t. New World doesn’t offer its players the service of selling goods to NPCs as you’re supposed to thrive in a player-controlled economy. That means you’re always interacting with other real-life players in the game. 

But the player-controlled economy is a miss most of the time due to the outrageous and unregulated prices of goods that a player might be seeking. So, how else can you trade your inventory or goods?

How To Sell or Trade Items in New World

Sell Directly to Other Players

Sell to Other Players

You’ll have to go the route of interacting with other real-life players and in most cases, you certainly won’t get your money’s worth. That is if you don’t understand supply, demand, and scarcity.

Just go up to a player and see if they’re looking for anything peculiar and suggest what you have in store for them. You might as well trade your items for something of equal or higher value in the server-relegated economy. 

But the problem arises when you’re trying to actively seek out players who are willing to trade with you for the right price and the right item. And in case you want to avoid this hassle. By all means, you can.

Sell on Trading Posts

Trading Post Marker New World

The glorious Trading Post allows users seeking to trade or sell their items an opportunity to do without needing to actively seek out buyers or traders. You can look for the trading post simply by searching for the scale icon.

  • Once you find the trading post, fiddle around with it to open the Trading Screen.
  • Now you’re presented with the Trading Screen, where you can either see your Orders, Buy and Sell. 
Selling on the Trading Post
  • Select the Sell option and list some items like resources, equipment, weapons, and clothes. Once you’ve figured out what you’re trying to sell, select the “Place Sell Order” option.
  • If you’re wondering what the median price of an item you’re trying to sell it, you can navigate to the selling page to figure out the selling price of an item. It’ll also educate you to figure out what items hold the most value in a particular server.
Sell Items on the Trading Post New World
  • You can navigate to the My Orders tab to see if your item has any potential buyers. If you aren’t finding any luck, then proceed to the next Trading Post and repeat the process.
  • One thing to note while using the Trading Post is that you’ll have to pay a slight fee for selling an item. That’s the trading tax and you can reduce it by improving your status and position within a territory.

Overall this method is a lot more streamlined than directly seeking and selling to other players but comes with the downside of a Trading Tax. We wish the developers would add NPC trading into the mix and see how it goes.


Unfortunately, you can’t sell items to NPCs in New World. They’ll even take a step back if you suggest it or try to. But you can always directly trade with other players and opt for the Trading Post. But New World, being a game that listens to its community might make some changes in the future. So stay in the know to find out more.