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How To Raise Roads In Cities: Skylines (Easy Guide

How To Raise Roads In Cities: Skylines (Easy Guide

Great traffic flow is essential for a city to run successfully. And if you’re adamant about having a skyline of your own, you’ll also need to create some magnificent roads. For that, you need to learn how to raise roads in Cities Skylines and make some bridges.

To raise roads in Cities: Skylines, you need to open the road tool. Click Page Up to raise the road level. Keep pressing Page Up to further raise the road by increments. Select Page Down to lower the road. If that’s not working, navigate to Menu>Options>KeyMapping and check the assigned hotkeys.

How To Change Road Direction in Cities: Skylines?

How To Raise Roads in Cities: Skylines (PC)

If you skimped out on the tutorial, you probably don’t know how to elevate or raise roads. We’ll keep it simple and to the point. This a reminder that you can only fiddle and raise roads during the road planning stage.

Elevated roads also need more Cells, so you’ll up paying more than double for a regular Highway road.

Raise Road - Cities Skylines

To raise roads:

  • Select the Road Tool and pick your preference of road.
  • Just select Page Up on your keyboard to raise the road by one increment.
  • Keep selecting Page Up to raise the road to your desired level.
  • If you want to build below ground level, use Page Down to lower the road.

How To Raise Roads (Mac)

If you’re playing Cities: Skylines on a Mac, then you can press Fn+Up to raise the road.

Press Fn+Down to lower the road.

Roads Not Being Raised in Cities: Skylines

Keymapping - Cities Skylines

If your roads aren’t being raised as you hoped them to be, then you can check out the hotkeys in the main menu,

  • Go to the Main Menu.
  • Navigate to Options and Scroll to KeyMapping.
  • You’ll find Build Elevation Down and Build Elevation Up.
  • Click on the designated boxes to change the elevation hotkeys and assign an easy hotkey.
  • Open up your city and check out the controls.


Become your very own city planner. Raise a city from dirt and build intricate roads, bridges, and highways in Cities: Skylines. Just remember to go outside and touch the grass once in a while.