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Can You Be A Dark Wizard In Hogwarts Legacy?

Can You Be A Dark Wizard In Hogwarts Legacy?

Has it ever been your fantasy to be a dark witch or wizard? Do you want to cast one of the three unforgivable curses in Harry Potter? You may be wondering if these things are possible in Hogwarts Legacy. This article will discuss what it takes to be a Dark Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy.

No, you cannot be a Dark Wizard in Hogwarts Legacy. Although you can learn the 3 Unforgivable Curses: Avada Kedavra, Imperio, and Crucio. You will still be the Hero of the story within the game.

Hogwarts Legacy provides a wide variety of ways for you to role-play your journey through its story and lands. And several caveats need to be known about being a Dark Wizard or Witch in Hogwarts Legacy. Keep reading this article to find out more!

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Can you be a Dark Wizard or Witch in Hogwarts Legacy?

Casting Avada Kedavra - Hogwarts Legacy
Casting Avada Kedavra – Hogwarts Legacy

The straight and simple answer to this question is no. In Hogwarts Legacy, despite what your 5th Year transfer student chooses to do, they will not be regarded as evil, or a Dark Wizard or Witch. This might seem confusing to many of you that might have wanted a more in-depth morality system in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy considers narrative consistency to be paramount above the variety of outcomes from the actions that you can choose. Even though the game has dark or rude dialogue options, it never leads to your character straying from the path of what’s right and just in the Harry Potter universe.

Even though there is no true morality system in Hogwarts Legacy. You can still learn the 3 Unforgivable Curses while at your stay in Hogwarts. The game allows you to pursue an evil side quest which ultimately allows you to be able to cast Avada Kedavra the killing spell, Imperio which controls people, and Crucio which can torture an enemy.

You can access these three spells by following the Side Quest involving Mr. Sebastian Sallow. Sebastian is one of the main Slytherin characters that you will interact with in Hogwarts Legacy. And should you choose to uncover his family’s secrets, it will lead you to learn all the Unforgivable Curses.

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How to be a Dark Wizard or Witch in Hogwarts Legacy?

Dark Wizard duel - Hogwarts Legacy
Dark Wizard duel – Hogwarts Legacy

Although you cannot be a Dark wizard or witch in the game’s internal morality system. You can choose to roleplay as a Dark wizard or witch in the game. This can be quite fun for many of you. Especially, if you enjoy playing roleplaying games that allow you to construct your storylines and headcanon.

The most important first aspect of being a dark witch or wizard is to look the part. In Hogwarts Legacy, you will not be stuck wearing the same clothes the entire year you spend in Hogwarts. Instead, you will have access to a variety of different clothing options that you can utilize to truly express yourself.

Additionally, you can customize your character’s look, haircut, and other appearance features to make them as edgy and dark as you would like them to be. If you’ve got a stern face and hair like Snape then half your work towards roleplaying as a Dark wizard or Witch I’d say is already complete.

There are certainly other systems you can fiddle with to feel more immersed as a Dark wizard or witch. These options are the following:

Evil Dialogue Options

Evil Dialogue Options - Hogwarts Legacy
Evil Dialogue Options – Hogwarts Legacy

One of the principal ways in which you can roleplay as a dark witch or wizard is through the choices you make in the game’s morality system. This usually depends on the sort of choices you make during quests and associated dialogue options.

The game provides you with many conversation options that allow you to truly express what your character might be feeling or thinking at that particular moment. This is why you might be happy to know that you can make different choices other than the straight and narrow, and roleplay how your dark wizard would behave in those situations.

The dialogue tree isn’t immensely diverse. There will always be a certain limit to how dark you can express your character to be. But you can still make those decisions, and that goes a long way in fulfilling the fantasy that you might have about being a dark wizard or witch.

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Dark Companions

Sebastian Sallow - Hogwarts Legacy
Sebastian Sallow – Hogwarts Legacy

While at Hogwarts, you will meet many different Companions. Some of these Companions will be far more inclined to the darkness than others. An example of such a character is the aforementioned Sebastion Sallow.

As you continue your playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy you will be Sebastian, and through his Side Quest learn the dark arts. Any dark witch or wizard worth their salt needs to be able to access forbidden magic, and it’s no different for your character.

Sebastian will seek to cure his twin sister, and this will lead the two of you into many mysterious places. The focal point of his Side questline is set around obtaining forbidden spells and knowledge to help the situation with his sister. I won’t provide any spoilers, but if you’re looking for a dark companion for your dark wizard or witch then look no further.

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Dark Magic and Unforgivable Curses

Casting Imperius Curse - Hogwarts Legacy
Casting Imperius Curse – Hogwarts Legacy

As we mentioned before, every dark witch or wizard needs to learn to cast dark magic and spells. The infamous Unforgivable Curses are precisely the sort of spells you’d expect a dark witch or wizard to rely most heavily on. And it should be no different for your character.

The game allows you to learn and cast the Imperius Curse incantation, Imperio, the Cruciatus Curse incantation, Crucio, and the Killing Curse incantation, Avada Kedavra. The last of which is strictly forbidden in the Harry Potter universe and can cause a person to be sent to Azkaban.

You can have a lot of fun using these spells within the game. In particular, it is quite enjoyable to see certain enemies cower in fear and comment in awe of the might of your dark spells and magic. The reactions can help fuel your imagination as a dark witch or wizard.

Although you cannot become a dark wizard or witch in the game, you can get pretty close. Exploring the game, and its various evil characters or choices will allow you to roleplay how you want your dark witch or wizard to be.

After all, there is nothing quite like blasting an enemy with the green lightening of an Avada Kedavra. Hope you found your answer in this article. For more guides on Hogwarts Legacy read on at GameVoyagers.