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Ultimate Guide To The Medic in Remnant 2

Ultimate Guide To The Medic in Remnant 2

The Medic Archetype in Remnant 2 offers the complete survival shooter support-role experience. We will look deeper into this Archetype to find out if it is the perfect fit for you in this guide!

The Medic is an excellent choice for an Archetype in Remnant 2 if you wish to play a dependable support role in cooperative play. We explore its potential gameplay attributes and the reasons why you should opt for this Class in this guide.


Below we have covered everything for you related to the Medic class in Remnant 2 so it’s easy for you to decide if this archetype is something you want to pick.

What Makes The Medic a Good Class?

Remnant 2 Medic Archetype

If you select the Medic Archetype in Remnant 2, you will be playing the most important support role the game has to offer. There are no questions about that.

As a Medic in the new sequel, you will determine at countless times whether your team survives or not by providing vital heals and buffs.


You will constantly strategize new strategies with new foes. Whether you stick with the Challenger in your team or provide backup to the constantly moving Hunter/Gunslinger, you will be the backbone of your allies.

Medic is an excellent Archetype choice in Remnant 2 because of these very attributes. The tactics and resourcefulness of a Medic on your team is very crucial, and no team is truely complete without a Medic ally.

What Gear Does Medic Start With?

Medics obtain starting equipment such as starter’s weapons and armor. Let’s look into what becomes available:

Armor (Field Medic Set)

  1. Field Medic Mask: The Field Medic Mask is a lightweight head armor that offers 9 armor points to the wearer. The only Elemental Status Effects it provides any resistance to are Blight and Toxins.
  2. Field Medic Overcoat: This medium-weight body armor can provide a decent level of protection worth 35 armor points to your character. Along with that, it also provides a great deal of Bleed Resistance, along with moderate Blight Resistance.
  3. Field Medic Trousers: The Field Medic Trousers are medium-weight leg armor with 16 armor points and moderate levels of Bleed and Blight Resistance.
  4. Field Medic Gloves: These medium-weight gloves are useful protection against physical attacks with 8 armor points. Along with that, they also provide some degree of resistance to Bleed, Blight, and Toxin Elements.


  1. XMG57 Bonesaw: The XMG57 Bonesaw is the perfect primary weapon for a support in Remnant 2. This Long Gun provides 12 Damage with 150 Magazines and 300 Max Ammo capacity. It has a moderate level of accuracy in its Ideal Range of 19 meters. It also offers +100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus.
  2. Steel Flail: The Steel Flail will be your Melee Weapon starting off as Medic in Remnant 2. This destructive Melee can deal 69 Damage to foes it strikes. It offers +100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus.
  3. Service Pistol: The Service Pistol will be your secondary weapon as a Medic. This reliable pistol is highly accurate in its Ideal Range of 20 meters. It can deal up to 24 Damage to enemies with 9 Magazines and 90 Max Ammo capacity. It offers +105% Weak Spot Damage Bonus.

Is Medic a good choice for solo or Co-op?

This is basically a rhetorical question when it comes to support roles in general. Although you can play the solo mode in Remnant 2 with the Medic Archetype, the role was basically designed for co-op play.

Medic Gameplay

This Class is perfect for cooperative play cause of its healing, buffs, and support-oriented skills, perks, and abilities in the game. You will contribute to clutching victory in all fights more often than you would assume.

Whereas, in solo mode, you will technically make the game a lot more difficult for yourself as a Medic than it would be if you would choose, say, Challenger or Handler.

What Perks does Medic start with?

The Medic will commence in the game with a Prime Perk automatically available at the very start, called ‘Regenerator’. This Prime Perk is unique to this Archetype alone and can be upgraded at various points upon leveling up the Archetype.

When using this Prime Perk, you will automatically regain a spent Relic Charge once you have healed 350 total accumulated HP to allies. The amount required to heal will increase by 50% with each additional player in your team.


Keep in mind: resting or respawning at any Worldstone will reset your healing accumulation.
When you first upgrade it after reaching level 5 as a Medic, this Prime Perk will activate after 300 HP is restored instead of 350.

After the final upgrade once you reach Level 10, you will only need to restore 250 total HP to regain a spent Relic Charge.

All the other Perks are unlocked from level 1 onwards and are not automatically accessible at the start.

Are the Skills and Traits of Medic worth it?

The short answer would be an undeniable yes. All the abilities, perks and skills of a Medic in Remnant 2 are a priority in any cooperative play setting.

If you have a background in any support role from before the Remnant series, you can easily vouch for the universal importance a Medic can have as a support.

The Medic in Remnant 2 has 3 Skills, only one of which can be active at a time. Since Skills generally have a longer cooldown, it is very important to strategize their use.

Wellspring is the first Skill a Medic acquires automatically at the start of the game. This lets your character channel healing energy into a ball of fist and punch a healing hole into the ground of 3 meters width. All allies within this AoE heal 10 HP per second for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Healing Shield is unlocked at level 5 and can provide a Shield to every teammate within 25 meters for all of their Max HP for 10 seconds. They all also regenerate 20% Max Health during this time. Cooldown: 100 seconds.


The last Skill unlocked at level 10 is redemption. This Skill can unleash a 30 meters shockwave capable of reviving dead teammates and restoring 50% of their Max HP over 10 seconds.

Once an ally has been revived, he cannot be revived again from Redemption for a time period of 180 seconds. The cooldown for this Skill is 120 seconds.

The unique Archetype Trait Medics obtain is called ‘Triage’. At level 1, you will have increased healing by 5%. This can be further increased to +50% after reaching level 10.

Given these Skills and Traits, you can easily determine that your role will be extremely vital as a Medic in your team. If you feel like this is just what you wanted, then you have heard your calling in Remnant 2.

There you have it, folks a detailed overview of The Medic Archetype in Remnant 2. If you find this coverage beneficial and want us to keep producing such helpful content, share our work with your loved ones, and we’ll see you in the next one.