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How to Get Components in Rimworld (4 Easy Ways)

How to Get Components in Rimworld (4 Easy Ways)

RimWorld is an exceptional colony management sim from the indie developers Ludeon Studios. It is extremely challenging and survival is difficult. So naturally, players wonder about the best way to collect components to fortify their colony. In this guide, we’ll be teaching you the easiest ways to do just that.

You can get components in RimWorld by mining, trading, disassembling, or crafting.

Life in RimWorld is tough, but it does not have to be. If you’d like to know how to easily collect a wealth of components to make advanced machinery then keep reading this article. We’ll go over every single method we’ve mentioned above and give you further tips and details.

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4 Easy Ways to Get Components in RimWorld

If you want to survive in the harsh and challenging lands of RimWorld then your colony is going to need the aid of advanced machinery and devices. These kinds of high-tech items may only be constructed if you have the prerequisite components. Many vital crafting ingredients as well are quite tricky to find.

Having a few methods whereby you can collect components will provide you with an ample stock that you can rely on to produce sufficient weapons, tools, and machines to keep your colonists safe.

1. Collect Components by Mining

Mining in Rimworld
In-game screenshot of Mining in Rimworld

Perhaps the simplest method of collecting components in RimWorld is through Mining. As you traverse through your map whilst playing RimWorld, you will notice various brownish square rocks. You can hover your mouse cursor over them, and it will usually say something like the following: Compacted Machinery.

Compacted Machinery are special nodes that can be mined to obtain Components. If you’re looking for compacted machinery then the most common areas where they can be found are in the mountains. Sometimes, however, they can also be located in crash sites of meteors during in-game events.

Compact Machinery will typically be available in 3-to-6 block packs. Each of the blocks that you’ll mine for components will drop 2 Components. If you want the precise math on how much health they have then the values are as follows: 2,000 HP or 25 hits to mine compact machinery blocks.

When you are mining steel that often requires 1,500 HP damage or 19 hits to mine completely. All you need to begin mining compacted machinery is a colonist who works as a miner. If you have one in your colony then simply Select the Mine option from your Architect Menu over the block.

Note: Depending on how skilled your Miner is, several Components will reveal themself to you. Thus we recommend that you only assign your most experienced Miners to get the job finished as quickly and efficiently as possible. You may also mine Components using long-ranged mineral scanners and Deep Drills.

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2. Collect Components by Trading

Trading for Components in Rimworld
Screenshot of Trading in Rimworld

The second, and perhaps most straightforward way of collecting Components in Rimworld is by trading. If you wish to obtain Components through trade then all it takes is to select the world from the bottom menu, and then set up a caravan with a colonist that has exceptional social skill levels.

You will be required to bring with your Colonists a host of Silver or other trade materials on the journey. These will be the primary currency that you utilize for successful transactions between you and those that have the requisite Components that you are seeking.

Note: It is quite easy to waste journeys with your Colonist by forgetting to travel with ample amounts of Silver. Make sure to double-check before you send out a trade expedition in this manner.

If you’ve begun to find success in your Trade caravan then you might even want to send them on longer journeys across Rimworld. We urge you to find a friendly faction that you can begin trading in bulk with. So you may have the ample return you require to complete your machinery development.

Although you can essentially trade any item that you want, granted that you put enough effort into the endeavor on your part, there remains a looming threat of attack. Your caravans are not entirely safe on their journeys and can be attacked. This can cause some of your colonists to become unavailable for a considerably long time.

Another method of trading components can occur when other traders, belonging to other colonies, can come into your colony to trade Components. Although you might feel the urge to stock up on a lot of materials. However, we would suggest that unless you’re an experienced player this can be a fatal mistake.

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3. Collect Components by Disassembling

Disassembling in Rimworld
Screenshot of the Disassembling Menu in Rimworld

If you ever find yourself in a situation where there don’t seem to be a lot of mining locations nearby then your best bet to obtain Components in the game is by Disassembling mechanoids. There are essentially three different types of mechanoids in the game. These are Scythers, Centipedes, and Lancers.

If you wish, you can find them inside the old ruins, mountains, or from random events such as psychic or poison ships. The process of disassembling mechanoids is quite simple. Simply, take one mechanoid to a machining table and you can disassemble them for 50 Steel, 10 Plasteel, and two Components.

Centipedes might end up not having certain parts, due to them breaking during combat. So you might not get all of the materials using this method. But it is a method to get some if you’re running criminally low on Components and require them.

Although mechanoids are dangerous they can be a great source of Components. Especially when you cannot find Components anywhere else on the map.

Note: Disassembling is inherently a short-term solution for getting Components. Keep some reserve Components for emergencies when needed. Additionally, you can also deconstruct ship chunks to obtain Components. You can get in-game notifications about these items by simply scanning your map.

Once you reach these ships you can simply break them and get as many Components as you can from them. Select the Chuk for harvesting and Select Deconstruct which can be found on the bottom left-hand of the screen. Your workers will head over to the spot to begin breaking the ship up.

4. Collect Components by Crafting

Crafting in Rimworld
In-game Screenshot of crafting in Rimworld

The last method you can use to obtain Components in Rimworld is Crafting. This means that in Rimworld you can craft your Components if you are not able to obtain them through other means. Crafting your Components can also be a good additional source to any of the three mentioned above as well.

To begin Crafting your Components you first must ensure that you have research in Fabrication from the Research Tree. If you do then your pawns will be able to make Components. They will also be able to follow other Component related commands on the Fabrication Bench.

Note: Different Mods are obtained as you vary in Research Trees. Hence easier or harder methods might be available to you when attempting to craft Components. This is to be mindful of because you do not want to be solely dependent on crafting for your components.

After you’ve explored the Fabrication research in the Research Tree, make sure to create the Fabrication Bench. You can craft Components quite simply by Selecting Craft Components from the Bills section.

Note: You will only be able to make Components in Rimworld if you have Colonists that have at least 8 Crafting Skills. Moreover, 12 Steel and 5,000 in-game Time Ticks. If you’re in the end-game then this is perhaps the best method to obtain Components.

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What Are Components Used For in Rimworld?

A question that many of you might consider is what precisely do we do in Rimworld with all these Components that we collect? Essentially components are the foundation of all things that move within the game. They are utilized to craft a plethora of weapons, structures, and prosthetics.

Some of the most noticeable game-altering crafts that you can create with Components include the following:

  • Electrical Devices i.e. Batteries and Sunlamps
  • Weaponry: these can be guns like Auto pistols, Shotguns, and even turrets.
  • Bionic or Prosthetic Limbs.

throughout a game of Rimworld your technology and research level increase. As those skills grow higher more machinery and crafts become available to you. Each of these requires components to create. So as the game progresses more and more components are required and need to be obtained to stay ahead of the game.

As we discussed above there are four very simple ways to obtain the components that you need. So you do not need to fear ever being left behind in that regard. However, it is important to recognize that gathering and collecting components is a necessity, and that you should probably get at it as soon as possible.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you, and if you have any questions or queries for us then do let us know in the comments down below. Till next time! Ciao.