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Why Does Ensha Attack You in Elden Ring?

Why Does Ensha Attack You in Elden Ring?

Ensha is one of those NPCs in Elden Ring that have you scratching your head when you first meet him. He refuses to say anything to you, and he looks extremely angry because of the extremely cool armor set he is wearing. You don’t think anything of him after your first encounter because he just sits there as you run around the Roundtable Hold area.

Ensha attacks you once you get the right piece of the Haligtree Medallion. The room will look entirely different as soon as you get it and fast-travel back to the Roundtable. It will be dark, and he will try and defeat you. Of course, he is not difficult, and you can easily defeat him.


No one knows his motives yet, but his character is one that people wish his questline was a bit longer. He is an extremely cool character with few interactions, but once you defeat him, you get one of the coolest armor sets in the game.

Who is Ensha?

No one knows who he is, but the only information we know about him is that he is the bodyguard of Gideon Ofnir. Those who have beaten the game know that you need to defeat Gideon later on as one of the game’s final fights, so it makes sense when Ensha tries to defeat you when you get farther into the story.

Once you defeat him, you can pick up his armor set, which we used a lot in our first game playthrough. It is a great set worth picking up when you defeat him. If you have picked up the Medallion piece and haven’t seen him yet, just teleport to the Roundtable Hold, and you can fight him for yourself. If he doesn’t show, it might be a glitch, but there have been no reports of that glitch yet.

When does Ensha attack you?

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He only attacks you when you fast-travel back to the Roundtable Hold area after getting the Right Haligtree Medallion from Albus. If you don’t know where he is, start from the Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace and follow the right wall up past the houses. You will then see a pot in the far right corner; all you have to do is hit it once.


Albus will reveal himself and give you the Medallion piece. You only have to travel fast to the Roundtable, and you can face the skeleton-armored man himself. Once defeated, go to where he stood right before Gideon’s door, and you can pick up the Royal Remains armor set.

People are very disappointed in this character because of how cool the character was set up. A longer questline could have gone along with him, like him helping Gideon fight you towards the end of the game. He is a cool character, but FromSoft probably didn’t see the potential the character had in the first place.