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Why Won’t Animals Eat Kibble in Rimworld? How to Fix It

Why Won’t Animals Eat Kibble in Rimworld? How to Fix It

Rimworld is a survival game where your main objective is to grow a colony and help them survive the atrocities that may befall them in the game. It is a sci-fi colony simulator that proceeds with the help of a storyteller. 

The game has many features to manage the colonist’s needs, illness, moods, and wounds. The gameplay also allows you to engage in tactical gunplay where you can form small teams that fight enemies like hostile tribes, pirates, and even animals.

The game has different types of animals that range from livestock to beats, pets, and even animals that keep you and your colony secure. The animals of your colony and their health are pretty crucial in the game as it is vital to feed them.

This ensures not only their survival but also their colony’s. Animals themselves are an essential food source, especially when you need meat to feed your carnivorous animals or prepare Kibble in large amounts to store for when the weather is too cold even to let your herbivorous animals outside graze.

All animals are different in the game and have separate hunger meters and stats. This means that some animals might get hungrier than others. For example, some could require more food than others as well. So you must know the type of animal you are trying to feed as their diet could play a factor in how they respond to the meal you have prepared for them.

What Is Kibble?

Kibble is a type of animal feed in Rimworld. A cook at a butcher table can only prepare Kibble. The upside to Kibble is that you do not require cooking skills to prepare it. Kibble is ready to buy 1 unit of vegetarian items and 1 unit of nutrition from meat or animal products.

Aside from that, you can also add human and insect meat to kibble without wasting any corpse meat. Another good thing about Kibble is that it never spoils, but it does degrade if it is left outdoors. Kibble is a long-term solution for food and can feed many animals.

Two other types can be used to alternate Kibble, prepared meals, and pemmican. Kibble itself is a universal meal in the game for animals. All animals eat Kibble, even the Dendrovorous animals that typically consume trees and plant-based food.

You can prepare and store Kibble over time as it does not spoil, so you can prepare it in large amounts when you have enough resources. 

It is pretty beneficial to prepare Kibble for carnivores as you can incorporate both vegetables and meat into their diet and vice versa for herbivorous animals who usually will refuse to consume meat in any way. Kibble is also used to tame and train animals in the game.

Typically, Kibble is prepared to feed animals in the game and is an excellent solution to prepare for food shortages that might come in the future. Even humans could use the Kibble to provide themselves in those times if there were not many alternatives.

Why Won’t the Animals Eat the Kibble?

There can be times when the animals can refuse to eat the Kibble you have prepared for them. It depends on the type of animals and how many they are. The zoning feature best manages animals in the game in the game. It can be beneficial for animals and colonists.

You can create a zone in the zone tab to allow your animals or restrict them to that specific zone in the animal’s charge. Make a barn for your animals. It can consist of beds for the animals and have temperature control.

You can place down stockpiles and assign Kibble to them in these areas. You can also consider the fridge mod to install a single, double, or even quad cell fridge to store the food quickly. The animals inside will make use of the food.

Kibble is a beneficial type of food for feeding your animals. It is a universal food, and all animals can eat it in the game. An extensive, helpful feature of the Kibble is that you can feed your herbivorous animals meat if cooked into the Kibble. Although there is one animal, Wargs will not eat Kibble or pemmican as they only consume raw meat or corpses.

There can be a few common reasons why your animals refuse to eat the Kibble you have prepared for them.

Type of Animal

The type of food is essential in the game when it comes to feeding the animals. The animals in the game are of four kinds, Herbivorous, Carnivorous, Omnivorous, and Dendrovorous.

Herbivorous Animals: They can usually easily be let outside to graze on grass, and it is probably the easiest way to feed them. Sometimes the weather can become a problem where you cannot let your animals out in the cold.

This is where the Kibble is essential. Since Herbivorous animals can eat the cooked meat in Kibble, they would be able to eat it when you have prepared it and stored it for them.

Carnivorous Animals: Carnivorous animals are usually used to eating raw or cooked meat, including corpses. Most domestic carnivores can also eat Kibble, but it is possible that some of them might not eat it. 

It is essential to know the type of animal before preparing a meal for it. The vast majority of people make Kibble using human or insect meat and feed carnivores because they cannot eat Haygrass.

Omnivorous Animals: Omnivorous animals can eat all three meat, vegetables, and corpses. So they can eat any Kibble that is prepared for them.

Dendrovorous Animals: Like the rest of the animals in the game, Dendrovorous animals will also consume Kibble because it is a universal type of feed in the game. Usually, Dendrovorous animals only consume trees or plant-based foods.

Clicking On The “i.”

Clicking on the “i” will on anything in the game will give you a good amount of information about it. It also includes information about the animal type and what it can eat. 

Click on the animal, then select the white ‘i’ on the upper right of the tab. Then, it pops out to give the detailed information panel. If ‘kibble’ is written on the Diet tab, then the animal will eat the Kibble.

Allowed Area of the Animal

The allowed area can also explain why your animals are not eating the Kibble. For example, you may have placed the Kibble outside the zone where the animals can roam around. At this point, they are mostly struggling to reach it rather than refusing to eat it. 

Make sure that you are aware of the vicinity of the allowed area for the animals before you place down the food for them.

Animal Health

The animal’s health could also be a reason why your animal is not eating the Kibble. The animal could be hurt, sick, or incapacitated. Any of the reasons could become a problem for the animal, and it will not be able to walk itself over to where the Kibble is placed. 

The Kibble could be placed closer to such animals to access it easily.


Animals not eating Kibble? This is not necessarily something to worry about. For example, your animals could eat other things present in their vicinity. For example, your herbivorous animals may be secretly grazing on the grass outside. Your omnivorous animals might also be sneaking over to the meals you have prepared for humans.

In short, they are feeding themselves with everything else except for the Kibble. So make sure to define a zone for the animals to keep them inside and restrict them from things you might not want them to ruin.


Mods are another feature in the game that you can download and use. However, you have to be careful when using mods, as they can override the original way the game is supposed to work.

If you have placed a kibble in the zone of an animal and it keeps refusing to eat it and would rather die of malnutrition, you should check if the mod overrode that animal’s diet. 

It is quite a common issue, so make sure to check everything according to what you have installed before preparing meals for the animals.


Kibble is a universal food for animals in the game, only a few minor errors could probably be coming your way to feed them, and hopefully, this guide helped overcome those issues.