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Are There Set Bonuses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Are There Set Bonuses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Although you’re bound to make it through the game if you’re a hardcore Souls-Like enthusiast, weapons and armor can make the experience a bit more enjoyable and easy on you in the long run in Team Ninja’s newest title. But are there set bonuses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Yes, there are Set Bonuses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Special armor sets provide some extra special stats in Wo Long. If you mix and match, you’ll miss out on these juicy set bonuses.

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Set Bonuses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Set Bonuses Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

After you’re done putting an enemy out of misery or stumbling across a treasure chest, you’re bound to come across some well-earned loot in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. But sorry to break it to you. You won’t be getting your hands on any shiny full armor sets in the game. Instead, you’ll be given individual pieces kind of like in Elden Ring.

But find all the right pieces of a particular armor set and you’ll get some Set Bonuses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Aside from the fact that you’ll be slowed down considerably, if you equip a whole set early on in the game but I’m digressing. To put it simply, finding a whole armor set provides you with Set Bonuses.

Rampancy Armor Set Bonus – Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

To put things in perspective, say you find the pieces of a complete Rampancy armor set. While it’s bound to give you toxicity protection from the get-go, it also endows you with a Brutal Ursine Warrior Set Bonus. 

After equipping the matching graves, gauntlets, helmet, and armor along with the Soaring Usine Mace. You’ll obtain the following benefits.

  • -2.1% Spirit Damage
  • +2.5% Spirit While Deflecting.
  • Reduced Incoming Damage while Deflecting
  • +6.8% Damage using Martial Arts

While some rare Armor sets provide Set Bonuses, most of them don’t. But you can figure it out by going through your inventory and storage to see what benefits, perks, and set bonuses particular armor sets have to offer. Armor stats and Set Bonuses are displayed on the right side of the list. But if you really need to curate your stats, you can view additional notes by cycling through tabs.

And if you aren’t sure if a particular armor set has any set bonuses, see if it’s got three or four tabs. And jackpot! The armor set offers set bonuses.


To wrap it all up, gear provides some great Set Bonuses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. You can take your gameplay to the next level and make things a bit easy for you. You can mix and match but if you jumble up items, you’ll be missing out on some special bonuses.