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How To Find The Warped Axe In Elden Ring

How To Find The Warped Axe In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is filled to the brim with weapons. Usually, weapons with flashy designs and amazing Ash of War are the ones that grab our attention, and the rest of the normal weapons are left to the side when we are picking one for our primary use. Most of the weapons that are upgraded using the normal Smithing Stones are the ones getting this treatment.

This discrimination sometimes leads us to miss out on some great weapons. If we know how to spec these armaments right and utilize their strengths properly, then we are in for some treat. One such weapon is the Ring Warped Axe, which can be found by killing the Omen enemies found in the catacombs and other places.

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Warped Axe

AttributeRequiredScalingStandard +25 UpgradeHeavy +25 Upgrade

Default Ash of War: War Cry

This weapon is an Axe and can rival even the Giant Crusher in terms of purely physical damage. The weapon is upgraded using the Smithing Stones and requires 25 levels to reach full potential. At a standard +25 level, it has “B” scaling in Strength which is a throwaway scaling in the grand scheme of things but if you change its affinity to Heavy then the scaling bumps up to “S”.

This S scaling with Heavy affinity and the fact that it is a nimbler Axe weapon as opposed to a colossal or heavy weapon it has quick attacks that can dish out damage much faster giving you more stamina to roll out or effectively apply the hit and run strategy where huge weapons ask for you to tank incoming attacks.

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Another effective strategy that can be used with this weapon is dual-wielding it and making use of the power-stancing combos. A high enough level in Strength stat will yield amazing damage numbers so focus on leveling the said attribute.

This weapon also has a unique heavy attack (R2) animation like the Ripple Blade, the initial attack will slam down the axe, and the follow up will scrape/drag the axe back up, this set of attacks has insane stagger damage and will bring down opponents for critical strike with ease if you land it properly.

As it is a normal weapon you can apply any Ash of War that is compatible giving this weapon even more versatility, though we recommend keeping the affinity Heavy. Depending on the fight or situation you can opt for some other Ash of War more suitable to the task at hand.

You can further boost the damage by using these things:

  • Axe Talisman – Talisman – Enhances charged attacks.
  • Spiked Cracked Tear – Physick – Enhances charged attacks.
  • Royal Knight’s Resolve – Ash of War – Boost damage.
  • Flame, Grant Me Strength – Incantation – Boost damage.

Using a combination of the mentioned items you can almost one-shot most enemies and even some bosses, which is insane considering this is a small Axe weapon. If you want a hard-hitting weapon and are averse to the slow attacks of heavy weapons then this is your go-to. We were able to squeeze out 667 Attack Power from this weapon without any buffs and with buffs, the attack rose to 900 which is on par with greatswords.

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Warped Axe Location

With so much praise for the weapon, we have to now tell you where can we get this amazing weapon. This weapon is not found in any particular location or chest but is a random drop from the Omen enemies found in the open world and some catacombs.

There is a 4% drop rate chance for this weapon form the Omen enemies and you can find these in the following locations:

  • Can drop from the Omen in the Cliffbottom Catacombs. Location linked here.
  • Can drop from the Omens near the “Abandoned Coffin” Site of Grace on the Altus Plateau. Location linked here.
  • Two Omens wielding this axe can be found near the Underground Roadside Site of Grace in Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Location linked here.

To increase the drop rate you can use the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot and the Silver Tear Mask to increase your item discovery level.

This weapon is a sleeper hit and one that flew under the radar due to its seemingly ordinary looks and utility but under the right circumstances, it can rival the best of the physical-based weapons in the game. If you are into shredding your enemies quickly and are looking for a power-stancing weapon combination then go for this.

Considering this is a random drop weapon you can get two in a single play-through, unlike most unique weapons.