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Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Japanese or Chinese?

Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Japanese or Chinese?

From the makers of Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, and quite recently, Nioh, Team Ninja have dipped their toes into another souls-like title but this time, things are pretty different when it comes to the theme. Now you might be wondering if Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is Japanese or Chinese due to the audio. If it isn’t clear, let’s explain it to you.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is Chinese. It is set in rural China during the war-torn Three Kingdoms period, specifically in the final days of the Han Dynasty. If you’re a Chinese history fanatic, you’re sure to get more out of Wo Long than the average game.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – The Three Kingdoms Era

Team Ninja’s Wo Long Fallen Dynasty popped into the limelight in Xbox’s Games Showcase back in 2022. But what about the theme? Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Japanese or Chinese? To put it simply, Team Ninja’s newest title is Chinese in its setting. It delves into the war-torn Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history.

Wo Long’s Gameplay

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Japanese Chinese

But where things get interesting is the fact that it’s like a souls-like title with gut-wrenching, grueling but ultimately satisfying gameplay. Melee combat is nothing short of challenging and rewarding. And why not? It’s a collaboration between Nioh’s Fimihiko Yasuda and Bloodborne’s Masaaki Yamagiwa.

Wo Long puts you on the chopping block as you’re tasked to figure out the puzzling combat mechanics from the get-go. You need to figure out the dance of combat before you can make it further through the game. Otherwise, you’re going to have a bad time.

But after you’ve figured out everything there is to know about the combat, you’re in for a good time. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a bit forgiving in other aspects aside from combat. But on a comparative note, it’s a bit easier than Team Ninja’s Nioh 2 for the most part.

Ultimately, the gameplay is pretty satisfying in all realms considered. Enemies have combos that go on for days which can be blocked, parried, and countered. All in all, it’s a pretty balanced souls-like experience that’s challenging but forgiving and fair yet hard.

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Subpar Chinese Storytelling

But when it comes to the story, Team Ninja does kind of falter because they’re not the best storytellers in the video game industry. If you’re a fan of Chinese history and the Three Kingdoms era, you might get a bit more bang for your buck than the average uninformed gamer.

Set in the final days of the Han Dynasty, you take hold of a nameless warrior who’s caught up amid a power struggle between opposing kingdoms in search of an elixir of immortality. It delves into Chinese history quite a bit as you fight alongside some important historical figures through each stage.


If you’re a Chinese history enthusiast, unlike the average gamer, then you could potentially get more out of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty than it meets the eye. But those that are in it for the gameplay are certainly in for a challenge too.