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Should I Attack Alidoro in Lies of P?

Should I Attack Alidoro in Lies of P?

Lies of P introduces players to a dark and mysterious world filled with intriguing characters, and one such character is Alidoro. However, as players progress through the game, they face a critical decision—whether to attack or spare Alidoro.

Choose to Kill Alidoro in Lies of P. It gives you humanity for better endings, earns you three achievements, and you can still buy boss weapons from Hugo afterward. It’s the best route for your gameplay.


In this guide, we’ll explore the options, consequences, and the best course of action for players regarding Alidoro’s fate in Lies of P.


Where to Find Alidoro

Alidoro, the unique merchant, can initially be found in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. Players encounter him near the upper floors after navigating through carcass enemies. 

Depending on the choices made, Alidoro’s subsequent locations include :

  • Hotel Krat 
  • Venigni Works 

After defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus. The initial lie or truth about a refuge impacts Alidoro’s presence in the game world.

To Kill or Not To Kill

TAlk to Alidoro

After reaching Area X and encountering Alidoro again, players are presented with three dialogue options: “Purchase,” “Talk,” and “Attack Alidoro.” Choosing “Talk” reveals Alidoro’s involvement in the attack on Hotel Krat.

The player then faces the pivotal decision of whether to leave him alive or attack. Opting to attack initiates more dialogue, and a second attack seals Alidoro’s fate in one hit.

Consequences of Not Attacking Alidoro:

Choosing not to attack Alidoro allows players to continue accessing his shop for rare Ergo trades. However, this decision may limit certain outcomes and lore elements. Sparing Alidoro locks players out of specific achievements and may impact the overall narrative.

Consequences of Attacking Alidoro:

Attacking Alidoro

Opting to attack Alidoro has its benefits. Killing him grants players humanity, contributing to specific game endings. 

Furthermore, attacking Alidoro progresses achievements and awards the player with his Cryptic Vessel, a key item unveiling more about Alidoro’s true identity and advancing Eugenie’s side quest.

The Cryptic Vessel and Progression:

Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel reveals insights into his character and plays a crucial role in Eugenie’s side quest. This item is obtained only by choosing to attack and eliminate. Alidoro from the game. 

 Eugenie - Lies of P Alidoro

The information within the Cryptic Vessel adds depth to the narrative, providing players with a more comprehensive understanding of the Lies of P world.

Replacement by Hugo:

Moreover, upon Alidoro’s demise, players are introduced to Hugo, who takes over Alidoro’s role as a merchant. Hugo continues offering some of the unique items previously exclusive to Alidoro, justifying the decision to eliminate Alidoro from the game.

This transition ensures players can still access essential resources and items after Alidoro’s departure.

In my journey through Lies of P, the decision to attack or spare Alidoro was a crucial moment with far-reaching consequences. While sparing Alidoro maintains access to his shop and avoids certain narrative limitations, attacking him offers humanity, achievements, and the crucial Cryptic Vessel. 

Ultimately, the choice rests with the player’s goals, be it completionism, a specific game ending, or a deeper exploration of Lies of P’s intricate lore. I went with sparing him but Choose wisely, for the streets of Krat are filled with shadows and secrets, and Alidoro’s fate lies in your hands.