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Can You Remove Gems In New World?

Can You Remove Gems In New World?

The gems in New World might be the game’s smallest and most interesting find. You can put them in the gem sockets on your equipment and customize them to your liking. Gems give exceptional bonuses. And you may want to keep them for new equipment. But can you remove Gems you’ve already infused?

Yes, you can remove Gems that you have already infused into your weapons, jewelry, or armor. You can find new gems and replace gems already infused. Replaced and removed gems, however, are destroyed.

Gems are incredibly fascinating. And many have such spectacular bonuses that you might want to find a workaround. There are many aspects of gems that require a deeper insight.

Such as the best ways to find them and the variety of gems that you can obtain in the New World. Keep reading to learn more about them!

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Can you Remove Gems in New World?

Infused Gems in New World
Infused Gems in New World

You can remove the gems that you have infused into your weapons, jewelry, and armor. But this will destroy them. Alternatively, you might want to try and replace the gems you’ve already infused. This also destroys these gems.

Ultimately, regardless of what method you apply, you will lose the gems you’ve already infused if you attempt to replace or remove them. So make sure that you realize that you cannot receive that gem back. And are deciding to remove a gem knowing that it cannot be obtained again.

Another thing that is important to note is that gems should not be hoarded in the game. Nonetheless, when you utilize them and add them to your entire kit requires some forethought. Understanding when a gem should be infused can be most beneficial to your overall build. And is vital for getting stronger in New World.

How to Place or Replace Gems in New World?

You cannot expect to simply the gems of your choice on your equipment. There is no automatic update mechanism in the game that just adds your gems to your equipment.

However, once you think you have found the perfect gemstone or gem. You can place it into the equipment’s gem socket without requiring any help from a crafter. 

All you have to do is the following:

  • Open the Gemstones Menu in your Inventory
  • Hold and Drag the Gem to the Socket of your Equipment.
  • Release the Gem and it will be fused with the piece of equipment you have chosen.

Once the gem is in place, you cannot remove it to reuse it from the piece of equipment. That being said, you can always replace it with a better gem of your choice. The only caveat is that the original gem in the gem socket will be destroyed.

However, if you have a couple of gems, it wouldn’t matter. You will have equipment with better stats, while also containing a bunch of other gems in your inventory. Sometimes, you may have unusable gems in your inventory.

Instead of discarding them, you can just sell them at the trading post. In any settlement of the New World, these gems will always fetch a good price for you. 

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Where to Find Gems in New World?

New World Gems Cheat Sheet - Created by NyanPrime on Reddit
New World Gems Cheat Sheet – Created by NyanPrime on Reddit

If you’re new to New World, you must be wondering yourself: How do I get these amazing additions to my weapons, armor, or jewelry? There is no specific answer to this question if I’m being honest. New World is very luck based when it comes to acquiring Gems with good stats.

You can mine Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Star-Metal, and Orichalcum to get Gem drops. If you eat food in the potato family, your chances of getting gems might increase due to the Mining Luck it provides. Additionally, you can also equip the Miner’s Charm, while mining. 

In my experience, most of the gems I have acquired during my time gaming have come from Iron and Silver deposits. I farmed most of them in Windward since there is just way too many of these deposits to be found there. In addition to that, going on the Amrine Temple Expedition was also very fruitful for me, in terms of gems.

If you don’t have these expeditions unlocked, you will need the Azoth Staff to do so. You can get your hands on this stuff by doing the Hermit’s quests. However, if you’re rich and impatient (whale, if you will), you can always buy these gems or gemstones from the trading post. 

Additional Methods to Obtain Gems

  • You can farm the Amrine Temple Expedition early on and that will give you lots of Gems (from level 23 and up). Running this dungeon a couple of times is always a good idea because it easy and gives a fair number of drops.
  • There are a couple of late-stage dungeons as well such as Lazarus and Genesis, which you can farm when you’re ready. They mostly drop high-tier gems such as those from the Brilliant or Pristine Category. 
  • Some gems can also be found in Supply Crates and Elite Chests such as those in Myrkgard, Siren, and Imperial Palace.

Having a good number of gems is always a good idea because it doesn’t hurt as much when you have to destroy a lower-tier one by replacing it with a higher-tier one. 

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Types of Gems in New World

Gems Equipped With Specific Stats - New World
Gems Equipped With Specific Stats – New World

There are four tiers between which these gems are divided into the following:

  • Flawed Cut Gemstone
  • Cut Gemstone
  • Cut Brilliant Gemstone
  • Cut Pristine Gemstone

Additionally, every type of Gem you acquire will have a different characteristic. For example, my Gem gives Arcane stats. However, if you’re playing as a healer, for example, you will require Diamonds in your Life Staff and Void Gauntlet.

Gemstones cannot be removed for reuse in New World. They will be destroyed if you try to remove them. However, you can still remove them from sockets on equipment to replace the old gems with new more powerful ones. It all depends on how you choose to build your character in New World.