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Elden Ring Vs Bloodborne: 10 Differences Compared

Elden Ring Vs Bloodborne: 10 Differences Compared

When comparing games, there is definitely going to be a group of people that go with either side of the spectrum. One group will prefer one game while the other group will prefer the other. It is all up to your personal opinion so we aren’t going to take a specific side in this article. We are going to tell you about both games and let you decide which game you specifically like better.

In this article, we will talk about 10 aspects of Elden Ring and Bloodborne like the atmosphere and weapon choices, and we are going to go over what each game has. We aren’t going to say which game is better because they are very different games. Plus if we say one is better, there will be people getting mad.

Both games are amazing so we aren’t saying that one is better than the other. We are going to go over a few aspects of each game and how they tackle each mechanic. It is up to you to determine which game you prefer or you might even enjoy both games equally.

What makes Elden Ring different from Bloodborne?

There are many differences between the games, but all-in-all, they are completely different games. You can spend hours and hours arguing with another person on Reddit that will only end when one person just stops talking and the other person thinks they won the argument. In the end, nobody will win these arguments because liking a specific game is one’s specific opinion.

We will go over 10 different aspects of the game but we won’t specifically say which game is better. Both games are better than each other in different ways and there are people that prefer one game to the other. Our main goal is to tell you what each game has so you can determine which game you might like better.

Here are 10 differences one might see in either game:

1. Differences in level design

Level design is basically how each area is built. The whole point of level design is to make the player feel a certain way while playing and both games do a great job of showing you totally different aspects of them. Whether that be open-world areas or even linear parts of the world. Both games do a great job with level design so we are going to go over each game’s version of level design.

Elden Ring – The world in this game is the biggest out of any FromSoft game to date. Not only does this game have the linear sections from other games like it, but it also has massive open-world areas that allow you to explore at your own pace. If you want a mix of all the other FromSoft games, then Elden Ring is probably a good choice.

Bloodborne – The world in this game is actually extremely unique. It has a depressing feel to it and the level design is actually very satisfying. Not only is it fun to get around each area, but there are soo many unique areas to the game. It is obviously not as big as Elden RIng, but it is obvious there was a lot of work put into the level design of this game.

2. Differences in weapon choices

When it comes to weapons, both games have a very unique style to them. Some people prefer one game’s weapons to the other, but we will go over what each game has in a bit. There are actually soo many weapon choices in both games and if you do end up playing both, you will see just how many there actually are. Either game has its own take on weapons and unique builds.

Elden Ring – The weapons in this game are closer to the Dark Souls weapons. There are swords, katanas, colossal weapons, blunt weapons, daggers, and a ton of other options. There are hundreds of weapons to choose from and if you want a massive selection of unique weapons, Elden Ring doesn’t hold back on its selection.

Bloodborne – The weapons in Bloodborne are actually some of the most unique weapons in the Soulsbournekiro games. There are guns, and a new weapon type called Trick Weapons. These are weapons that change in different ways to give you multiple movesets with each weapon. There aren’t as many weapons in Bloodborne, but the unique weapons definitely make up for it.

3. Differences in armor choices

When it comes to armor, both games also have very unique takes on them. Having different armor sets is a necessary thing since it will allow a player to have a different look each time they play the game. It will also give you different options to swap around your builds in your current playthrough. Either game has a bunch of armor sets to choose from.

Elden Ring – When it comes to armor in this game, they don’t hold back. It seems that there is a neverending supply of different armor sets. You can get almost every enemy’s armor set and you can also find armor lying pretty much in every area. If you want a massive choice for armor, then Elden Ring should be your go-to game for that.

Bloodborne – When it comes to armor in this game, it is obviously not as much as Elden ing, but they also have a massive selection. There are over 30 different unique armor sets that are all worth looking into. They also have a very unique look to them because of the Bloodborne atmosphere that we will talk about later. You can literally play both games and be surprised by the armor sets.

4. Differences with the bosses

When it comes to bosses, this is when it gets a little crazy. Both games have a ton of bosses, and it is obvious that Elden RIng has more. This isn’t a bad thing because sometimes quality is better than quantity. It is entirely up to the player to determine which game has better bosses but there is no doubt that they both have amazing bosses.

Elden Ring – When it comes to bosses in this game, there are over 120 bosses in the game. That is more than most other Dark Souls games combined. There are 120 bosses, but about 75 of them are unique. They did reuse a bunch of them for different areas, but that is not a bad thing. It keeps you interested because there is soo much to find.

Bloodborne – When it comes to bosses in Bloodborne, there are around 42 bosses in the game. Most of them are optional and there are about 5 DLC bosses. Most of the bosses are very unique and most people enjoy these bosses more than other FromSoft games. It is definitely fun for the bosses and it is worth playing if you have a Playstation.

5. Differences with optional content

Both games have a ton of optional content. Whether it be the Chalice Dungeons from Bloodborne or just exploring the open world in Elden Ring, both games have a ton of content that you don’t necessarily have to play. When developers add optional content, it just adds more to the experience that you don’t necessarily have to do.

Elden Ring – When it comes to optional bosses and areas, it is actually insane how much content is in this game. You really only need to defeat like 20 bosses to even finish the game, and all the rest of the content is totally optional. You can spend hundreds of hours within one playthrough and that is why Elden Ring does better with optional content.

Bloodborne – When it comes to optional content, Bloodborne surprisingly has a ton. There are areas called Chalice Dungeons that are like mini levels within themselves. There are over 21 of them and they are actually extremely unique. You need to complete puzzles and defeat a ton of enemies. You also get a bunch of Dungeon bosses within them as well. It is not lacking in the content whatsoever.

6. Differences in exploration

Exploration in both games is extremely in-depth. Whether it be exploring the Chalice Dungeons or finding your way into the underground areas, they both have extremely unique exploration with each area you go to. There are many differences between exploration of either game, but all-in-all, there is soo much to explore no matter which game you decide to play.

Elden Ring – The exploration in Elden Ring is actually insane. Both games are open world, but this game takes it to another level. There are a ton of areas to explore and most of them are totally optional. You can play through the game 3 to 4 times and find a brand new area that you have never seen before. It takes a long time to explore everything so keep that in mind.

Bloodborne – The exploration in Bloodborne is not as in-depth as Elden Rings, but it has a totally different vibe. Not only do you have the DLC areas, but you also can go and explore the Chalice Dungeons. There is soo much to explore and it definitely feels like the developers put a ton of time into the world itself. Bloodborne has some serious exploration to it.

7. Differences with Summoning

The Summoning works a bit differently in each game. We will go over how it works in both games, but it does work relatively the same. You will need an item and you can input a password so that any other random people won’t get pulled into your world. Elden RIng increased this system a bit more and just made it a bit better. Either way, if you die, you will get ent back to your world.

Elden Ring – Elden Ring has multiple ways to Summon. You can either Summon the Spirit Ashes which are NPCs that help you fight, or you can Summon friend people to help you fight. You can also Summon friends to help you fight. You will have to have a specific item activated to see the Summon signs so it is not super easy to do.

Bloodborne – Bloodborne does have Summoning, but you don’t have the Spirit Ashes as you do in Elden Ring. You have to use the bell and Summon other players to your world. You will have to have a password on to not have any random people join your world. It is relatively easy to play with other people so don’t worry too much about that.

8. Differences in atmosphere

Both games have a very different atmosphere from each other. Whether it be the Steampunk, depressing atmosphere, or a large Celtic atmosphere, there is soo many unique areas in both games. Either game has a ton to explore and each atmosphere can pertain to certain people. You might be a person that enjoys both games. It is entirely up to you.

Elden Ring – Eldin Ring has more large scenic areas than any souls game by FromSoft combined. There are constantly areas that you will be exploring and the Legacy Dungeons will be entirely worth it. The colorful, open areas are by far some of the most engaging areas in any FromSoft game. If you want a lot of large areas, then Eldin Ring will fill that void.

Bloodborne – By far, Bloodborne has one of the most unique atmospheres of any game like it. The world is dark, depressing, and dreary. There are a ton of monsters and the world looks destroyed. If you are looking for a depressing, punk world, then you might want to look into getting a Playstation if you don’t have one already. Hopefully Bloodborne gets a PC port soon.

9. Differences in performance

When talking about performance, it will be a very difficult thing to compare just because we play Elden RIng on PC and Bloodborne is a Playstation exclusive game. We will talk about our experience in both games and what we played them on. Both games have an entirely different experience when it comes to performance.

Elden Ring – Elden Ring is locked at 60 FPS, at least on PC. There are a few places in the game where the FPS does decrease and stutters happen, but overall, the performance of the game is incredible. On consoles, it is still locked at 60 if you turn on the performance mode, but if you turn on the graphical mode, it will drop to 30 FPS.

Bloodborne – Bloodborne is a game that you can’t play above 30 FPS. This is why we hope it is upgraded and ported to PC. If they upgrade the graphics a bit and up the FPS to 60, it will be one of the best games ever. When we played the game, it would literally drop below 30 FPS. It definitely gave us a bad impression for most of the game, but it is still an amazing game.

10. Differences in enemy design

Both games have a ton of enemies to defeat. From the bosses to regular enemies, there is soo many unique ones that it can be a little overwhelming. These games have entirely different atmospheres as we said before, but it is totally worth playing both games to see the difference. From werewolves to giant gods, these games have massive differences in enemy types.

Elden Ring – Elden Ring has a bigger roster of enemies just because of the size of the game. We have said already that Elden Ring is the biggest FromSoft game to date and that means there are a lot more enemies to fight. The downside to having a large game is also having duplicate assets being reused multiple times. Surprisingly, you don’t actually notice this too much.

Bloodborne – Bloodborne has a smaller roster of enemies, but they are extremely unique. The enemies in the game are kind of freaky in a way. They are twisted and depressing, and they also live in very disgusting areas. Every enemy you run into in Bloodborne will creep you out in some way. Even the humans. If you play the game, don’t be surprised by anything.