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Does Roblox IP Ban You? What You Need to Know

Does Roblox IP Ban You? What You Need to Know

Roblox is perhaps one of the most popular video games right now. Children and young adults alike enjoy it. However, many players have recently started complaining that Roblox has IP banned them. This has caused quite the confusion, so let’s clear up this matter, shall we?

Yes, Roblox can IP ban you. However, to get IP banned, you must violate their Terms of Service severely and continuously. IP bans can last between 1-Day up to a Permanent IP Ban.

If you are IP banned, it might be due to the following reasons:

  • Harassing other players
  • Posting or including inappropriate or adult content in games
  • Scamming
  • Spamming
  • Profanity
  • Discriminating against other players
  • Mentioning Self-harm.

There are several details relating to getting IP banned that people often do not know. We’ll be going into more depth regarding the policies employed by Roblox Corporation in this regard. We’ll also be breaking down why you might be banned. So continue to read the article.

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Can Roblox IP Ban You?

Notification of Account termination after repeated violations. This is usually done when someone tries to circumvent their IP ban.
The message of Account Deletion from Roblox Corporation

The Terms of Service for Roblox are the established rules and regulations according to which Roblox Corporation provides their game as something to be enjoyed by you. These expansive rules dictate how players must operate amongst each other and the game itself.

If there are severe violations of Roblox’s Terms of Service, then the game’s moderators can issue an IP ban to whoever has done the violation. By doing so, the banned player’s Internet IP address is blocked, and their access to the game servers is strictly restricted.

This means that the player will not be able to access the game at all and will instead receive an Error 403 message when they try to Log into the Roblox website or turn on the game client to initiate a play session. Make no mistake, Roblox Corporation can absolutely IP ban you if they deem it necessary.

In most instances, an IP ban usually lasts seven days. This is because it takes seven days for the Roblox Moderators to manually reassess the reason for the banning. And if they deem that the player has either served the full punishment or was not meant to be punished in the first place, they give the account access back.

In only the most severe cases of Terms of Service violation, however, Roblox Corporation can also permanently ban your account. They can also terminate your account if they deem it necessary to safeguard the ecosystem within their game.

How Long Does Roblox IP Ban Last?

The image is from PCGamezN's article detailing a bug in Roblox that automatically banned players.
Image taken from PCGamezN

How long a particular Roblox IP ban lasts depends on the type of ban issued and why it was deemed necessary in the first place. This means that depending on the reason for your ban, it might be a few short minutes or end up lasting for several weeks, if not days.

Another aspect that might affect how long you’re IP banned is whether or not you have a history of bans. If you have been banned before, on different occasions, the game might deem you a repeat offender and thus is more likely to give out far more severe punishments.

First-time offenders might only be given a warning or a one-day ban. However, repeat offenders might have their bans extended to three or seven days. And as we mentioned above, Roblox Corporation reserves the right to be able to delete your account permanently if they believe you have crossed their established limits.

A Poison ban is a type of ban where the user not only has all of their accounts deleted but can no longer create a new account on the service. There are various stages that a ban might go through as you continue to accumulate violations. These seven stages have been detailed in the table below.

Ban StageBan Duration
21-Day Ban
32-Day Ban
47-Day Ban
5Account Deletion
61-Year Poison Ban
7Permanent Poison Ban

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What To Do If You Believe You Have Been Wrongly Banned?

This image is part of Roblox's catalog of images for marketing.
Image provided by the Roblox Corporation

No system is perfect, and Roblox Corporation constantly tries to improve its security functions. In most instances, Roblox Moderators tend to be fair, and if they’ve issued you a ban, then it was probably appropriate. However, sometimes mistakes can happen, so what do you do in those instances?

If you have been banned for no reason, you can appeal the ban on your IP or account. This can be done by directly accessing the Support Center for the Roblox website. Once you do this, the moderators at Roblox will have a second look at your particular ban and whether it was justified.

They will reinstate your account if they deem that the ban was unjustified. However, this is not always a guaranteed process, and if there is too much backlog of requests, then your particular appeal might not be addressed until it is too late. We suggest following the rules as closely as possible not to get banned

You must be aware of some restrictions when appealing against your ban. These include the following:

  • You must submit your appeal against the ban within 30 days of the ban conducted by the Moderators.
  • The review will only occur once, and appeals will not be reviewed again. Duplicate appeals for the same moderation action will not be reviewed at all.
  • Only the original owner of the account may send an appeal. This is done to protect the privacy of the players involved.
  • When contacting the Appeals and moderation team, you must use a valid email address. If you do not do so, then your appeal will be discarded.

Can You Use A VPN To Avoid The Ban?

Although yes, you can use a VPN like ExpressVPN to circumvent IP bans on your account. However, if you are caught by the game’s internal systems using a dynamic IP or a different Static IP, then you can have your account permanently terminated. In severe cases, you may even be halted from making future accounts.

In closing, yes, Roblox can IP ban you. And they provide several chances before they permanently delete your account. This means that if you’ve spent actual money on your account, you should try to stick to the rules and regulations of their Terms of Service as closely as possible.