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How To Not Be Tired After Sleeping in Sons of the Forest

How To Not Be Tired After Sleeping in Sons of  the Forest

As we all know, sleep is vital to function properly, but who knew it would be important in a video game? Sons of The Forest goes balls to the walls with its survival gameplay, integrating sleep as a vital element to keep your stamina and energy in check. So, how do you sleep in Sons of The Forest and what do you need to do to get a good night’s rest? Let’s get down to it.

To not get tired after sleeping in Sons of The Forest, keep sprinting to a minimum. Don’t carry heavy equipment or resources all the time. Engage with enemies only when you need to. And make sure to get a good night’s rest under your makeshift shelter.

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How To Sleep in Sons of The Forest?

Sleep Sons of The Forest

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s figure out what you need to do exactly to get a good night’s sleep(if you can) in Sons of The Forest. Like Minecraft, you need a little shelter to get some snoozing in. But how can you craft one in the first place?

Sleep Sons of The Forest
  • The most basic shelter in Sons of The Forest is a tarp with a stick. It can’t get any shabbier than that. 
  • To get the tarp and sticks, check out one of the washed-up containers on the beach. You’ll have to scour a bit to locate it. But after it’s all said and done, place it in your inventory.
  • Sticks are pretty easy to find in the game. Just look around the shore or some of the dense forest areas to find a couple of sticks. Only one will suffice.
  • Go into your inventory and equip the tarp. Set it on the ground.
  • Equip the stick to hold up its corner and voila! You’ve got yourself a fine make-shift shelter.
  • You can either save the game near the tarp. Use the crescent moon prompt to go to sleep.
  • Going to sleep recovers all of your stamina and energy. When it’s all said and done and you need to set up shelter somewhere else, dismantle your shelter.

To dismantle your shelter:

  • Equip the small axe
  • Hit the stick holding the tarp and it will drop to the ground.
  • Put all the items back in your inventory.
  • To put the tarp back in your inventory, press C to fold it up and add it to your inventory.
  • You need to keep your hands empty to fold up the tarp.

Why Do You Need To Sleep in Sons of The Forest?

As your energy levels fall, gameplay will be severely affected. Your movement speed will slow down drastically and all your attacks will be less effective. Your character will keep grunting and panting as you try to keep moving forward.

You’ll basically be out of commission. No more sprinting, carrying heavy objects, or effective engagements with cannibals and mutants.

How To Not Become Tired After Sleeping?

Keep engagements and battles with cannibals and mutants to a minimum. Stave off of sprinting all willy-nilly. Don’t carry heavy equipment all the time. Make sure to get ample sleep under your makeshift tarp shelter.


Get some sleep. Keep your energy level up and survive the Remote Island in Sons of The Forest. Keep things fun or grind out your survival experience. Or if you’re looking to speed run, blaze through the game with just a stick.